How SpotnRides Ready-Made Script Helps to Integrate your Preferred Local Payment Gateway with Minimum efforts?

Another reason why Uber like on-demand taxi booking became famous is that it makes the payment process seamless and less stressful. We as a leading provider of ready-made taxi booking scripts, focus more on the payments area because all our clients exhort us to give a high-performance payment system along with their desired payment gateway.

Our team of skilled developers and designers at SpotnRides work in tandem with leading payment firms to find ways to easily integrate it within our solution. So far a lot of innovations in a payment like one touch wallet money payment, direct credit to driver’s account, etc are made by SpotnRides. Obviously, integrating multiple payment systems costs more and for this many are hesitant to have it.

Now we will see the benefits of having multiple payment gateways in your online taxi booking app from SpotnRides.

What are the Benefits of having Multiple Payment Gateways In your On-Demand Taxi Booking App?

Making the rider and driver feel secure

It is estimated that 20% of the riders cancel the ride because of not having their desired payment option. This seriously affects customer acquisition and creates a very bad first impression.

Apart from being secure, multiple payment systems give various options that customers believe. Tourists using the taxi app prefer some payment modes accepted internationally. This gives the riders a sense of security. Drivers too can view the commission credited in real-time.

It acts as a buffer in case something goes wrong

There are many instances where a specific payment process fails. Such failures must not deter the user from canceling the ride. In this situation, multiple payment systems come handy.

Also in some cases, a payment gateway has to handle too much data and here too different payment systems can help the user.

Increasing geographical coverage

Want to expand your on-demand taxi app startup to more locations? Then the first thing to do is to find the popular payment gateway of the targeted area and incorporate it in the taxi app. Not to mention that this is the easiest way to acquire customers from a new region.

SpotnRides have experienced team to quickly integrate different payment system into the app.

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Payment system with high latency rate

The latency rate is the speed at which data transfers between two servers. The payment gateway’s success/failure depends on the latency rate. The higher the latency rate more is the success rate of payment. At SpotnRides we carefully deliberate about the type of payment gateways to provide with the clients. For example, PayPal and stripe are our preferred high-quality payment methods.

More data for the taxi app admin

There is more taxi app admin that can derive from the multiple payment systems. General user data like preferred payment system, the system with high and poor success rate, latency rate, etc can be used by the admin to take further decisions and work on the payment system for performance improvement.

Nowadays e-wallet is becoming famous because of its simplicity. We updated the taxi app of many of our clients with e-wallets to attract more young users.

Multiple currencies

SpotnRides already comes with the provision to accept a series of different currencies mainly to attract foreign users. On top of that, we have made the option to constantly update the currency exchange rate to match the latest rate.

What integrated payment gateway do SpotnRides use?

We can work in Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree payment gateway system to give our clients the flexibility to choose between the desired payment system.


PayPal is the most preferred system because of the security it offers to both customers and merchants. PayPal now comes with an upgraded solution with features best suited for on-demand business startups. Also, the cost for a merchant to maintain is also not very high.


Stripe is one notch higher than PayPal in terms of sophistication. Apart from good transaction security, it provides analytics, financial reports, and authorization while payment.

The taxi app admin can access all the data from the Stripe dashboard which is available on both iOS and Android.


Braintree is a part of PayPal and it provides fraud protection with instant customer support. You need not give any fee for integration into the taxi app until the total transaction reaches $50,000.

Our Android and iOS developers team have a good hold on Braintree because it offers a free Android software development kit written in 7 programming languages.

Cryptocurrency payment

Paying in cryptocurrency is the latest in the list of the payment systems. The volume of payment using this is increasing day by day. The reason being is the speed of the transaction. At SpotnRides we have almost completed its integration. There is also a provision in the merchant account to get payment in digital currency.

Wrapping up!

If you are ready to launch a taxi booking app startup and looking for a reliable taxi software service provider who can ace the payment integration, then SpotnRides will be the better choice for you.

As explained above, we have three of the top payment systems and has the technical skill to quickly integrate with the app. You also have the liberty to suggest any other system based on the region of operation.

To find more details about SpotnRides, get us on [email protected]. Talk to us to get exciting discounts on the solution. Also, don’t forget to check our after-sales technical assistance which is a special offering from us.

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