How SpotnRides Act as the Best Route Planning App Solution in 2021?

Years before, most of the logistics companies faced the challenges to create a cost-effective and time-saving ride to reach the targets. Thanks to smartphones and a seamless internet connection, today’s drivers can easily trace the route with apps like Google maps and route optimization apps. 

These apps for route planning and optimization act as a pocket solution for every person in the fleet management service. In fact, nearly 64% of people used to check their route through their smartphones. This clearly proved the growth and need of the navigation app with advanced features to reach the destination shortly. 

Though the growth of the route planning app is high, still drivers have to go into a specific app for route planning and optimization. This lacks in time and most of the time, it won’t be as flexible as a personalized route planning software for fleet management service. In this blog, we are going to discuss the SpotnRides best route optimization software 2021. 

What is the Significance of SpotnRides Route Planning?

SpotnRides route planning app offers a significant value for both the companies and the end players. This section listed-out some of the significance that you as a business person can get benefited from our app for route planning and optimization as follows,

  • Identifying the Effective Routes – Cut off the separate (third-party) route optimization budget with our route planning software. Our route planning app was built with an advanced algorithm for listing the shortest route along with the estimated time. 
  • Gradually Reduce Mileage – As an overall process, our app for route planning and optimization reduces the mileage of the rides by minimizing the long travel path to the shortest paths. As a result, the business person can benefit from low fuel cost, maintenance expenses, and lowering the accidents. 
  • Able to Grab More Service – With increasing efficiency in the rides, the fleet management companies can easily grasp new rides or bookings easily and accomplish it quickly. This increases the customer base and chances to reach the top of the market.
  • Decrease Time in Planning and Increase Productivity – Drivers can save their time, by choosing any of the shown routes in their interface. This rescues the route planning time and increases their service productivity. 

These are some of the things that a business person can get benefited from the SpotnRides route planning software solution. Our app for route planning and optimization fits all sorts of fleet/logistics management services in the market. 

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Who can All Benefit from SpotnRides Route Planning?

There are many types of industry that can be fittable with our app for route planning and optimization. The list of the top business models that can be benefitted via our route planning app solution are: 

  • Taxi business – The entrepreneurs who are all running a traditional taxi business can cover their challenges with our route planning software solution. The drivers can choose the right path and reach the rider’s location shortly. You as an admin can view all the things in one interface. 
  • Last-mile delivery business – It is considered as one of the most expensive services in the market. The operations of the last mile delivery service can comprise 50% of the operational cost with our route planning app that allows the entrepreneur to manage the deliveries and trace the user’s data in real-time. 
  • Fuel & Gas delivery business – The transportation industry is always in a rush to meet out their customer’s expectations. By considering it, we develop the route planning software with multiple route optimization, order management, and a trace of the placed orders. These metrics will simplify the driver’s work.
  • Logistics Services – The on-demand logistics services like handyman booking, doctor booking, lawyer booking, and many more are also benefited from our app for route planning and optimization. By implementing the route planning app solution with your service, you can easily solve the transportation issues in just a few taps. 

How SpotnRides Offer Amazing Features in the Route Planning App?

To enhance the business person’s service, we have integrated multiple features that enrich the user’s experience. Here are some of the sparkling key-features that sharp your logistics service seamlessly with our route planning software as follows. 

  • Easy Trip Handling via Map-based Navigation – To make the driver’s service simple and hassle-free, the in-app voice will guide the driver with the route navigation. This feature makes road trip planning easier and helps the driver with the right navigation path.
  • Save & Share Route Details – The driver can also save their regular route path and make it available offline too. On the other end, the customers are able to share their route path with their family or friends circle for a safe journey. 
  • Fit to Updates in Locational Changes – When there are some changes in the plan of the ride, the changes can be done easily and the changed plan will be updated to the end-players automatically. The admin can check the updated route plans and verify them in a timely manner.
  • Prioritize Management – The driver (service provider) can manage the orders or bookings that are a priority and visit the service location. In this scenario, the service provider can manage their choices depending upon the service.

There are many more features readily available with our app for route planning and optimization. If you’re having any new ideas, then that can also be integrated and deliver the route planning software as per your demand on time. 


Preferring third-party route planning software is a tricky option and there is a chance for data theft. It’s better to develop a personalized route planning app for your service, we SpotnRides made that simple and easy at a considerable cost. Our app for route planning and optimization, will bring a better experience among the end-players and generate high-value results.  

If you want more guidance on our route planning software, then book an appointment with our experts by dropping your flexible time at [email protected]. To get a similar product from SpotnRides, then let us know your demand in the form. 

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