How SpotnRides’ Taxi Dispatch Software Help to Improve Your Business to the Next Level?

Vacating from one place to another is a need for all of us in different aspects. Right from simple routine traveling to tour plans, booking taxis is a simple solution for convenient riding experiences. In which, the launching of app-based taxi services to the world made it smart for the customers to book taxis online with very few mobile tappings. As well, taxi agencies around the world are still upgrading themselves apt to digitized modulations.

Following, we are going to discuss the taxi dispatch system, the major part of the transport service marketplace today. And, the needs and solutions of implementing that, so effectively into your business with a Taxi Dispatch Software available from SpotnRides. Let’s get started!

What Is Taxi Dispatch Software?

The taxi dispatch software processes the transport industry dispatching system automatically online. It makes the whole job so smart with an authorized dispatcher receiving customers’ taxi booking requests and allotting respective drivers from that customers’ nearby regions.

In modern times, there have been two different on-demand taxi booking options, one utilizing the taxi booking apps and another using the taxi dispatching service system. In that, the dispatch system is really a hard and tedious task for the service operators to hold manual records on dispatched and yet to dispatch taxis and details. 

It confuses and increases the chances of not gaining good customer approaches in the business. As a result, customers often choose online taxi booking apps rather than coming to the dispatching system. This is why the automatic dispatch system is required for taxi agencies nowadays. 

With this automated taxi dispatch system, each and every detail of the business is safely followed and sustained in cloud-based software. There has been no more missing on-time customer pickup and drops. And, the more secured data transaction and service offering quickly lift your business up in the competition.

Demands Taxi Service Agencies Face In the Modern Times?

As mentioned, via the taxi booking app, the passengers/customers can book their cabs anywhere around the online taxi service available regions. It makes the whole task so easy with a smartphone they hold. After such facilitation, the traditional way of taxi booking is completely modulated. Here is the list of what the demands are faced by taxi business owners in the modern days.

Organizing Better Fleet Management

In the transport service sector, part of better fleet management provides several advantages to the respective agencies. But, when there is still a manual dispatching service operation, the respective owners face struggles in sustaining their business beneficial to reduced fuel consumption, active driver verification, and on-time service completions.

User Record Management

As well, maintaining the user records physically is very hard in the overall taxi service marketplace. But, the mandate thing needs to be kept for any necessary situations. So that the service operator operates his service under a safe zone with all required user data.

Customer Management

Even not only to the transport marketplace but also to all the businesses, the base of customers is much more important. Their opinions regarding service, demands, activities in the working area are not that easy for the business owners to track and hear directly for concerns.

Workflow Maintenance

When it is gone for a non-digital taxi dispatching system, the overall workflow tracking is so tough for the taxi business owners in many aspects. But, if it is so clear with details such as overall taxi bookings, dispatching, service completions, fare collections, etc. it would be so easy for them accordingly.

These are the requirements/demands of the existing trade owners in the taxi service industry. Apart from that, explore some current taxi dispatching system users’ side of needs in the modern era.

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Core Requirements of On-demand Taxi Service Users Online

Above all, considering the user demands is also so crucial in the business area. Taking this into account, SpotnRides analyzes the top requirements of existing transport service customers today.  Right from the booking to the complete tripping over to preferred dropping locations, they demand stuff as follows in the taxi dispatch system today.

Quick User Concern

The customers always require a speedy concern while they book taxis for tripping. But the unfortunate thing in recent times is that several taxi dispatch service providers have failed to meet the demand. And it makes them switch over to another transport company in the meantime. 

Transaction Security

It is not very important for the customers while they pay cash physically after trippings. But when it comes to online, they highly require security for their bank card and other bank-related credential details through which they used to pay their fares smartly in time.

Tracking Service Status

For active verification purposes, it is mandated to let the customers lively confirm their booking-related status. So that they can get themselves prepared while the taxis arrive at the pickup points. It avoids unnecessary time delays in the onboarding.

Last Mile Service Provision

Above all, one of the biggest taxi service user demands is the inability to receive/offer last-mile customer approaches. Some areas may not be so familiar in regions. In needed circumstances, the passengers from such a locality are still not able to get their taxis through the dispatching system.

Proper Notification Alerts

In the overall services, the main task is notifying customers regarding their tripping plan if they scheduled it in advance. Also in a regular booking, it is highly expected by them to inform details like driver and vehicle information, distance covered, billing, etc. properly in each service completion.

How SpotnRides’ Taxi Dispatch Software Meet Out the Pain Points?

SpotnRides offer several advanced solutions with taxi dispatch software for your business from the discussed pain points. It makes your entire business flow so smart amongst other service providers in the marketplace. Regarding, you can find in the following what are those demands meeting enhancements made with taxi dispatch software from us for your transport business.

Active Fleet Details

From your new taxi dispatch software developed from SpotnRides, you can actively track your taxi drivers online. You can find out, in which path they are choosing to travel to complete trippings. So that you can smartly guide them into optimal routeways. It offers a double benefit of minimal fuel consumption and quick reach to any location.

Simple History Storage and Tracking

As an entrepreneur, you can track all the business details at your required time slots. From the users’ initial registration data to traveled areas, service attendance, fare transactions, and so on could easily be tracked by you with the dispatch software panel. So that you can effectively manage those data with this digital solution.

Smart Customer Management

And, you can directly examine your customers’ activities in your service platform. You can review how many customers are currently booking services, how many of them canceled and the reasons, total transactions which were done, their feedback towards your transport services, etc. That assists you vastly to increase the custom-centric base for more service productivity.

Dedicated Reporting

And, with the powerful taxi dispatch software, you can get overall dedicated business reporting gathered from multi-angles of your business flow and operations. As a service provider, you can examine clear business data and analytics. As a result, you can make powerful decisions in the business focusing on additional improvements from time to time.

Top Built-in Options of Our Dispatch System Represents High User Value

Along with these, your taxi dispatch software also holds several user value-increasing features and options. Through that, you can quickly evolve many customers in target regions for more service productivity. Then, you shortly derive heavy user traffic into your business and acquire high brand visibility in the real-time marketplace. Here are such user-centric options for your concern.

Immediate Customer Response Generation

From your taxi dispatching software, you can immediately respond to your customers’ taxi booking requests by quickly verifying the available vehicle type, drivers, and package plans. It makes you concerned about their requests fast and assists them to satisfactorily stay with your business.

End-to-end Transaction Decryption

By virtue of our taxi dispatch software being completely upgraded with all the latest techno solutions, it has a strong transaction security base online. All the users’ data and transaction details like banking credentials, e-wallet credentials are fully end-to-end encrypted. That completely prevents third-party access.

Real-time Tracking

The customers can actively track their booking details online. They can track where their booked taxis are arriving and confirm actively online. So that they can smartly be ready with their necessary stuff for traveling started with on-time boarding. 


Utilizing the geolocation tracking option in-built with the driver players’ business app, they can lively see an optimized route map indication for entire trippings. It not only helps them to complete each trip smartly but also assists you as an entrepreneur to make your service approaches your last-mile customers too.

Push Notifications

In the automated dispatch system through your new taxi dispatch software from SpotnRides, your customers receive push notifications and SMS alerts regarding their booked services. That informs, notify, and reminds them on time of the entire service. And after each service completion, they receive a detailed billing to their registered e-mail id for reviewing.

Summing Up

Taxi booking online is a very common activity among people. Likewise, the taxi dispatching system in the industry is also so popular focusing on its reliability on the services. Consequently, your new taxi dispatch software developed from SpotnRides acquires all the demand beating solutions to the contemporary marketplace.

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