How Networks and Maps in Uber Clone is Helping the On-Demand Taxi Startup to Reach Success?

One thing that is common to all the on-demand services including taxi service is GPS location and navigation. Without improvement and evolution in this, the on-demand taxi sector would not have survived until now. When someone is planning to start a taxi startup like Uber, it is better for them to understand how networks and navigation is being used in the solution.

The app solution which comprises multiple interfaces is the core of the taxi startup and within the app, network and navigation are vital. Whatever is the situation, taxi app development companies never cease to improvise the GPS part. Also, the present system used by even top firms needs a lot of improvements. Fortunately, we have the tools for that and pick the right fit from it.

What are Some Networks and Location Technologies Used in the Taxi Booking App?


The GPS system in the smartphone is used to find the exact location of the user on the map. This system functions even without the internet and get the help of the GPRS satellite.         

The location of the rider is sent to the driver app and the location of the driver is visible to the rider. Over the years, the location accuracy has increased dramatically and continues to do so.

Machine learning and data analytics are used to gather enormous data to give highly precise details without any time lag. 


iBeacon is similar to Bluetooth technology in function but they only work for a short distance. The main purpose of iBeacon is to connect with specific devices that come within its range. For example, when the rider enters the taxi after booking, the beacon can be used to send any specialized location-based messages.

This is a low-cost technology to send instant updates and ads. At times the mass notifications and SMS are not suited for all. Hence, this tech can help big time. 

At present, it is better to give the driver a hand in controlling the ibeacon to make it more accurate. It is very difficult to customize the ibeacon from the admin panel all the time.

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Geofencing technology is used to develop a specific geographical boundary that can be used to send notifications for customers in that specific boundary. This feature is already present in the taxi app solution.   

Geofencing helps the taxi company in specific to send targeted notifications to users. The notification can be made of anything like offers, discounts, etc. So coming to the point, targeted messages are a form of customer engagement since a high influx of notifications will annoy users.

God’s eye view is another feature that uses geofencing technology. This function aids the taxi driver to spot the area with high taxi booking frequency. So that the driver gets more ride requests.     

How to integrate these services into the Uber clone?

Integrating GPS enabled maps is not an issue in the first place. There are third-party APIs available for it. One of the most popular API for this purpose is the Google Maps API.

They are easy to integrate and flexible. Google releases timely updates and it is the standard GPS map used by Uber and Lyft.

Now we will specifically see how to apply the API to Android and iOS.

API integration for iOS customer and driver app

Sometimes the Google map API won’t fit properly into the iOS. But, iOS have their own set of APIs and are very much similar to Google’s. 

To add an annotation in a specific location,  iOS uses the MapKit framework to embed maps in the whole app directly.

To book rides iOS makes use of SiriKit to help users book a ride from customer app. Hence, this platform is a mix of Siri and Map framework.

GPS map API integration for Android

The Uber clone for Android has a clear provision to add Google Map APIs without much change in the core of the solution. The degree of easiness with which GPS map can be added in Android is easier than iOS.

If not confident about integrating the networks and GPS maps to the taxi app, connect with a Uber clone app developer for seamless integration. Experienced Uber clone developers are well versed in adding or removing functionalities. So it is better to approach them for such big changes.

Final words!

For better understanding and better implementation of the networks and map to the app, partner with a leading app solution provider to get a complete solution as output. 

You need to weigh a lot of things before selecting the technology partner for your startup. First, analyze your business model, requirements, target users, competitors, long term goals, etc to get clarity about what type of solution provider can assist you. mail us [email protected] to get more details about our uber clone app solution. 

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