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Advanced Mobile App Features from SpotnRides to Fill the Gap Between Tutors and Students

In today’s digital world with smartphone use nearly reaching 80%, mobile applications are being developed as powerful marketing tools that can reach the audience in real-time at any location.

The education and tutoring industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, Online tutoring services apps are helping students of every age to find local or online tutors, learn how to write essays, prepare for tests, do homework, etc. 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing SpotnRides on-demand tutor app, how it provides a platform for tutors to fill the gap between them and students, and bring a new revolution to the education industry.

Technology Has Now Been a Part of Learning for Decades

Technology is gradually being incorporated into classrooms to provide a more interactive learning experience for students. 

This can include teaching curriculums, providing students opportunities to express themselves creatively, and encouraging learning from peers. 

Facilitating an engaging and imaginative learning experience will help students become more excited about whatever they’re learning.

Furthermore, this technology bridges the gap between tutors and students. Now, students can find a variety of services to suit their needs, including live video tutoring, one-to-one tutoring, and offline tutoring.

Different ways of teaching?

There is a difference in how teachers are teaching in that more and more are incorporating technology into their classes to ensure the best learning environment. Furthermore, it also allows the students to receive a more personalized education.

Are teachers teaching more effectively?

Technology has allowed teachers to be able to teach more effectively because of the use of smart methods like visualizing concepts & syllabi. It allows the students to get their homework assignments done from any location. 

Also, it also allows the students to get access to the online materials and resources that they need at any location.

Speaking of technology in education, mobile apps have a major impact these days. They’re always updated with new software to meet the needs of the industry. 

Through mobile apps, It is very easy for teachers to see what the lesson is about so that they can prepare for it adequately. 

Also, students can take tests or quizzes using built-in phone cameras. They can also submit essays from their phones.

Let’s look at this brief in the next section.

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Why Is There a Need for a Mobile App in Tutoring Services? 

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way that people live their lives and get things done, which is why there is a need for a mobile app in tutoring services.

In the past, tutoring was done only in the confines of a school,, but now service can be offered for any topic or subject, and it can be done anytime and anywhere.

Mobile devices allow the tutor to be outside of the school, office, or laboratory and still offer their services from the mobile device.

You might have a lot of questions about just what exactly a mobile app does for tutoring. Here are some answers.

Why is it Important for Mobile Technology to be Used for Tutoring Services?

  • Mobile technology is an important part of any education service. 
  • It is important for mobile technology to be used because it simplifies the communication process and helps to improve the tutor/student relationship.

What Do the Mobile Apps Do?

  • The mobile apps are able to engage the student when they are out of the classroom. They are able to work on skills that they already know and build confidence. 
  • They can also work on concepts that they may not understand. The apps make it easier for the student to contact their instructor as well.

In what type, a mobile app can be more efficient?

  • The most efficient role a mobile app play is that they provide more convenience compared to traditional methods. 
  • A student will not have to search for a tutor through the phone book or find out the contact information from other people. 
  • They can find tutors nearby or locate them easily through GPS tracking facilities available on most of the tutor apps today.

Now that we know how much mobile app technology can help students and tutors find each other. 

Now, let’s see how the SpotnRides Uber for tutors app can help you be the best tutor in your community by providing you with the most advanced and reliable features.

How Can SpotnRides Uber for Tutors App Help Students and Tutors Communicate Easily? 

SpotnRides is the answer to your business needs. With pre-made tutor applications and additional features, SpotnRides has everything you need to take your new educational service app to the next level. 

As a result, we can provide you with all the answers you’ll need for the rise of your tutoring service enhancement.

Below are some features in our Uber for tutors app that keep the student and tutor engaged.

1) Video Chat with Tutors – Tutors can take part in a live video session with students. This is great for exchanging homework questions and getting help on projects. 

It is also helpful if a student stays far from his tutor or doesn’t have time to meet his tutor in person. This feature will enable them to talk about their doubts face-to-face.

2) Chatting Feature With this feature, it is easy for both tutors and students to communicate with one another. 

Whether it is asking a question or having an online class, the app facilitates communication between the students and tutors.

3) Geo-location Feature – With this feature, the students can easily track their tutor’s location using his mobile phone’s GPS system.

On the other hand, tutors can also track the location of their students using this same feature.

4) Scheduling Feature – Some students will definitely have different time zones from tutors.

So, whether students are from anywhere this feature helps them to schedule classes at their convenience and also helps tutors to take classes according to their availability.

Hence, With this kind of feature in the SpotnRides Uber for tutors app, students and tutors can communicate more easily. 

Also, this increases productivity, making the students’ learning easier, and also makes tutors able to provide better tutoring services.


To sum up, as the gap between tutors and students narrows down and the online tutoring app becomes a greater reality, the Uber for tutors app from SpotnRides is poised to fill that demand. The platforms have been introduced to aid in making learning more accessible around the world, no matter what your location.

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