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Entrepreneurs who are waiting to enter the on-demand taxi industry and taxi owners who want to upgrade to an app-based taxi can now avail SpotnRides – a top Uber like taxi app solution at 50% off. This offer ends soon. So, get this offer and launch your dream taxi app business immediately with the cost friendly taxi app solution.

SpotnRides is a flagship product of Uplogic technologies. When they saw a huge demand for affordable and completely customizable taxi app solution similar to top apps like Uber, they came up with SpotnRides.

When they started to develop SpotnRides, they made their mind to provide SpotnRides a notch higher than the Uber app. So, they developed the solution embedded with tech advancements like artificial intelligence and deep learning. Machine learning based driver safety system, route optimization and payment fraud detection and elimination are something that is launched in the SpotnRides 2019 model.

To everyone’s surprise taxi operating rules were relaxed in many countries and that is a positive improvement for the on-demand taxi market. Entrepreneurs who want to leverage this improvement can join with SpotnRides and get 50% discount. After getting the solution, they can start the taxi app startup within days.

You no longer need to pay 10k plus USD for a taxi system which can be availed at 1999 USD.

“Mobile and web app development has always been our forte. So, we can make an app solution like SpotnRides with little effort. Yet, our team worked very hard to present this app on par with other top taxi apps. At Uplogic we made sure that the SpotnRides app should make us an important contributor to the on-demand market. For this, we should have a wide client base. So, as the first step to this, we decided to give SpotnRides at 50% off for a limited period. So far our clients are satisfied with our solution and service and I hope our future clients feel the same.” – CEO, Uplogic technologies.

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Why SpotnRides?

A basic question will arise to you as to why you should choose SpotnRides. The answer to this lies in the features of SpotnRides.

Driver app

  • Faster uploading of documents and licenses for registration and quick processing.
  • Emergency panic button.
  • Flexible work timings with part-time and full-time option.
  • Past bill details like commission, no. of rides, bonuses, etc.

Rider app

  • Multiple payment options.
  • Estimated fare even before the ride.
  • Driver review and rating system.
  • Ride-sharing with split fare.

Web admin panel

  • Trip management from one place.
  • Real-time transaction detail.
  • Commission management

The features mentioned for each app is not an exhaustive list. All the features are completely customizable and features specific to region and locality can be easily added.

Multi-currency and multi-language are intrinsic to SpotnRides. App designs are made keeping in mind the cultural and demographics of the region of the business.

To know more about SpotnRides, please refer to SpotnRides blogs. Please feel free to contact them and clear your doubts by contacting them at [email protected].

Don’t wait. This is a limited period offer. Be quick and purchase SpotnRides solution at 50% discount for 1999 USD and join them to start your on-demand taxi business.

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