How SpotnRides Lifetime Customer Support will Help your Taxi Business on Longer Run?

Our on-demand app development firm has a higher turnout rate than other taxi app developing companies. This is because we offer something different that other don’t even talk with the clients. We at SpotnRides provide an all around after-sales assistance, which includes a lot of perks and incentives. 

We put more effort to do this to build a long-term partnership with our clients and give support during app updates and technical assistance.

What Makes SpotnRides a Trustable Taxi App Solution Provider?

We not only give an app solution but a business solution because our growth in the on-demand industry depends on the success of our existing clients. Most of our SpotnRides taxi app users have little to no technical knowledge and this makes us inevitable after deployment in most cases.

Services we give after the deployment of the solution if you partnered with us

After-sale services are available for free for sometime and after that a nominal rate is charged by us which is worth every penny.

Dedicated support panel, 24/7 calls, mail support, skype and whatsapp chat are basic services available. Our project manager will also assist you in third-party integration like apple store, play store, server, etc. Since our SpotnRides taxi app is white label, our design team will be in touch with you for logo design and UX/UI changes.

Once all the apps are live we do instant bug fixing, constant app update and discuss any new technology change if it is beneficial to your startup.

Complete source code without any encryption

Even Though we provide assistance after the app is made live, your autonomy over the solution is unhindered because while purchase we give the complete source code of the solution without any encryption.

You can even modify or independently undertake any changes in the app. No extra payment for the app after the purchase. 

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Latest trends in the on-demand taxi market

We have deep insights about the overall on-demand market and the taxi industry in particular. This helps us to give valuable inputs on mobile design, UI/UX, latest database technology, improved Google map API, navigation tools, more precise heat maps, and many more.

Especially the effect of design on the app user is profound so our design team find creative ways to make customer engaged by testing different look and feel of the app interfaces. After the app is made live, constant updates on the above mentioned areas and new Android/iOS trends are continually shared with you by our business executives.

Glimpse of our skill in updating the taxi booking app

Feedbacks are asked from you at constant interval to assess the performance and reception of the app solution so as to do the necessary changes in any part of the app. In simple words, we constantly keep you in the loop for a long time. Location sharing, panic button, sophisticated analytics tool, carpooling, and e-wallet are some features we have added to many of our existing clients while the app is live.

Reliable technical support

The project manager assigned to you and our technical department gives unparalleled support like faster and efficient solutions for any problem unless it is on the business side.

New on-demand product launch

We have on-demand readymade apps for a slew of services and also in the process of building new one and updating existing solutions. Based on your needs we pitch our portfolio of products to you. Our SpotnRides team is also ready to integrate your existing taxi app with more than one on-demand services seamlessly without affecting the original performance of the app.

This we do to increase the value of our commitment with all our clients.

Porting and app store management

With so many taxi app startup services available, it is a big task to cover many users. For this we employ the process of porting. In porting we convert the mobile taxi app to multiple platforms so that they can be seen in several other stores. This we do after assessing the reach of your app.

The project manager assigned to you tracks your taxi app in the application store and generate valuable reports and statistics like downloads, review, etc and keep it up-to-date with the latest android trends. 

Final say!

At the end of the day what you get as a result of our after-sales service is enhanced productivity of the application, cost effectiveness, increased code quality, and resilient app. 

All the services are available 24/7. This shows our commitment towards the clients. If you are operating an on-demand taxi booking startup and are impressed with our description of our technical service, tap a message to partner with us for excellent service and witness a rapid expansion in your business.

Newbies who are yet to launch their startup can join us immediately to get a highly customised SpotnRides taxi booking app solution and an inexplicable after-sales service.

Do you have an amazing idea for your taxi app startup? Then quickly tap a mail to [email protected] to know more about SpotnRides and other technicalities. We are looking forward to your message.

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