How SpotnRides Act As A Perfect Platform For The SMEs With The Advanced Features Digital Freight Matching Marketplace App Solution?

Nowadays, the ever-increasing technological innovation has taken advances in logistics and supply chain, certainly gaining the attention of every application-based business. These logistics not only take place in the on-demand taxi industries, it gradually plays a major role in every transportation industry from pickup to drop.

And perhaps now everywhere all the services can be easily found by an application at our doorstep. Is that more worthy to invest in such a thing? Of course, to gather the people’s attention and that receives a significant amount. Here, one such thing that allows you to earn millions of dollars. It is nothing but a digital freight matching service.

This blog will provide you a full overview of the digital freight matching management app solution and how our software SpotnRides helps you to gain worthy revenue by investing in digital freight matching service. Keep reading to explore the end-to-end supply chain management solutions for freight transportation.

What Is Digital Freight Matching Marketplace App Solution?

FAQ how would you define this on-demand or app-based approach to freight matching service? Before getting into it, first let me tell you, what is freight? The freights are nothing but a bulk of goods that’s been transported by the truck, train, ship or aircraft. 

  • The digital freight service is an application-based freight service that allows the user to track their trucks or goods easily from anywhere. Most of the people prefer this model as the “Uberization of freight.” However, it’s more of a digital freight matching service. 
  • In simplified words, it means that drivers can use a mobile app to match their available truck with a pending load. The driver will get an alert for a pick-up and can choose to accept the load when the pickup is near or a bit far. They are very concerned about price and time.
  • The main aim of the digital freight matching service is to match the truck driver with the user who wants goods to drop at the respective destinations. The goods carrier truck capacity is known through digital or mobile-based platforms, usually in the form of application.

When it has space it will be visible in the application or else it will not be shown. The visibility of the service can be ON/OFF by the truck driver. Here, let me tell you the current challenges in the digital freight matching service in the market.

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The current challenges in digital freight matching marketplace business

There are thousands of millions of dollars streaming into the market on the digital freight matching service. The major players of this digital freight matching service are Uber and Amazon. They both have become the head of the digital freight matching space. 

They have high capital and visibility among the customers and the players. More than a million dollars have been raised by start-ups, and this looks like the more viable option for the new entrepreneurs to get into the freight matching service. 

The trucking industry is one of the largest in the world delivering 10.77 billion of cargo. The industry seems promising, generating $700.3 billion in the upcoming year, representing a growth of 4.6% compared to the previous year.

The statistics would make everyone believe that the trucking industry is great for employment, but not for the truck drivers. The USA is facing a serious issue of scarcity of truck drivers and they are in need of approximately 100,000 more drivers to fill in the gap. 

The same survey also says that the driver shortage could triple by 2026. Once there is a shortage of truck drivers then it is hard to run your freight matching business service. Here, I have listed the issues that have been faced by truck drivers.

  • A high percentage of turnover rate – One of the main reasons for the driver shortage is the high turnover rate which was around 80% in 2019. On the other hand, most of the drivers are aging, and the young pool of drivers is still not yet exploited by the industry.
  • No appreciation and less pay – Drivers also face several other problems that make their lives more difficult. Even though the service provider promises for high pay and incentives, the final settlement often is considerably less in reality. 
  • Living an outdoor life – They have to spend more time and months away from home. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle on the roadside. This makes the revenue affected as many trucks.

These are some of the major issues that lead to the driver shortage in the freight service. Here, we SpotnRides promises you to provide a digital freight matching service with advanced features that helps the drivers find the work stress free and with smooth workflow.

SpotnRides digital freight matching app solution

SpotnRides is a modern software solution where you will be benefited from a pre-developed digital freight matching application with advanced features. Our software application is fully developed with the latest technology.

By using our application you can easily meet your customer’s expectations. Our team’s main aim is to produce a freight matching application that overcomes the current issues. So the advanced niche features are developed by considering your player’s point of view. 

This allows you to generate high revenue profit in your freight matching service business. Here, let me tell you the end to end gain of using our SpotnRides software application as listed below

  • More transparent pricing – Letting both the users to see the range of different prices, in real-time, at the click of a button.
  • Paperless delivers – This allows you to migrate to the cloud, saving time, money and energy, instant updates of everything detailed in digital form.
  • More effective in fleet efficiency – Allows you to accurately estimate the No of vehicles and drivers required, not only for given goods but also over a longer period of time.
  • Less waiting time – It gradually cuts out the driver waiting time for the cargos. This also reduces loading, unloading time at the ports.
  • Fewer Empty trucks on return – Empty miles too cost money, right? With the accurate fleet efficiency, it reduces the empty of the trucks on a return.

How our digital freight matching marketplace app solution overcomes the issues with a smooth workflow

  • Driver’s dashboard – The truck driver can use his trucking apps to directly search for carriers and logistics management of the shipping companies. Drivers can access various details from his dashboard like destination, the trucking loads details and other details to help them to check the status and time estimations, etc. 
  • Multi-route optimization – They also have the freedom to choose their routes by using this feature. It will be listing multiple route options to reach the destination. Drivers are allowed to choose projects based on their preferences. Once the driver chooses more pickups and drops he will be given an extra commission and his profile will be listed at the top.
  • On-time price estimations – This feature helps the drivers get paid right once a project is completed at the right estimated time, just like a taxi driver gets paid at the end of their trip. This reduces the process and eliminates the long time waiting that drivers are facing now. This feature allows your drivers to act more active.
  • Billings and invoices – Our application automatically generates the bills and invoices but this will be fixed by the admin. Once the admin fixes the price and the commission cost the estimations will be done automatically according to it.
  • Detailed data security – This is one of the features that give more visibility to your application. Where the shipper and the driver can check their profile details and also get access to a wide range of their payments and the history of their freights.

The above-mentioned features allow the drivers to get their work at their control. The month-end payment has reduced to the on the time payment and the outdoor roadside life has changed to their convenience. They can choose their preferred working time and this all reduces the turnover rate of the drivers.

Final say

The digital freight matching service platforms enable shippers to find the correct vehicle and fleet to deliver their goods. Truck drivers can manage their working time, choose their routes and have accurate estimations of their earnings. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form with your details and we will reach you soon.

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