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How To Advance The Delivery Process With SpotnRides Delivery Planner Software?

A rapid on-demand delivery process is a key factor to be a conqueror of this delivery service business, nowadays. As per the Statista report on “Average delivery time of selected quick commerce startups worldwide as of January 2022”, particular startups belonging to Germany, the UK, and Turkey are providing doorstep delivery within 10 minutes (average). 

Maybe it seems hard to believe. But many on-demand businesses like online grocery, medicine, shopping, and others are promising the fastest delivery nowadays. So, as an on-demand delivery service provider, you should escalate your process of delivering as soon as possible with an on-demand delivery planner software. Let’s get to the point.

Difficulties Of Managing On-Demand Delivery Service

Most on-demand businesses want an efficient delivery service provider to deliver their products to the customers. Some front runners have their supply chain. But the remaining majority of businesses have been depending on delivery/courier service providers like you. 

So, all you need to do is satisfy your customers to deliver their product at the right time and right place. To make this possible, you should find out the difficulties that you are facing nowadays and way to weed out them. Let’s check some of the obstacles that made perfect delivery service as hard. 

  • Managing Fuel Expense,
  • Finding Best and Short Routes,
  • Time Management In Delivery Process,
  • Time Delay By RushHour Traffic,
  • Hardship To Find Exact Drop-Off Place,
  • Possibility of  Wrong Destination,
  • Hard To Know The Location of the Delivery Person,
  • Finding Risk-Free Delivery Routes, etc

Time Management

The maximum of above said obstacles affect the time management of the delivery process.  A report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute revealed that the average American passenger wastes 54 hours a year in traffic.

So, the time delay due to lengthy traffic is a big concern in the delivery service. The other factors, like hard to find the delivery address, taking another long way instead of short way, etc are the secondary reasons for the delay in delivery.

Cost-Effective Fuel Management

The cost of fuel is one of the major expenditures of delivery service businesses. On some occasions, the delivery person couldn’t reach more destinations on a day due to a lack of fuel. This also reduces the business value of your on-demand delivery service.

Lack Of Local Routes and Short-Cuts

When your delivery persons go to a new location, they don’t know the local shortcuts for their destination. There is also a possibility of reaching the wrong destinations. This is also considered a hardship of managing proper delivery service.

Let’s drive into some advanced options to weed out these difficulties.

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Advanced Option To Facilitate Ease Delivery Process

To tackle these difficulties you need an up-to-date technical solution. Such a solution should solve the problems as well as ensure development. There is software to fulfill your needs by providing the following features.

  • Ensures Minimum Delivery Turn-Around Time
  • Routing Plans With Support of Maps
  • Improved And User-Friendly Interface
  • Able To Automate Work Allocation And Other Process
  • Can Be Provide Seamless Service and Support for Delivery Persons 
  • Tracking Of Delivery Peoples
  • Perfect Route Optimization 
  • Able To Suggest Routes According To Real-Time Traffic Conditions.
  • Connects Multiple Delivery Stops In Single Route Map
  • Prediction of Profitable Delivery Routes.

Yes. Such application has been available in the market nowadays. It can do optimization of the delivery routes and be called “Delivery Planner Software”. It seems, finally you have a single-stop solution for your obstacles. Let’s check how it will be? 

How Will Delivery Planner Software Help To Manage Your On-Demand Delivery Service?

Hereafter you will get some detailed idea about  Delivery Planner Software. Through this software, you can tackle the real-time difficulties of your delivery service business. 

  • Find Cost-Effective Ways With  Delivery Planner Software

This software can suggest a better alternative way by using an up-to-date map facility. So, you can choose an efficient shortcut to your destination. 

While you set a destination, this software detects other drop-off locations which were on the way or nearby your primary destination. From this facility, you can drop the parcels within the time and also cut extra expenses of fuel. 

  • Overtake The Traffic Problem With This Software

This kind of software can provide real-time traffic updates and also suggest alternative routes to skip the traffic if any.  So, your seamless service will be unstoppable with Delivery Planner Software.

  •  Utility of Delivery Planner Software In Time Management 

By automating the assignments to your delivery persons, you can speed up the process of delivery.  The time of delivery can be reduced also through the facilities mentioned above. 

In addition to this, this software will be helpful to manage your on-demand delivery service business in the following ways.

  • Managing Delivery People Data,
  • Maintain History of Routes and Payments,
  • Able to Create New Route Maps And Suggestions,
  • Map-Based Route Information And Accessibility,
  • Can Establish A Communication Between Delivery Person and Admin, etc

So, get ready to possess the best Delivery Planner Software from the best place. We have a suggestion for you.

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Find Best Routes With SpotnRides Delivery Planner Software 

Effective Delivery Planner Software can be crafted by only expertise team. SpotnRides is one of the best firms that provide delivery Planner Software solutions. By choosing us you can ensure multiple attractive features to your business like the following.

  • Delivery Route Planning App,
  • Delivery Executive App for Delivery Persons,
  • Web Application For Admin,
  • Real-Time Interactive Options Through Apps,
  • Multiple Payment Options and Gateways,
  • Over All AIP configuration For Your App, etc

These are basic and high-rated features that we are offering. So, you can choose us to make your delivery planning software to achieve the cost-effective Last-Mile Delivery process.  

In Simple Words

To reduce the cost and difficulties of an on-demand delivery business, you need to possess effective Delivery Planner Software. SpotnRides is the right place to get the best Delivery Planner Software. Escalate your business with the benefits of Delivery Planner Software now.

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