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Career Guidance App Development: Put Forward the Positive Aspects of Online Appointments for Counseling Services

The market size of the US job training and career counseling industry is estimated at USD 16 billion by IBISWorld, a market research and report company. Not only in the USA, but around the world, this industry always has high demands.

At the same time, the competition in this industry’s market is not as high as in many others. So, you can consider this job training and career counseling industry if you are looking for the best market to establish a business. 

Through this blog, you can get a clear idea about career guidance app development and how it helps you to gain benefits by putting forward the aspects of online appointments. 

Students’ Expectations Towards Career Guidance Services

Billions of students are passing out of their higher studies and looking for career opportunities. In addition, millions of students are seeking help from experts to choose their path of further studies. There are multiple service providers to provide such guidance and counseling services. 

But all such services aren’t fulfilling the students’ expectations. If you are an entrepreneur willing to establish a business in this industry, then you need to know the expectations of students regarding career guidance and counseling services. 

  • Expertise in teaching and explaining current changes in the job market, complexities of working environments, and also its opportunities.
  • The students are looking for the best practices for a positive outcome. So, the career guidance expert should have broad knowledge about them.
  • Young students are having turbulence in making decisions regarding their career paths. So, they are expecting career guidance counselors who can leverage their decision-making skills. 
  • The students are approaching career advisor consultants as they need to maximize their career opportunities and their eligibility for job placements.
  • The students are looking for both career counselors and also academic advisors to maximize their vision for their future idea.
  • Moreover, the students choose career advice experts who can be easily accessible and tech-friendly to accept online requests and appointments. 

As it is the era of digitalization, students are searching for anything they want online especially, they prefer applications to get appointments. So, a tech solution that empowers career advice experts to accept online appointment requests, manage their schedules, and connects with students is needed to provide the best career guidance services. 

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How Important is Online Appointment Scheduling System for Counseling Services?

A recent survey from a software listing platform reveals that 94% of potential customers are likely to choose a new service provider that offers online booking options. This report shows the importance of an online appointment scheduling system. 

Despite people using phones to get appointments, it is time-consuming and has a high possibility of bounce rate or no-shows. Meanwhile, an online appointment scheduling system can reduce these difficulties and improve productivity. For instance, such an online platform can provide user data and in-depth insights to optimize counseling services. 

The number of career advice experts is also high enough to serve all the students who demand career guidance and academic advice. But, many career advice experts failed to manage their online presence as the cost is high to have a separate online platform. So, they are looking for a solution to ensure their online presence and manage online appointments. 

As an entrepreneur, you can use this situation to make revenue by establishing an online marketplace to aggregate all such career guidance experts and connect them with the students who are looking for experts’ guidance. Let’s check this idea in detail now. 

Student Career Counseling App: Unveiling Working Flow 

Career guidance app development empowers experts to get more online appointments and students to find the best career advice experts with exceptional knowledge. To do this process effectively, the career guidance app solution has three interfaces.

Students App: It is a dedicated application that is filled with all the features to do online booking and scheduling appointments with career advice experts. With this application, the students can explore multiple experts’ profiles and request an appointment with them online. Once the appointment gets confirmed, they can communicate with the experts through an in-app communication facility. After the appointment, the students can pay for their service within the application.  It has the following features. 

  • Easy and Simple Login Process,
  • Explore Multiple Categories of Counselors,
  • Online Booking and Scheduling,
  • Review and Rating,
  • Multiple Online Payment Facility,
  • In-app Communication Facility,
  • Complete History of Previous Appointments,

Career Advisors App: This application allows the advisors to create and manage a profile. By doing this, career advisors can list their services online to maximize the possibility of getting online appointments. Once they get requests from students for appointments, they can schedule them at their feasible time. 

Not only from students but also from corporates, startups, or any other entity an advisor can get appointments with the career guidance app. Simply, it helps the advisors to extend their limits with the following features. 

  • Easy signup and login process,
  • Profile Management,
  • Manage Check-in and Check-out,
  • Options to Accept or Reject Appointment Requests,
  • Accept Online Payments,
  • Complete History Details.

Admin Panel: It helps the admin/ entrepreneur to streamline the business workflow through the application. Along with this, it provides control of the revenue streams, ads in the application, user data, and authorization of any advisors. The panel provides detailed insights on customer behavior and others that help you to optimize the workflow of the application.

The workflow of this application can be flexible with custom features. So, you can avail and launch it for your career guidance service or for establishing an online marketplace. Let’s explore more opportunities with career guidance app development.

Benefits and Use Cases of Career Guidance App Development

By availing a career guidance app solution for your career guidance business, it’ll help you to manage all the advisors in your entity and accept online appointments from the students. 

With this app solution, you can manage career guidance services, academic advising services, business consulting services, legal advising services, and any other counseling services, etc.

This app solution allows you to establish an online marketplace for counselors and advisors. By doing this, you can get a commission for each appointment booked through your application.

You can show ads in the application to add a revenue stream. Once your online counselor appointment platform gets competitive advantages, you can collect a premium fee/ subscription fee/ and listing charge from the advisors in the marketplace business model. 

But, to get such a flexible career guidance app, you need to approach a top-rated mobile app development company. SpotnRides is an app development company with years of experience in app development. 

From us, you can avail and launch the career guidance app in no time as we have a ready-to-use app solution like Uber for X script. And we can also produce unique custom changes in the script as per your demand to make your service unique in the market. 

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Summing Up

In simple words, career guidance app development can empower you to manage career guidance services online. This app solution helps advisors to get more online appointments and help students to get guidance from the best advisors. 

SpotnRides has been providing a ready-made app solution that can list endless career guides and their services. With our flexible app script, you can manage your career guidance service or establish an online marketplace, as we can produce custom features.

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