How SpotnRides will Implement Taxi Hail Feature in Driver App?

Driver app of the on-demand taxi app solution is the most important component and most of the time we simply overlook it. Most of the design innovations and improvements are aimed at the customer app. To be like Uber you need to contribute equally to each interface while development. Before going into it I would like to explain about the on-demand taxi booking startup and its market. It will help you to channelize your focus and believe the importance of having a fine app solution.

The taxi app booking market first started to get attention in the metro cities of the western countries. Slowly its popularity grew to even small tier 2 & 3 cities. Demand for low cost and hassle-free taxi booking was the reason for its quick reach. In the last five years, the app-based taxi booking sector is registering enormous growth in developing countries mainly in Asia and the Middle East. In 2019, the revenue from the ride-hailing sector was $ 150 billion. The gross revenue is estimated to grow at 10% till 2023. Hence, there is the least doubt about the prospects of the on-demand taxi idea.

How Driver app of the Taxi-Hailing App solution Works?

The driver app of the taxi app solution accomplishes the following important tasks.

  1. The app notifies the driver about the recent ride requests and displays an option to accept/reject the request.
  2. After the ride is accepted by the driver, the app displays the Google map navigation showing the route to the rider’s place.
  3. At the end of the ride, the driver app shows the amount of commission paid for the respective ride.
  4. The driver app has more unique functionalities with it. The god’s eye view feature aids the driver by showing the places on the map with more taxi bookings.

There is no condition or limit to the functions of the driver app and it depends more on the requirements of the startup based on demographics, consumer behavior, etc. 

Major features in the driver app

Multiple pick-ups

This feature is mostly used by people who are working. They prefer to share the rides and each of the riders may be from different locations. The multiple pick up points is clearly displayed in the driver app so that the driver didn’t miss anything. The same goes for multiple drop-offs. 

Trip history

The driver can access the trip history and have filter options like daily/weekly/monthly to get more specific results. Along with trip history the drivers get data like duration, commission, date and time of rides.   

Emergency contact

Driver has the option to store certain phone nos as an emergency contact and in case of emergency he can use the emergency button. An immediate call will be made to the specific no.

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Manage vehicle and requests

The driver of the vehicle shall limit the no. of service requests from his app. A taxi app service may give a slew of different services like kids ride, pet ride, premium ride, etc. The driver will now have the liberty to control the services he shall provide.

Apart from it the driver app maintains data about vehicle maintenance, fuel, service, etc.

SpotnRides taxi booking app 

The features you saw in the driver’s app are just a glimpse and the aim was to explore some niche features. SpotnRides is a taxi booking app development company and we develop a perfect replica of Uber app.

We know the need for an app like Uber for small and medium startups. Extra care was taken to ensure the existing features are working well as the original app. Our team left no stones unturned to craft the app with an equal focus on each interface.

How did we integrate the taxi hail feature in the driver app?

The taxi-hailing app features between the driver and customer app is enhanced by us to give a varied level of user experience for the users. Our team’s expertise in design and programming was harnessed to the max level to attain the change we desired.

Things we achieved in the taxi-hailing function in Spotnrides:

  • Simple, foolproof and engaging design.
  • Clarity of information and input data.
  • Familiarity of Uber   
  • Perfect user interface with fewer buttons   

It took anywhere between 60 to 70 hours by our team to complete this change successfully. Also, before starting the change we re-worked on the wireframing of this feature and matched it with the latest wireframing models.

Final words!

I hope you are happy with the kind of work we did for a single feature in the taxi app solution. Imagine the effort we would put in delivering a complete solution to you. Similar to the taxi-hailing feature we have made numerous changes to the original solution without affecting its reliability. 

For the admin web app of SpotnRides, we made some changes so that it is easy to switch between the panels. The multi-screen option is also added so as to analyze multiple panels at a time. I think there cannot be a perfect taxi setup than SpotnRides that fits rightly into the latest trends.

For more details regarding SpotnRides, tap an mail to [email protected]. You can call us anytime, our business team is available 24/7 to answer you. Get exciting benefits from us! 

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