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Add Efficiency to Your Tutoring Service with a Fully-integrated Tutor Management Software from SpotnRides

Tutor management software has attracted increasing attention in the last several years. In fact, the additional education industry is now worth approximately $6 billion, up from $600 million in 2022. 

Tutoring software helps tutors to handle their businesses by allowing them to interact with their students, schedule and enable real-time and in-person lessons, and recognize payment for their services.

In this blog, I am going to share a few insights about the tutor managements software, how it helps in increasing the efficiency of online tutors, and the benefits of this software for travel tutors or teachers on the go.

What Is Tutor Management Software?

Tutor management software is a solution that has time and attendance tracking, scheduling and lessons, payment processing system. 

It also handles back-office management services like providing a unique platform from which users can oversee schedules, students bills, makes payment, maintains employees’ salaries, and organize company information.

A tutor management software is a database system that stores information on the records of tutors. It is similar to a listing service in which users can view and search for tutors who are available near their location or with the skills required by the student. 

The goal of this type of software is not only to store data but also to make it more accessible, thus saving time for both parties. Let us explain how this software helps in tutoring management and ensures your students receive value-added tutoring services.

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How Does It Help to Manage the Tutoring Service?

A tutor management software is accessible from anywhere and on any device, regardless of platform. Students can check the tutor’s profile and their availability times and book an appointment instantly. 

Tutors can take real-time Availability Assessments to make sure they’re free for the student before they commit to an appointment. Also, the SpotnRides tutor management software offers value assessment, which provides tutors with valuable feedback based on student observations.

Imagine being able to post your available opening on a website that is always accessible for parent searching. As a tutor, you can create a detailed description of what tutoring sessions will include and the flexibility of the time allotment. 

On a matched parent-tutor pair, more information about your area or contacts can be included, from specific courses or degrees to standardized test scores from tests like the SAT.

Let’s look at how an online tutoring service with a full-integrated tutor management software from SpotnRides can increase efficiency and productivity.

How Does a Fully-integrated Tutor Management Software from SpotnRides Increase Efficiency of Your Online Tutoring Service?

SpotnRides provides a fully-integrated tutor management software that has proficient tutor support techs. Experts in different academic fields can share their knowledge through this technology. 

We provide the essential tech elements of appointment booking, scheduling, certified teachers with verified ratings, comprehensive payroll services, and our own brand of tech support. 

So your students get hands-on help plus the use of SpotnRides cutting-edge technology that helps them succeed in school!

Here is the list of robust functionalities in the full-integrated tutor management software from SpotnRides. 

  • Examine Designated Skills: This function flawlessly matches tutors with students for each tutoring session. Tutors can be filtered relying on system-built and custom skills listed on their profile. 

Moreover, it is easy to categorize tutors by subjects, such as math tutoring, English tutoring, or any other subject.

  • Real-time Tracking: Reduce travel expenses by assigning tutors based on their vicinity to a student’s location. Tutors are assigned to students relying on their home address or the location of their neighborhood tuition center.

  • Effortlessly Modifiable: Pick the ideal match for every student who confronts your tutoring company, including those with the most particular criteria. Using SpotnRides’ custom labeling system, you have an infinite number of identical criteria to choose from.

  • Effective Design Simplifies Lesson Organizing: Simplify your consultation scheduling process and prioritize academic achievement. SpotnRides tutor management software includes all of the tools required for lecture appointment booking software.

  • Lesson Repetition: You can conveniently change the circumference of the repetitive lessons. You can schedule future online tutoring sessions on a date and time that works for both you and the student.

  • Streamlined Appointment Reminders: Increase lesson enrollment by sending automated alerts via email or text message with digital classroom links. Customize push alert occasions for each tutoring session to increase notification effectiveness.

  • In-app Chat: In case of any queries, students can merely communicate with the tutors at any time by using the in-app calling feature. It is accessible in your tutor app for instant clarity. As a result, they will have a consistent study progression with no gaps.

  • Accept/Reject Bookings: Tutors can decide whether to accept class requests relying on their accessibility. The handy option allows them to unwind while participating in other classes. 

It also allows parents to partially substitute some other tutor for their children’s education.

These above-mentioned features might help in increasing your tutoring efficiency and managing your service productively.

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Concerning the numerous comprehension abilities of students, having compassion for them with specific attendance is becoming increasingly important in the education sector today. This considerably encourages parents to look for better tutors online in order to effectively educate their children in real-time.

As we discuss throughout the blog, starting your own on-demand tutor service app lucratively with the above-mentioned SpotnRides factors will undoubtedly make you a breakthrough and efficiency to your tutoring service in the on-demand market in 2021.

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