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The conventional taxi companies are the worst affected after the advent of the on-demand app based taxi booking startups like Uber, Ola, and some more. The on-demand taxi model in the present situation will be profitable only when operated with the less ownership model. But, most of the conventional taxi firms have their own fleet. So, transforming to the on-demand model will be next to impossible for them. 

Traditional taxis are in a position that they must survive the present market scenario but can never follow the on-demand. In this case, I would suggest the latest taxi dispatch system

How does latest taxi dispatch work?

Earlier some taxi firms used dispatch system where the rider has to make a call to request a taxi. Then, the dispatcher will send a taxi to the rider’s location. This is too outdated to follow.

The latest taxi dispatch system incorporates mobile app booking. Here, the rider can book on the mobile app by sharing the location on the map. Then, the dispatcher will send a cab. The driver, dispatcher, and the customer will be using a mobile app. 

The latest dispatch system is more or less a combination of taxi booking app and the conventional dispatcher system. This will be an apt solution for traditional taxis. 

This system has more benefits like the handling and monitoring the data of vehicle maintenance management, driver salary management, taxi management, and many more from the admin dashboard.

Types of the taxi dispatch system

Specific service: Airport pick up & drop and corporate taxi rental are some examples for specified taxi dispatch system. 

Taxi booking: This is similar to the normal taxi booking model. Riders use mobile phones to book a taxi from anywhere and anytime.

Making of taxi dispatch software

Custom built: The solution is built from top to bottom from scratch. The time and effort for developing is a lot more than the alternatives.

Pre built: The pre built solution is a minimum viable product of the taxi dispatch system with all fundamental features. The cost is minimum and time for customization is less.

SpotnRides has a ready made taxi dispatch software which is custom made for traditional taxi firms to ensure their sustainability and longevity.

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What change can SpotnRides dispatch software make for your taxi company?

Highly noticeable

The most important section where on-demand taxis have an edge over a traditional taxi is the high visibility. Now, with the mobile app booking, conventional taxi also has the same visibility as others. 

Above all,  the users will have easy access to these dispatch services. Possibility of quick market expansion is an added advantage.

Rich analytics report

Innumerable data and information will be at your disposal and you can generate various reports on the admin dashboard. These data can be used to assess the rider behavior, demand in peak hours, surge pricing, riding pattern, riding demographics, and many more.

These data can be used to improve the overall business. Other data like no. of rides, driver commission, booking history, etc can also be viewed on the dashboard.

Hassle free booking

Riders no longer need to call in the middle of the street and request a cab. No tension of explaining the location to the dispatcher. With just a tap on the phone, you can get a taxi. Location will be shared via the taxi app.

Decentralized operation

The dispatch system is not completely decentralized but it is far better than the on-demand taxi. The cab drivers don’t have a particular target of handling particular rides in a day. 

Well organized operation

Already the traditional taxi owners have immense experience in managing a large fleet of taxis. Now, the latest taxi dispatch system adds more strength to its operating. Every aspect of the drivers, vehicles, and bookings are well organized and monitored in the dashboard. 

With the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, it is possible to further streamline the day-to-day operation with less human intervention.

For the riders too, the fare for the trip is calculated while booking and ratings of the driver can be accessed.

Tracking and navigation

Obviously, the smartphone for booking and accepting the cab request will have the GPS system. This can be used by the rider to track the cab until it has arrived at the spot.

During travel, the driver can navigate the destination precisely in his app. Machine learning and AI are used to find the route with less traffic and the shortest possible route.

All these tracking and navigation are done in real-time.

Final say

Well, these are just some of the obvious ways in which our software can help a traditional taxi business. With more tech advancements at our disposal, we are trying to implement the relevant technologies in the dispatch solution and are continuously evolving each and every day trying to satisfy our clients.

If you are one of the traditional taxi firms, then now is the right time for you to reinvent your firm and I hope that SpotnRides taxi dispatch solution can be of immense help to you. 

Kindly partner with us to get our solution and please drop a message to [email protected] for any details and doubts about SpotnRides. We are available 24/7 to answer you.

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