Be a Part of the Booming Massage Industry by Launching a Massage Therapist Booking App like Uber

The massage industry is the most underrated of all. The total value of this industry in the US alone is $16 billion in 2019, up from $6 billion in 2005. In 2020, the employment opportunity for massage therapy would have risen by 20%.

What is on demand massage app?

Never like before, many students are preferring massage courses because of its demand. Now you can be clear that this industry is booming. Professionals, athletes, sportspeople, and many business persons are resorting to massage services to destress themselves and escape from the noisy outside world. The average rate for massage service globally is $60 per hour. For professional massage service, the rate is even higher. Mostly the massage services are done based on appointments. 

Nowadays, there is an app for everything, why don’t we have an on demand app for booking massage service online? Users can choose the massage service from different people in the app itself.

On-demand massage booking app for entrepreneurs

The demand for massage therapy is high but that is not translating to more earning for massage professionals. This is because of the poor connection between the users and massage professionals.   

Here, as an entrepreneur, you can launch a Uber like app for massage service as a marketplace model and help massage professionals get more visibility and more money. At the same time, you can earn a commission. 

What you have to do is get as many massage therapist and list their service on the app. Then, users will be able to easily select from a range of service in the mobile app. 

This you can run as a startup with a very small investment and achieve quick ROI. 

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How does it work?

The massage on-demand app solution consists of the customer app, massage therapist app, and the admin app. 

  • In the customer app the user register all the details like name, address, and location.
  • Then, the user search for a suitable massage therapist nearby based on availability and rate.
  • Once the therapist is booked, the scheduled time is selected.
  • The particular therapist views the appointment on the therapist app and goes to the place using the location on the map.
  • After the service, the fee is paid through any payment method.
  • Final rating and review for the service and the therapist is made on the app.

For every service, you(admin) get some percentage of the fee as commission. In the admin app, you can see all the appointments, service history, commissions charged, no. of service per day, no. of registered therapists, location of the therapist, and many more.

Will this app be useful?

For customers

  • Users can select a service from a range of therapists.
  • The user can schedule the time on the app and can immediately know the availability of the therapist.
  • Payments can be done using various modes.

For massage therapists

  • More visibility for them when listed on the app.
  • Service rate as per their desire.

For admin

  • As an entrepreneur, you can earn very good money with little investment.
  • You bring innovation to the massage industry.

How can we help you?

The on-demand massage therapist booking business can make big in the market if the app solution used is impressive. SpotnRides is one such impressive solutions. The makers of the solution painstakingly crafted by keeping in mind the demand for this business. The solution is already pre-built and little you need to do in customization.

Top-notch UI/UX designs and coding quality is incorporated in the solution. So, you need not worry about altering the app.

If you are new to this business, we are ready to provide post deployment technical assistance and timely solution update for a nominal fee. 

The global revenue of this industry will grow by 4% every year until 2022. In simple words, this is a billion dollar industry. Never miss the chance to become a part of this billion dollar industry.

For more details and queries, drop a message to [email protected]. Partner with us and we will be happy to aid you in your entrepreneurial journey. Read our other blogs on various other apps for on-demand businesses.  

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