How SpotnRides Supported to Launch 50+ Taxi Business Services in African Countries Successfully?

African countries are always known for their natural resources and tourist destinations. For years people from different parts of the world started to visit these countries and not to mention that the main source of revenue in these places is from tourism and transport. But what is challenging in the African region is a reliable form of transport. Hiring a taxi to a place is an uphill task for most of the tourists.

This problem plagued the African countries for a very long time. And some years back on-demand taxis came and soon many tech startups started to launch their taxi service in Africa.

SpotnRides is our readymade taxi app product launched mainly to cater to the needs of small time entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the on-demand taxi market. The taxi hailing market in Africa is likely to touch $7.5 billion in revenue by 2023.  

How SpotnRides Taxi App Solution is a Part of the On-Demand Taxi Market in Africa?

So far we have powered nearly 50 taxi businesses in the African region. All of them were on-demand taxi apps with three interfaces. Our long term commitment to our users is the reason for our far reaching results. 

We are a part of the taxi disruption in the Africa market. Since we delivered on-demand taxi app solutions to many countries worldwide, we knew the right time to enter a market. Similarly, we sensed the demand for pre-built taxi app software in the African market and made our way into it.

Why SpotnRides is preferred by 50+ companies in Africa?

Adjustable with a lot of features

Even Though SpotnRides is a pre-built app like Uber, we deliberately made it in such a way to easily incorporate new features over time. Since on-demand apps evolve over time, taxi app companies liked our approach and partnered with us. We have a host of new features with us for each interface.  

High success rate

On-demand taxi app solutions that are built like Uber have a very high chance of failure or at least are prone to numerous errors. This is because most of these apps are made using a standard model. This is not the case with SpotnRides. Ours is tried and tested on multiple platforms and devices. So after deployment of SpotnRides, it runs smoothly without any major issues.

Top notch look and feel

Look and feel of the solution, be it a customer app or driver app, largely influences the usability. We made deliberate attempts to suit the app to a wide range of audiences. For markets like Africa where the users are diverse, it is important to have an app that covers a wide audience.

SpotnRides has multi-language and multi-currency support. This is one area where SpotnRides is a notch higher than its peers. 

Data security

On-demand taxi apps store crucial data of its users. It is imperative to make sure these data are well preserved from data breach. We use the latest javascript framework that safeguards user data from exposing. The compromise of the privacy of the user is detrimental to the taxi startup.  

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New plans of SpotnRides for the Africa market in 2020

Mobility as a service

Now is the right time to get all other transport under the gambit of on-demand. The Africa market has good potential for bike taxis and long distance ride hailing. Considerable changes were made in SpotnRides to accommodate other mobility. Features, functionalities, and designs are extensively overhauled. Our existing users in Africa are already working with us for this change.

Beta version of the taxi app

Beta versions are normally used for testing purposes. It consumes very fewer data and we thought that it would be nice to release an official beta taxi app for both rider and driver. From a survey, we found that mobile users in Africa with high end specifications are less. So it is the right area to unveil a beta version of the app. 

Cloud data driven taxi app

Our next step towards empowering taxi app users is cloud data driven taxi app. All the data of admin, riders, and drivers are stored in the cloud. This cloud based technology is super fast creeping to other tech startups also. Another advantage of cloud data driven tech is it drastically reduces the overall cost of the taxi app operator.

These are just a glimpse of our offering in 2020. Traditional taxi operators in Africa can transform into a whole new tech startup by using our SpotnRides solution.

Existing taxi startups are the right candidate to join with us to make the next transition in the on-demand taxi market. 

Wrapping up!

The high potential taxi market in Africa is heading for a big change in 2020 and I hope our SpotnRides app solution is overhauled pretty well for it. Thinking of launching your startup using SpotnRides? Then go nowhere, come straight to us. 

Let us have a discussion for the next step. Send us a message to [email protected].

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