How SpotnRides is Upgrading Themselves to Serve Their Customers in 2020?

SpotnRides is a software solution for on-demand taxi businesses. We make and customise taxi app solutions at nominal cost for tech entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the on-demand sector. We are serving for some years and strive to match the new demands in the on-demand sector.

On-demand, especially taxi booking is something that evolves with a lot of revisions and iterations. Fortunately, we took the SpotnRides app in line with recent advances. Our existing clients are happy with our work. We are not settled yet. For 2020 we are taking SpotnRides to the next level by bringing in a host of new features. 

How we are Taking SpotnRides Taxi App Solution to the Next Level?

Rapid mobile app page response

Google introduced accelerated mobile pages program and apps supported by it are performing faster than it used to be. This increase in performance happens irrespective of the device specifications. It is found that 80% of the admins are seeing higher visibility rates. 

We at SpotnRides are working to be a part of Google’s accelerated mobile program. The working of it is simple. The app loads quickly and increases the average app usage time. 

So, taxi app riders need not wait for too long to get a response and navigate inside the app.

Cloud driven taxi app

We can say from experience that a major part of the cost invested in the on-demand app goes into server and database. Now I hope we have gotten rid of it. SpotnRides has adopted the much spoken cloud based data technology. 

All the data can be retrieved and used from the cloud and there is no need to have bulk databases. Also, the customer and driver app will consume 30% less data on the mobile phone than it usually covers.

Highly secured mobile apps and web panels

Information misuse, security breach, and insecure deployment are often costing much for the on-demand taxi app operators. Such instances will take a serious toll on the reliability of the taxi app among its users.

Having said that, we upgraded some of our javascript framework to avoid security breaches. And taxi apps with upgraded java framework are already made live and getting super responses among our clients. 

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Internet of things in SpotnRides

Internet of things in the on-demand taxi sector had some fundamental problems like data storage. But with cloud storage technology, it has become easy, to say the least, to save and retrieve data.

More information related to taxi speed, fuel efficiency, emergency can be sensed in real-time. The admin can view all these data in real-time and streamline the functions to improve rider safety and comfort.

Beta app

Beta versions are normally used for testing the app after which it is released for normal usage. Beta app is built with certain specifications. We have now planned to release the beta version of the taxi app for customers and drivers. These apps consume very less space and functions more quickly. 

Beta app coupled with accelerated mobile pages can do big things like increased customer retention and reduced bounce rates. Another added advantage is that the beta version works fine even at average network range.

The beta app is also available readily and we are making it the norm from 2020.

Kotlin is the new normal

Kotlin is a cross platform app development language that perfectly interoperate with Java. As a part of our ambition to move towards lean development, we adopted Kotlin because it has lean syntax with concise algorithms.

Even our clients can independently modify the taxi app solution with little effort. Another advantage of using Kotlin is that we can add any new features into the app without affecting the core operation.

What more you can expect from SpotnRides?

Not only from the technical side, we are also striving to bring more advances to our after-sales commitment like quick response to issues, simpler app up-gradation process, and many more. On the personalization front, we introduced new tools to improve user experience.

SpotnRides team is also working on advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology. Till now many of the changes we brought to SpotnRides is mainly aimed at improving the quality of service and safety. We make sure that our future endeavours are also like that.

Final say!

SpotnRides is a firm working for tomorrow, to give a better platform for aspiring on-demand taxi booking entrepreneurs. We are true to our commitment to providing a world-class taxi app solution just like Uber. 

The series of works we do to upgrade SpotnRides for 2020 is in line with the aforementioned reason.

Serious about launching a taxi booking startup? Then search nowhere, come to us to get SpotnRides and launch a great tech startup with us in 2020. To discuss more about the advances I explained, tap us a mail to [email protected]. We are looking forward to partner with you.

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