How GPS Helps All the Stakeholders of a Taxi App Company?

The only business model that has utilized the technology to the fullest is the on-demand business model. The crux of this business model itself is based on mobile apps. The GPS function is another important advancement that is being used in businesses involving this model.

Let me explain how GPS functions in a taxi booking business which uses the on-demand model. Everyone knows that in this taxi service, there is an app for driver, customer, and admin. And the GPS is ingrained in each of these apps. These apps predominantly work on mobile phones.

How GPS works here?

In simple words, GPS is used for navigation and to spot a location. The GPS feature has a map and you can locate your position on the map. Finding unknown routes and places can be done on the map.

You might have used the Google map in your smartphone and it uses GPS to locate and find places. In the taxi booking, it would be easy for drivers and riders to locate places, and follow routes using the maps. So, integrating the taxi booking app with GPS map is highly beneficial.

Ride booking and traveling will be quicker, effortless, and comfortable with GPS navigation.

Let us see how GPS helps each participant.

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Take for example a rider. He/She is in the middle of the road and want to book a cab. Immediately they take their smartphone, open the taxi app and book a taxi. Now, how does he/she know where the cab is coming to pick up. If this is the case in a conventional taxi booking, they have to call the driver to say the location. This involves a lot of difficulties. There may be a communication gap.

In an on-demand taxi booking, you have a GPS map in the app. So, the rider easily spots the cab.


Here comes the important beneficiary of the GPS navigation. The GPS system helps the driver of the cab in two ways.

  1. After the driver has accepted a ride, he has to find the location of the rider for pickup. The driver uses the GPS map to locate the rider in his driver app.
  2. After pick up, the driver again uses the map to find the route for the destination. With the latest advancements like data analytics and AI integrated with the GPS solution, the driver can find shorter routes, routes with lesser traffic, and routes which saves fuel.

Another added advantage for the driver is that he can use the map to go to places where the volume of cab booking is high. A lot of innovation and creativity is going into the development of GPS feature.

Apart from drivers and riders, the web admin also uses this feature to track a ride and if it is heading in the wrong direction, an instant alert is sent to the driver and rider. The rider can also share the location to the relatives/family/friends.

GPS is not the only technology that is being used in the taxi booking app. There are many more and I will explain it later.

And, see how exciting it will be to run an on-demand taxi company. The app solution is what matters the most. The solution should work seamlessly and bug-free. So, if you are starting this business and decided to use a top-notch app solution then use Uber clone script. This clone script is a mirror image of the Uber app. Find a better provider of this app solution and you are done.

Get Free Demo of Taxi App  – WhatsApp | Skype

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