Uber Clone FAQ

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ ) to ask Yourself while Developing an Uber Clone Mobile App Solution for your Business Venture

Exciting and informative blog post for the startups and business owners those who are looking to launch their own taxi business. We definitely guarantee that around 90% of startups and business owners might rise and have a lot of questions running in their mind. We get a chance to round up and prepare a blog post with more than 30 frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) based on our conversation that we had with 65+ prestigious customers.

Uber Clone FAQ

If you look for answers on questions regarding on-demand business, taxi dispatch, fleet management, app development, cost and many more, then this article will help you. Hope this blog post will be very helpful to get a rough idea about starting a taxi business. Enjoy the Read!!!.    

Why prefer on-demand taxi business over other on-demand businesses?

Among other businesses, taxi business has a sustainable revenue model. It has less ownership when compared to other on-demand ventures so the risk factor is low in taxi venture.

What is SpotnRides?

SpotnRides is a one-stop solution for Uber like apps in ready to install form. Whether it is food delivery or taxi booking we have dedicated developers to create it and deliver on time.

What differentiates hybrid taxi app and native taxi app?

In the native app, we have good security, offline mode, and good user experience. Multi-Platform compatibility, high speed and access to various hardware/software capabilities are the features in hybrid apps. At SpotnRides, we create both hybrid and native apps on clients requirement.

How easy is it to setup a business with SpotnRides?

First, develop a business plan and revenue model for your on-demand business. Then explain your requirement to our SpotnRides team. We also provide after sale support for you and help till your business is stable.

What can I do with your products?

Our SpotnRides is a Uber clone solution. Not only Taxi app but also other on-demand services can also be started with app solution.

How to purchase Uber clone from SpotnRides?

Explain your requirement and details regarding the project to our business representative. We also discuss the payment details with you. Once you are convinced, you can continue with us.

Is it necessary to have programming language to enter into taxi handling business?

It is not necessary. We have sophisticated Uber app scripts with a dedicated developer team for support. We help you from start to finish.

Is the Uber app script same as that of Uber app?

Our Uber app script is a mirror image of the original app. We even help you to add some unique features to the app which is not available in the original app.

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Will the details I present to you be safe and confidential?

We assure you that none of your details will be disclosed to others. We maintain the confidentiality of clients with the utmost regard.

How to get a demo of your app?

You can get a live demo session of our app by just requesting our business representative. We will schedule a session based on your convenience.

What will happen to my app if new OS releases in both Android and iOS?

You should first test the taxi app with the new OS and find what is not working properly and give an intimation to our developer team for a quick solution.

Do you offer after sales support?

Yes, we do offer after sales support for up to one month at free of cost. After that as per client requirements, we provide service for a fee.

Can the SpotnRides Uber clone be customized for different on-demand businesses?

We develop Uber apps for services like food delivery, tow trucks, limousine service, health care to name a few. We also help clients who come up with a unique on-demand startup idea.

Why should I hire SpotnRides for developing an app for my taxi booking business?

At SpotnRides, we have dedicated developers who give out of the box solutions for your business. Also, highly professional laravel developers are there at clients disposal.

What is the turnaround time for installation?

The turnaround time is between 12-24 hrs, and it completely depends upon the hosting company. We generally do it free of cost.

What is the refund policy at SpotnRides?

So far we haven’t been requested refunds from any of our clients since we deliver the service with utmost quality and sort out any issues raised by our clients immediately. Also, we don’t entertain any refunds.

What happens if the client modifies the code?

We strongly recommend our clients not to modify the codes, as it will be difficult for us to rework on it afterward. Our free support will also be stopped.

What is the cost of installation?

The installation is completely free of cost.

How you differ from other taxi dispatch app providers?

Our cutting edge technology and out of the box application sets us apart from other providers.

Will it be profitable for small vendors?

We have small vendors as clients from across the world who are successful after using our service. So be it a startup or mini-industry, we are ready to work with till their satisfied.

Is it plug & play app?

Yes, at SpotnRides we have completely developed app so you can buy it and use it right away.

Should I pay for the enhancement in the app?

Depending on the type of enhancement we will decide whether you should pay or not.

Can I purchase the app with a single payment or additional payments has to be made?

We have a single payment system in place.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is used to coordinate, organize vehicle maintenance and stores data of the vehicles. Fleet management system is also available as a mobile application.

What are the features in a fleet management system?

Inventory management and maintenance, GPS tracking, Scheduling, dispatching, mapping and route planning. Other features based on clients requirement can also be done at SpotnRides.

What are the benefits of Fleet management software?

Operational costs are reduced and aids in expanding the business. Overseeing a fleet of vehicles is not easy to manage so using a software for that saves a lot of time and energy.

How often does the information gets updated?

For every 30 seconds, the information updates automatically.

What are the fees to create a developer account in Android and iOS?

To create an Android developer account you need to pay $25 as a one-time payment and for iOS, it is $99/year. We assure you to do these transactions seamlessly for you.

What technologies do we work on?

We work on latest and cutting edge technologies.

  • WEB: PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, YII, Zend, Magneto, Laravel, Codeigniter,   AngularJS, NodeJS etc.
  • Android: iPhone native, Android native, IONIC, PhoneGap.
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, Firebase, Golang.  

What about server requirement?

From our side, we will suggest some servers. Based on your requirement you can select the server and we will deploy the solution in your server.

If you are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or write a quick email to [email protected].

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