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How Entrepreneurs Can Sustain Their Online Taxi Booking Business in Europe Where Even Uber Is Struggling for a Long Time?

Uber has always been the market leader in Africa and the US. But in China and Europe, it had failed to gain a good foothold. In China, when it entered some years back, it had to face the homegrown Didi Chuxing. But, after sometime Uber pulled from the China market after fierce competition from Didi. In Europe also Uber faced a lot of problems but with the local government.

Uber drivers were fretted with the operation of Uber and them along with the taxi union asked Uber to make the job permanent along with some benefits and insurances. Uber turned down this request saying that it is a technology company. The taxi union in Europe went to the court and the topmost court in Europe gave a judgment that Uber is a taxi company and it has to comply with the local rules and regulations. This gave a severe blow to Uber.

One of the common reason in the case of both China and Europe is that Uber failed to localize in the new market. Normally, US-based firms find it very difficult to localize their operation in new markets. Such problems may be a bane to firms like Uber but, a boon for local taxi booking companies mainly in Europe. Before going further, let me throw some stats on the market of the taxi industry in Europe.

The average revenue per user is $142 and the user penetration is expected to increase by %8.5 in 2023. Revenue from taxi booking alone will be $8000 million in 2019.

Local firms don’t have to worry about what that has happened to Uber. Following the below points can make you successful in the Europe market.

  • Starting from the app to the cab operation, everything should be closely associated with the regional culture.
  • Local rules and regulations should be followed as laid out by the government.
  • Drivers should be treated as employees and perks, incentives, and insurance must be provided.
  • The drivers should have proper licenses and documents to drive a vehicle.

The third point may not be suitable for all since the cost involved is substantially large.

To be in line with the local culture, you can start different types of taxi business.

Suburb taxi

People like to use a taxi in the suburban for a breezy and pleasant ride. Smartphone usage is also good in the suburbs. But taxi fares should not exceed a limit.

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Airport taxi drop and pickup

World’s busiest airport is present in Europe and especially in the UK. A solely operating airport taxi itself can fetch you good returns in the long run.

City center taxi service

City center has a lot of prospective riders and Europe countries have a good flow of tourists.  In order to escape from the self-driving mess in traffic, people prefer cabs.

You can also make money from demand surge. City center taxi service has always been the forte for giants like Uber, Lyft, etc. So, try this market to reap maximum benefits.

The type of taxi service depends on the capital and type of taxi business model. Below are some of the factors that influence your taxi business in Europe.

Black Taxi

The traditional taxis operated in the Uk market is black colored and running a taxi that is black colored can help to connect more with the people.

Payment system for the European market

The payment system apart from being cashless should also accept payment methods that suit the tourists. Card payments, UPI, net banking, etc should be mandatory.

Printed receipts for payments is not necessary but improves the trust for the riders.

Taxi management system

Nowadays the taxi management system is used by all taxi firms. This type of system is best suited to traditional taxi firms who want to make a revival. The present dispatch system comes along with it a taxi booking system. From dispatch to booking, everything is done automatically. If you are starting an on-demand based taxi business, then taxi dispatch system may not be suited to you since you are not owning the fleet.

Taxi booking app

The taxi booking app may not be new to you. It consists of the driver app, customer app, and admin web panel. In case of a taxi dispatch system, an additional dispatcher web panel will be there.

Developing an app focussing on the local market is made easy using Uber app like clone scripts. SpotnRides is a one of the kind Uber app clone and it can be easily modified and altered to suit any region. Be it any country in Europe, our solution can be developed to adapt to different languages and currencies.

The admin panel of our app can be loaded with data analytics tools that support the traffic details, lane details, population, peak hours, maps, and many more details of the European countries so as to generate better data which can be used for efficient taxi operation. The data can also be used to find an optimal driving route, reduce fuel usage, improve rider response time, and many more.

Needless to say, I have mentioned some indispensable features of our taxi app.

Customer app

  • SOS button
  • Ride scheduling
  • Live tracking
  • Fare estimates
  • Easy registration and login

Driver app

  • Ride history
  • Commission management.
  • Faster documents and license processing
  • Instant alerts

Admin panel

  • Ride tracking
  • Common dashboard
  • Trips management
  • Driver payout management

The above features are just a tip of the iceberg and European countries related features can be added on request.

We usually work hand in hand with the client on every process ranging from UI/UX to testing to deliver what is exactly asked by our client.

SpotnRides also has a taxi dispatch system which is a combination of taxi booking system and taxi management system. Latest analytics tools are incorporated to present a futuristic solution. Spotnrides taxi dispatch solution is well suited to traditional taxi firms in Europe as I said before.

So, interested entrepreneurs from any regions of Europe can make use of less competition in the taxi industry prevailing in their countries. Please take note of it and by following the European market specific point mentioned above, you can easily make a mark in your region.

It would be more easy to use SpotnRides uber clone apps for your business and we are glad to provide technical assistance in your business. Surely, by now many questions and queries would be surfacing in your mind and we are open to talk to you. Contact us at [email protected].  

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