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Are you having a plan to innovate your inspection services? Then, this blog improvises your plans with advanced strategies. As one of the key elements in quality control, product inspection is the main activity in the industrial sectors. 

Before handing the products to the customer’s hand, an inspection of products in all the operational stages is the necessary activity to ensure the quality, check whether the deliverables meet the regulations provided by the government, and offer the license to produce them further. 

The experts who have the skills on product validation prepare a checklist containing the specifications, perform a direct visit to the product development place, check their practices whether they followed correctly as per specifications, and handover the product inspection report to either the higher officials of the Government sectors. 

To make their activities as smooth and smart, the online product inspection services are getting familiar where their burden gets reduced and the quality of the service is high. Recently, the app for product inspection services has evolved in the industrial sectors to streamline the operations of the quality inspectors.

SpotnRides is one of the top on-demand app solution providers in the market and develops the uber for product inspection app to make the product inspections as smooth and assure profitable growth in real-time. Prior to moving on to analyzing the influence of SpotnRides, let’s have a quick look at online product inspection services. 

Online Product Inspection Services- Ensure Standardization in Quality Control

Right from the tiny items to big tractors, buying those things on online platforms is the trendy activity where many customers actively participate to purchase what they need. While purchasing, they are commonly looking for standardization of the product in terms of high-quality. 

To ensure this, the product quality inspectors in the market play a vital role and they perform consistent checks either in-place or in a visual manner. Compared to remote validation, in-place inspection visits are the prominent solution to avoid the quality checking issues in the products before the final stage. 

Over the year, the new products that arrived in the market are more and the validation of their quality demands a huge size of quality inspectors. Collecting them and assigning inspection duties via manual-based platforms are delayed things. 

To make the inspection as speedy, the quality inspection software is the key tool for the product inspection specialists where they simply upload their details, get the appointment instantly from the industrialists, perform the effortless trips to the product development place and complete the inspection effectively. Assure of standardization in the product quality inspection services via in the following manner with the proper use of quality inspection software. 

Transparency in Reports

Since the product quality inspection app is the digitized modules, the recordings like checklist metrics, filled up entries all are made in digital form. Hence the causes for the manual errors are less. The human intervention in the inspection report may lead to a change in data entries that highly affects the reputation of the services. 

Replacing human intervention by online platforms like quality inspection software assures the accuracy of the data entries and the transparency in data sharing. 

Service Expansion

The second important thing to consider is service expansion which is possible only by the use of product quality inspection apps. Generally, these apps are customized and the pre-built version. Hence, service expansion is possible with these features. The grouping of the concerned quality inspectors also possible one with the scaling nature of the product quality inspection app

Effective On-Site Quality Inspection 

Standardization of the product is the main requirement and it is only achieved with the on-site quality inspection. For on-site inspection, quality inspectors faced many difficulties like unaware of the location, delays due to maximum traveling time, less productive hours, and improper scheduling. The use of online product inspection services allows the quality inspectors to overcome all the listed issues and make the product inspection an effective one. 

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Factors Limiting the Productivity of Product Quality Inspectors 

Smart product inspection is the ultimate requirement for those who wish to launch online product inspection services. But, the quality inspectors available in the market faced major issues that highly reflected on productivity. Looking at those issues and finding the perfect solutions are the preliminary stages of online product inspection services. 

Lack of Flexible in Service Handling

Suppose the inspection requests are huge in size and the available quality inspectors are less means this imbalance has huge reflections in the product manufacturing industry. Flexibility in inspection appointment handling is an important metric to provide the necessary balance. 

The entries regarding the product inspection requests are made by manual means, there is a cause of errors in entries that divert the entire process. 

Need for Process-Wise Improvements

Right from the inspection requests arrival till the completion, the activities running in the background are more. Especially, the scheduling assignment, payments collection, and the commission deduction all are necessary to be improved with the perfect online processes.

Operational Speed Must Be High

The time of product leaving from the manufacturing unit is the decided one and hence, the quality inspectors would complete the tasks within the time-bound. Practically, this is not possible due to unaware of location, multiple service request handling, and the collapses in appointment management. These common factors highly limit the operational performance of the inspection services. ‘

Prevent to Perform Repeated Services

The real productivity lies in how far the service providers or the quality inspectors efficiently perform the inspection services and getting more repeated appointments. But, the practical difficulties prevent the quality inspectors from doing the service repeatedly. The use of quality inspector booking applications allows the quality inspectors to perform repeated visits in an unlimited manner that leads to high-productivity. 

Currently, the above-listed factors limit the growth of product inspection services. To overcome such factors in a feasible way, SpotnRides assists you to launch the online product inspection services in an easy way via a user-friendly platform, say quality inspection software or product quality inspection app. This also alleviates the limiting factors in an advanced way and ensures the growth value easily.  

How SpotnRides Uber for X Business Model Addresses Factors 

The transport industry is revolutionized with the uber application where the booking of taxi services is efficiently performed directly at the doorstep. After knowing the success of the uber platforms, uber for X is getting familiar in the market. 

SpotnRides use this chance to deploy the product inspection app with the top three interfaces as follows. 

Manufacturing Unit Owners- The product manufacturing owners who are in need of inspecting the product quality can immediately book the nearby quality inspectors by specifying the location directly. 

Quality Inspectors; With the essential qualities, the quality inspectors can be attached to this product quality inspection app easily and process the inspection requests sequentially one by one.

Admin- Being the owner of the product inspection services, you can easily play the admin role to manage all the quality inspectors, product owners, etc. 

With these interfaces, quality inspection software brings many advances to inspection services. This also uses the following metrics to alleviate the common limiting factors in the product inspection services. 

Flexible Operating Platform-

Since the uber clone from the SpotnRides acts as the perfect feasible booking platform for the product manufacturers where they can locate the quality inspectors in nearby regions easily. The quality inspectors attached to this platform process the requests one by one consistent with the necessary metrics. SpotnRides uber for x model allows the quality inspectors to portrait the skills and get the essential familiarity. 

Improvise Workflow

Either the new service requests or the already processed inspection service requests, the price variations must be categorized into the new customers as well as potential customers. Right from the new service request arrival till the completion of payments, workflow improvement in all the stages attracts a huge range of customers towards the online product inspection services. 

Speedy Inspection 

The inclusion of smart locating and the navigation module in the app via GPS enabling predicts the small distance between the quality inspectors and the product manufacturers. Thus, the traveling time is reduced. This minimization in traveling time allows the quality inspectors to do the inspection as quickly as possible.

Able to Handle Inspection Repeatedly

The special option included in the SpotnRides uber for x allows the product manufacturers to host the ratings or reviews to the quality inspectors. From this, the top-rated players are easily identified and allow them to handle appointments repeatedly. 

Advanced Strategies of the SpotnRides to Ensure the Growth

In addition to the unique metrics of the business model, SpotnRides also consists the advanced strategies to make the product quality inspectors earn the high-revenue easily. 

Earn via Referring New Quality Inspectors

The SpotnRides includes the referral option where the partnered quality inspectors bring the new inspectors to this model by simply sending the referral code. In this way, the number of quality inspectors to handle the inspection process is increasing. Also, the product manufacturers also use this option to bring new players, and hence the profitable deals are possible with this app. 

Retaining Options

The top-rated quality inspectors accumulated in the product inspection app greeted with the revenue scaling or rewarding options. Similarly, the potential customers attached to this app-based business model are impressed via discounts or new offers, these make them retaining in this app model for a long time that leads to attaining sustainability. 

Build A Network Smoothly

SpotnRides makes the quality inspectors build the network easily by encouraging them to login via social media platforms. Moreover, the review sharing regarding the particular inspection services or the inspectors bring new appointments that increase the revenue of online product inspection services in real-time. 

Bottom Line

Globally, the safety concerns while purchasing the product are increasing among the customer side. Ensuring quality and the standards about the products according to the guidelines from the local governments is the necessary thing. 

SpotnRides allow you to launch online product inspection services and ensure high-quality services with advanced strategies. Wish to know more, share your business plan with us at [email protected]

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