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We all are excited while buying the new furniture for our home or office. But we get frustrated when it is not assembled properly or if we miss any part of it. This happens mostly in every furniture assembly. 

While we didn’t get the exact straw or the crew for that fits correctly some might but it won’t last for long. What if you get a furniture service at the doorstep in your preferred service. One such solution is available here. 

Here, let me tell you the Challenges that are faced by the people while assembling the furniture and all these problems are easily solved by the SpotnRides Furniture assembly service application with its advanced niche features that allows you to choose the best and estimate your price. There is a lot more, keep reading to know about it.

What Are The Challenges That Are Faced by the People While Assembling the Furniture And How SpotnRides App Solution Will Overcome It?

Here are some of the common problems faced by consumers while doing furniture assembly. 

  • Mounting process – There are many types of furniture. Some of them are heavy and mounting them takes a lot of effort when you’re not a professional. It also requires specific tools for furniture assembly. 

You need to know how to use the furniture assembling tools for mounting them correctly. The size of the drilling machine angle all matters when it comes to mounting the furniture. While cutting the wood to adjust the size and that causes more problems.

  • Difficult to distinguish the parts – In furniture assembling service, there are multiple tiny parts like the screws and bolts that are in need but that are difficult to distinguish. It happens in the assembling process that a screw fits into multiple holes and all of them are not right.

There are many similar situations where the people would have placed the wooden upside down and they are unable to identify the errors. At last, they end up spending hours or set-up a piece of simple furniture that can be more frustrating.

  • Multiple ways and missing parts – Although the multi-purpose option looks useful it adds to a lot of pain while assembling it. People end-up assembling adjustable it in a way that they never expected.

It just adds a lot of confusion and gets more difficult to decide which way to get started with. During delivery of the furniture or when you open the package, there is a chance of losing a piece. And It is literally difficult to find out what part has gone missing. 

After you find out the missed one, it is tougher to find a replacement for that part and it took a long process too. Sometimes you may not get to find a screw of a particular size and shape for the particular furniture. 

All these problems are easily solved by the SpotnRides Furniture assembly service application with its advanced niche features that allows you to choose the best and estimate your price. There is a lot more, keep reading to know about it.

SpotnRides furniture assembly service booking  app

SpotnRides furniture assembly service software is a pre-developed one with all the advanced features. Our software brings you the visibility of your service easily in your region, This allows you to earn high revenue. 

Since our application is more flexible, you can easily add or remove the features as per your needs. If you have any unique feature idea, then it can also be included and we are 100% sure that we will provide you with a unique application.

With our software application, your customers can easily get the furniture assembly service near them. This allows them to get the work done perfectly within a short time. Here, let me tell you the business model of the furniture assembly service.

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SpotnRides Online furniture assembly service business model

Your application acts as a medium where the people can find the person who is ready for the furniture assembling service near them. You as an admin can easily monitor all your user’s data and track your business progress easily with an in-build dashboard.

The three players in your application are

  1. Admin (Web panel),
  2. Furniture assembler (iOS and Android),
  3. Customer (iOS and Android).

Here, the other benefits are you can provide your furniture assembling service to both home and office. This will generate a high profit on your business, let me tell you how it works and the advanced niche features in your application.

How does it work?

Once the customer who is in need of a furniture assembly service has to sign up with your application with the required details. Once they are done with the sign-up process they are allowed to continue with your furniture assembly service.

  • At first, the customer has to choose the furniture that they want to build or assemble. After that, it will show the pre-estimated cost for that service they have requested. Once the customer is satisfied with the cost, they can click proceed.
  • With the perfectly developed algorithm, it shows the exact service provider nearby them. The customer is allowed to view the service provider profile along with the rating and reviews of their previous service.
  • This allows them to choose the right person to assemble their home or office furniture. Once the customer chooses their service provider it will notify the respective person instantly along with the customer destination.

The service provider can use route optimization to reach quickly in a short time. This reduces the customer waiting time. Here, let me tell you the advanced niche features that allow you to build a good relationship with your active customers.

Niche features in your Furniture assembly service

  • Real-time GPS tracking – The real-time feature plays a major role in your furniture assembly service, where it is useful for both the players. Where the user is able to track his/her service provider in real-time. 

It will be one of the most useful features to provide a quick service by optimizing the route. The assembler boy is able to optimize the route before starting the service.

  • Start-End – The admin is able to track and monitor the assembler person and the user along with the full details of them. The admin can even add or remove the assemblers from the platform.
  • Social media registration – This feature in your app helps the user to register their account easily using social media integration, it won’t take too long. Within a sec the user is able to signup and continue with your service.

Advanced additional key features that make your furniture assembler booking app more unique 

  • Multi-currency and Multi-language option – Our software breaks the barrier of the language. Now your users can choose their preferred language from the listed and they are also allowed to pay any currency by the use of the multi-currency options.
  • Rate and Review – By using this option, the customer shares his experience with the assembler. This way of getting more positive reviews can help the admin to identify the top assembler from the pool. The top assembler gets valid promotions through the app itself. 
  • A quick way to book the assembler – Now the booking has been made simple with our well-developed algorithm. The user can easily check the near assemblers quickly and allow them to check their full details.
  • Assembler scheduled booking – The customer is also allowed to book their assembler before the service date. This makes them more productive and the service will be done according to the customer’s preferred date and the assembler.

Once you join your hands with us, our team will kick start your application development work along with the 360-degree support. You are allowed to contact us anytime for the doubt clarification. 

We are here to aid you with before and after the support of the application launch. A certain period free after launch service will be provided. Here, let me tell you the frequently asked questions by the users that will clear your doubts.

Final say

By now you might have a clear view of our advanced niche features. No worries we SpotnRides are here to develop your furniture assembly service application according to your needs. Still, why are you waiting? Kick start your application by filling the below form or contact us at [email protected] and we will catch shortly.

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