How SpotnRides Fit Into Uber For X Service Model And Boost Its Revenue?

On-demand business models are gradually getting familiar in recent days where many players are involved to provide instant services to the customers. One such service is a taxi-booking service where the customers book the taxi easily and experience the convenience of travel to the destination.

Generally, the taxi-booking, vehicle selection, payment, tracking the drivers, and payment all are carried on digital platforms say taxi-booking apps. The familiar apps available in the market are Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc and these provide flexible taxi services to a huge range of customer base.

After knowing the success of Uber, the idea of providing the uber-like services is slowly initiated among the entrepreneurs. This gives rise to Uber for the X service business model. This blog brings the knowledge on the business model of Uber for X, types of on-demand services carried by Uber for X, and metrics of SpotnRides to increase the revenue value highly.

Uber For X-All-In-One Service Business Model

The successful Uber infrastructure redefines the traditional business flow into the new way according to the on-demand era. Looking more deeply, the On-Demand Mobile Services (ODMS) used mobile devices as the common interface between the customers and service providers.

The consumers send their demands online and the fulfillment is observed in offline ways. With this option, more service providers are entering the market that constitutes the competitive market. The entire business model is referred to in a generalized manner as ‘Uber for X’.

Prior to the launch of the on-demand Uber for X business model, the scope of the business to be analyzed. The market reports predicted the following major observations

  • The consistent growth in the on-demand economy in year by year is observed. In 2017, the revenue value of the Uber for X business model was observed as 41.5 million USD.
  • The global revenue for Uber for X is observed as 56 million in this year 2020 and is continually increased to 92.6 million in 2022.

With these observations, you might know the demand for Uber for X services in the future. To contribute your value to this growth, perfect business models is the major requirement that comprises the following 3 main players.

  • Customer
  • Service provider
  • Independent players with vehicles

Based on the services or products offered, the business model and its workflow are varied. The top essentials in the business models are listed as follows:

Scheduled service-Based on the products or services requested by the customers, instant or schedule setting is the initial thing. This parameter is an important one for the customers to make the fine decision on selecting the business model.

Filling With New Niches: As per the market demand and the customer’s expectations, the inclusion of niches like offers, targeted regional-based offers, customer traffic brings the new innovations into the online platform.

Treat Delivery Partners as Key Players: One of the backbones in on-demand survival model logistics where the number of fleets is running to act as the best interfaces between the service provider and the customer.

Either by own or by partnering with the third-party service providers, the aggregation of delivery payers is the possible one and the business model is completely called an aggregator business model. Uber is one such model for the aggregator type where the service providers and customers are easily met at one point.

Once the business model is over, then the next one is to know how this model helps the startup owners to gain valid revenue. The revenue streams for these business models are listed as follows.

Revenue shares- A small percentage of the final amount from the customers is shared with the service provider and the structure is redefined as the commission-based model.

Direct Sales Structure- The price regulation and the service quality-based price-fixing brings direct revenue to the service provider.

Advertisement-based-By allowing the promotional ads within the app-based model, the service providers assign the valid commission and this also increases the user’s traffic.

Besides these, the subscription-based revenue gaining is also the added stream. By making this business and revenue model attentive to the market trends, you can easily expand your services into various sectors. Let’s move on to the services commonly used Uber for X business model.

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Types of Uber for X Services Familiar in On-demand Sectors

With the rise of mobile app usage and the internet, customers are familiar with how the service booking is carried, options included, and the workflow. On the basis of this experience, the use of the ‘X’ business model is the easier thing from the customer side. In the same way, the simple registration and partnership building options allow the number of players to come into play on the field.

Recently, the number of uber for ‘X’ startups are getting familiar in the market. Here is the list of services getting benefit from Uber for X business model.


The demand for the trucking business is the evergreen one where the bulky items can be simply moved from one to another. This also contains the number of truck drivers and service providers to provide timely service to both the residential and commercial offices.

On market research, more than 5.8% of jobs are generated in the future truck industry. Wallmart holds the 8600 truckers to provide the delivery services to the customers. Getting an Uber-like trucking service app solution allows the service provider to provide efficient services in all the ways.

Road Assistance

During the emergency situations in unfamiliar regions, getting road assistance is the critical one for the travelers. Also, the parked vehicles in restricted places are also to be removed. These initiate the service platform called road assistance or tow truck services. The global revenue value for the period 2019-2024 is attained at 8.95 bn USD and the growth percentage will be 4.34%.

Since the demand for these services is more, carrying multiple service requests via automated platforms say truck booking apps is the effortless choice. The navigation and the interactive options included in this app bring visibility quickly.

Bike Taxi

During the traffic congestion, the taxi-hailing business based on four-wheelers face the issues and they switch for bike taxis to reduce the spending time in traffic and compensate for the loss of drivers. During the forecast period 2020-2024, the growth percentage value for the bike taxi business model will be observed as 10%.

Time-based booking like a book now or later, simple payment interfaces, and the easy-to-track the bike driver location in the bike taxi application increases the customer base. Interact with the riders using the in-app chat, alerts for the sudden change in location also help the drivers to provide high-quality services.


On the basis of one-to-one clarification, qualified tutor access, online tutoring is the growing business platform in recent days. During the period from 2017-2021, the average growth percentage for tutoring services is observed as 12.75%. To make your own contribution to this growth, aggregation of tutors in various specializations through the tutor booking app is to be done.

Managing their appointments with the students, consistently tracking their location, digital template for experience details, and price information in tutoring apps allows the students to get the best class experience from the experienced tutors.

House Work

Due to the busy working schedules, the residential people have no time to take care of the home-care activities and they prefer the online application for various services. The compounded growth percentage is nearly 30% in the current year 2020 and it is expected to reach 49% in 2021. The current market value for on-demand home services is observed as 600 bn USD and it is expected to reach 1.3 trillion in 2026.

The common segments in on-demand home services are getting benefits from this growth are house cleaning, painting, locksmith, lawn mowing, pest control, dry cleaning, plumbing, etc. The technicians corresponding to the above-listed fields make a partnership with a wide range of customers to gain attention quickly.

Medical Consultation

One of the most needed sectors to save human life in the on-demand field is a medical consultation and hospital services. Based on the emergency condition, patients or on-behalf of patients book the various services in it. A big share of say 25% to the global economy derived from health care services through the best-fit appointment scheduling premises.

Booking the doctor, nurses, ambulance, non-emergency medical transportation is the commonly observed activity in the current medical consultation sectors. Tracking options, scheduling options, multi-interaction options within the corresponding platform make the healthcare professionals give high-quality time-needed services to the patients easily.

Beauty & Fitness

Healthy consciousness is the recently evolved thing among the peoples after the huge pandemic. Allot the dedicated time to maintain fitness or health is the special mention from the people’s thought and this will give rise to the health and fitness services on an on-demand basis.

The major dimensions in this platform are beauty, massage, fitness training, haircut. The specialists in the decided area are directly providing the doorstep services to the peoples through the app-interfaces. Through this, the talents in the selected field are getting exposed and turn them to earn a high-revenue.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is an attractive business platform that is useful for corporate travel, academic excursion trips, etc to make the travelers explore more regions. Based on the traveling service selection, luxurious travel(limo services), intercity shuttle services, are common categories

Also, the booking of travel agents, expats, tour guides are also familiar with supplementary services in the travel and tourism sector. The direct contribution of the travel and tourism sector to the global economic growth is 2.9 trillion dollars in 2019 and it is expected to rise in the future. With the use of the perfect application, the good quality services assure one.

Essential Metrics of SpotnRides to Boost the Revenue of Uber for X Services

Getting familiar with the solid customer base and high-revenue are the important requirements for service providers. Since the use of Uber for X business model is the revenue-generating platform, more number of players come into play in the business race. To stand different in the market and attain the revenue, SpotnRides assists you in the right direction with the following metrics.

Carry Multi-Orders– With the enabling of GPS location-aware and tracking options, the shortest distance is easily identified and the time is minimum. This option allows the service provider and service handler to take more orders that lead to high revenue.

Top-Player Showcase- The included rating options in SpotnRides bring the top-player into familiar sight. Aggregating them at the top of the search makes them carry multiple service requests. Assigning commission for this further adds the revenue to the service providers.

Easy Social Interaction- By integrating the social media profiles within the SpotnRides app platform, the consistent tracking of customer behavior is an easy one, and updating the business flow accordingly further increases the revenue.

Repeated Access of good Players- On the basis of satisfactory services, customers prefer them in the future repeatedly. SpotnRides includes this option and this increases the number of bookings for the high-quality service provider.

Multi-Lingual and Currency Support- With this option, SpotnRides allows the service providers to easily expand their services across the regions irrespective of the language and currency.

Bottom Line

Due to its adaptiveness and feature inclusion, the Uber for ‘X’ service business model is getting familiar in recent days. One of the special mentions about this business model is to gain the expected revenue while launching.

We, SpotnRides assist the service providers with the latest technologies and the feature set to make them gain more revenue and familiarity in the on-demand market. Want to launch any one of the services, get the tech support from us by filling the form below or reach us at [email protected].

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