How SpotnRides Artist Booking App Solution Acts As A Remedial One For Common Issues In Artist Booking Business?

Talented performers are available everywhere and the chances for showing their talents are very less. As we all know, after the arrival of online platforms, individual peoples also showcase their inner talents and receive appreciation from a wide range of audiences. These bring a competitive environment for the entertainers or stage performers.

While looking more deeply, the live performers are completely different from the cinematic performers and also need the specialized skills to retain the audiences till the show completion. 

Grouping of the artists like musician, comedian, model, celebrity, band, etc available in the market into the single domain is commonly done by the contracting agency called artist booking agency.

Artist booking agents are completely acted as the best interface between the event performers and event organizers and they understand all the event planner’s demands as well as allot the correct artists to the event. Managing a huge size of artists and their time via paper or human-based operations met failure due to some mismatches in the appointment and lack of synchronization.

Aware of the event venues, prior schedule arrangements, repetitive booking of the most wanted performers are the common struggles faced by the event organizers via call-based booking.

To overcome such struggles, an automated workflow is the evolving recent trend and the penetration of mobile app solutions transform the artist booking workflow as simple as possible compared to the earlier days. Digitized contract management, location-aware and the partnership with the multi-domain live performers are the added metrics for the automated platform.

After knowing the effectiveness of automated platforms, many of the event planners and artists wish to participate in such platforms to exchange their demands and performances respectively. Easy accessing, familiarity assurance metrics and easy financial management options in the apps bring the on-demand artist booking services into the limelight within a short period.

Since mobile users are largely available, they prefer any app for the artist booking service initially. Due to this, SpotnRides planned to launch a new solution namely an artist booking app solution with all the necessary options that supported the professionals who launch their new online artist booking service startup easily. Take a deep look at this blog to get enough clarity.

On-Demand Artist Booking Services- Key Platform For Event Organizers 

As per the latest IBIS report, the market value of the event promotion industry was observed as 35 bn USD and the number of businesses evolved is 78,286. The growth rate during the forecast period 2015-2020 is expected to be 3.5%. 

This makes many of the event organizers come into play on the fields in real-time. This also increases the demand for independent artists. Generally, the event organizers faced a lot of issues while booking the new artists. 

Lack of skill validation, mismatches in the appointment, improper bookings, scheduling premises, and the unavailability of prescribed time are the common difficulties via call-based booking. These issues highly initiate the use of on-demand artist booking services in the market.

  • Easy Trust Build from Audiences

How far the booking agents accumulate the top and famous performers in wide range talents decide the trust level among the audiences. If you wish to launch your own booking agency, make sure that you must first look at the skills of artists prior to making a contract.

After a deep understanding of the audience as well as the event organizer’s requirements, the specific artists with the matched skills are to be allotted the event. To establish trust among the large audiences in the market, turning of artist booking services into on-demand is the essential one.

  • Stable Artist Partnership Establishment

Event organizers as well as booking agents are the common players for the artists. While making a stable partnership with the number of artists on different domains, event organizers cover up all the real-time event needs in a seamless way.

To establish such relationships, on-demand solutions are the correct platforms. Due to the customized nature, instant registration, contract creation, and the consistent follow up are honorable mentions of stable partnership establishment.

  • Chances for Easy Familiar

Though the event organizers, live artists inherit their talents, the lack of suitable resources limits their presence. Moreover, the absence of suitable platforms to showcase their inner talents also brings frustration to the artists.

But, the on-demand artist booking services allow both the artists and event organizers to get enough familiarity in the market. Since these services are guaranteed one for easy booking and immediate access, there is a better chance of gaining familiarity easily.

With these effective measures, the on-demand artist booking services are the key driving platforms for the event organizers, artists. Besides, these are also suitable for easy revenue-earning platforms. By establishing the feasible contracts, the transparency in the profit earning also assured one.

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Reasons to Switch over Online Solutions for Accessing Top-Rated Talents and Its Risks

Generally, the talented performers look for any option to present their talents and earn respective revenue. Booking a new artist is commonly faced with the three following risks.

  • Tough to Recognize Top Talents

The number of concerts happening in real-time either in the office or in a home is huge. Identifying the top talent performers with the optimal budget is the essential one for the event organizers. In some cases, the artist’s access to long-term tours is also observed in the industry. Due to this huge demand, the top-talents aggregation is the preliminary risk for the event organizers.

  • Improper Scheduling

The scheduling of the appointments for the artists is essential and if it is improper or mismatched means, then this will be a huge risk for the event organizers. Hence, proper scheduling is needed for event organizers and artists.

  • Lack of Social Interactions

Nowadays, social platforms are guaranteed revenue platforms for new talents. They immediately present their performance on their respective social accounts. Without a social platform, the interactions among the event organizers and the top performers are weaker.

Similarly, the access of the artists without social accounts is the difficult one and also this affects familiarity. From these risks, the reasons to switch over into the online platforms are illustrated as follows.

  • Need for instant familiarity in a competitive market.
  • Covering a wide range of appointments with proper scheduling aspect
  • The showcase template of talents is the necessary one to impress the event organizers.
  • Easy appointment management and revenue assurance options are to be required.
  • Open up for repetitive bookings for most talented performers.

For these reasons, the artist booking services are transformed into online platforms and fulfill the audience’s needs at the perfect time. Due to enough experience in booking application development, SpotnRides develops the artist booking app solution to bring new advances and the remedies for the common issues in the artist booking services.

Bringing Advances in Online Artist Booking With the SpotnRides Solution

The demand for the artist with a wide range of skills is the huge one. To meet this demand, the event organizers look for suitable booking agents in the market for the seamless booking of artists available in the market. SpotnRides artist booking app solution inherits with the top interfaces like artists, booking agents, and the event organizers with the top workflows.

Booking Agents- Being a booking agent, you can use this interface to monitor all the activities in the event booking process. With this interface, you can check the number of trips that have been made by the artists, payment status, and the digital contract completion period, etc in an easy way.

Event Organizers- This interface holds good the demanding options like the easy search for the artists, creating an appointment, schedule set for the artist based on the location, time, and the audiences easily for the event organizers.

Artists- With enough skills in the desired field, music, dance, band, comedy, etc, the independent artists create a partnership with the booking agents via this interface and fulfill the event organizer or audience needs perfectly.

Due to the customized booking nature, the SpotnRides artist booking app solution brings the following advances to the industry.

  • Aggregate the top-level performers into a single place to manage all the appointments from audiences.
  • As per the changes in the audience expectations, the event organizers placed the requests on this online portal. Event organizers directly look for the instantly available artists and enable the new bookings easily.
  • With the direct enabling of GPS, the SpotnRides artist booking app solution provides the smart navigation option for the artists. This option is a useful one for the artists to know the minimum distance for the event location and reach the destination at an optimal time.
  • The minimal reaching time not only brings a high reputation level. This also increases the number of events handled on a day. Hence, the revenue value is also an increasing one for the booking agents and artists.

Top Remedial Measures of the SpotnRides Artist Booking App Solution for the Common Risks 

In the previous section, we all know the common risks.  With the powered strategies, SpotnRides provides the top remedies listed as follows to such risks.

  • Easy Way of Top Performer Identification

The SpotnRides solution has the feedback options dedicatedly for each artist. By encouraging the event organizers to host their experience in the feedback section, the artists who receive more positive feedback are the top performers. Hence, the new event organizers can make a direct appointment with them easily.

The SpotnRides also hold good options to retain the top performers for the long term. With the satisfactory services, they also experience the rewards, promo purchases in addition to the revenue through SpotnRides solution.

  • Own Schedules

Event organizers allowed to set the schedules in prior by the use of SpotnRides solution. Due to its prior scheduling, the artists are getting ready themselves prior to the acceptance of new appointments. This is also useful for the feel-free management of event orders without any collapse.

  • Fit Artists into Social Interactions

By allowing the social media-based login of artists and event organizers, the interactions among the event organizers and artists are easy. The sharing of experience by the event organizers enables the new bookings for the artists and these assure the revenue as well as familiarity.

Final Say

Transformation of artist booking services into on-demand is the essential one to meet all the event needs at the correct time. Due to this transformation, many of the booking agents, artists, and event organizers look for online solutions to make the smart registry to showcase their talents easily and receive more bookings.

With all demanding options, SpotnRides artist booking app solution fine-tunes the artist booking activities and provides remedies to the common issues in the artist booking process. If you wish to start your own artist booking service startup, SpotnRides opens up the gate for your queries at [email protected].

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