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Over the past few years, the need for freelance writers has increased and the market value for freelance writers is high. The market survey shows that freelance writers are earning money from anywhere between $15 to $80 per hour. But finding the best writer and freelance writers are tough. 

This issue can be overcome by providing an on-demand app solution. If you’re looking for an on-demand servicing booking app for a business. Then, you should consider the freelance writer booking service startup with an app. This blog is all about the mobile app for finding freelance writers and the impact of freelance writers. 

Impact Of The Freelance Writers Today At The Market

Independent time and location: Among the benefits, this one of the best amenities in freelance writers. They are ready to work according to the customers’ needed time and their working hours are more flexible. They are ready to come to your location to provide the best service as much as they can.

Secured writing service: The freelance writers are considered as the secured writers. Yes, they won’t give your thoughts and ideas to the others and they will not share your project with others. Therefore, many of the companies are looking for freelance writers to brand their service.

Knowledge Proficiency: When comparing the writers with freelance writers, freelance writers have a wide range of knowledge and market strategies. Yes, because they are not working for a particular company or a service. They are able to adapt to the customer’s demands and give the best service within the deadline.

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How an app solution helps you to overcome the challenges of freelance writers?

The freelance writers get visibility among their region itself. Therefore, they are able to get more earnings and enhance their service. They will get benefited from the instant payment for their service, there is no need to wait for the service charge with the on-demand application. 

This on-demand application acts as a mediator that connects the service providers (writers) and the customers with an app. This brings visibility to the service provider’s service and the customers are able to check their service before booking them. On-demand application has brought a new lifestyle for us by making everything simple with just a tap.

If you’re developing an on-demand app for your freelance writer booking process, there are many on-demand applications and developers in the market but getting the right solution is all that matters. In SpotnRides, you will be getting the right app solution that triples your business growth and enhances the business brand across the sea. 

Improve you business efficiency with SpotnRides app solution

In the SpotnRides app for freelance writer booking service, you will be getting one such service with all needed features. That enhances the freelancer writer booking service with just a tap. Since our app is pre-developed, it can be personalized according to the business demands in a short period of time. 

Yes, our application solution is more flexible so that it can be personalized at any time. You’re allowed to customize the application key-features and the interfaces as per your business needs. This lets you get unique brand recognition in your region within a few days. By creating a unique brand lets people get adapted soon with your service.

  1. Writer’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

In SpotnRides mobile app for finding freelance writers, you will get benefited from these three interfaces at a cheap cost. Yes, we provide the complete solution at a reasonable price therefore you can save your cost for launch. This lets you get the right solution at a low cost with all amenities to double your business growth. 

Getting the right solution has become hard when there are many choices to choose from. According to the market survey, people are getting adapted to an app-based solution easily. By launching one such service let you gain more revenue growth in your business. By now you might be curious to know about the app workflow.

  • Step-1 The freelance writers have to upload their documents and certificates to get placed in your application. You as an admin have to check and verify those uploaded documents to accept the service provider. Once the admin approves the freelance writer will get started their service and start getting bookings from the needed customers.
  • Step-2 Once the service provider gets placed in the application, the customers can check their experience and start booking them. The customers can book the writers now or later by scheduling their bookings according to their needed time. This gives full flexibility to the customers.
  • Step-3 These bookings will be automatically uploaded on both user’s calendars. So that they won’t forget about their scheduled works. The service provider can also accept or reject the customer’s service request.  The writers can reach the customer’s destination with in-build GPS tracking.
  • Step-4 The payment and GPS tracking also made simple with our app solution. Yes, the writers can get multiple choices on the routes to reach the customer’s destination. The payment method is also made simple and the customers can choose their preferred payment from the listed service fare method.

Booking has been made simple with SpotnRides essential key-features 

  • Quick service activation – To make the service activation process quick we have developed the social media integration feature. This lets the customers activate their service and account quickly with their social media profiles. This also helps them to share their experience with their friends and family circle with just a tap.
  • Accurate GPS navigation – Customers and the writers want their bookings and tracking to be in real-time. Therefore they can get instant updates on their bookings, this feature gives them one such solution. They can monitor and track their bookings and the end-players destination with this feature. 
  • Centralized dashboard – you as an admin has the priority to check and monitor all the things that take place in your application platform. The admin will be getting instant updates on everything from the new users sign-in to service feedback with full details. This lets the admin check and make the right decision.
  • Flexible payment option – To break the barrier of the payment option we have developed the multiple-payment feature. This lets the customers pay for their service either through an online bank or direct cash after service. The customers get fully benefited from this feature and let them experience the online banking too.
  • Writer’s service review – The customers are allowed to review the writer’s service with the help of this feature. This brings transparency to your online freelance writer booking business. It also helps the other customers to book the right service before placing their bookings on the particular writer. 
  • Immediate booking – To make the booking process fast this feature has been integrated with your application. This lets the customers book the writer service now or later within the app. Yes, the customers can also pre-plan the booking by appointing the writer at the needed time with the help of this feature.

Bottom line

There are rapid changes in the industries, according to the market survey in the US the average freelance writer will be earning $34,937 per year. There are few freelance writers who get their payment according to the word counts. Finding and hiring the best freelance writers are made simple with your app solution. 

In the SpotnRides app for freelance writer booking service, you will get the full package of the application with all the necessary key features to enhance your business. If you’re in need of any modifications in this business model and key-features please let us know by filling the below form or reach us at [email protected].

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