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A New Winning Workflow: Facilitating Innovation In Roadside Assistance Business

Innovation is the key part of the success of a business. The customers choose your business when you differentiate your business from others. Innovation can make this difference. 

Steve Jobs has recorded his famous quote on this as “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Try to be the leader of your roadside assistance industry. 

Throughout this blog, you can read about business innovation, its type, and how to avail all the types of innovation for your roadside assistance app with simple solutions. Let’s start with a definition.

What Is Business Innovation?

Business innovation is nothing but a process that deals with making new ideas, workflow, service flow, use of new technologies in business, and others to improve business stability. 

By practicing the best business innovation process, you can anticipate the market changes and generate revenue regardless of small changes in the market. If any negative impact takes place on the market, you can handle it more quickly and get out of it easily. 

Having the business innovation, you can reserve a place and highlight your business in the future market.

Types Of Innovations In A Business

Business innovation is so important to increase revenue, business sustainability, and others. Such crucial thing can be divided into three parts concerning the area of business. 

Business innovation is not only mean small changes by using updated technology but also changes in the main code of business to grow the revenue and the business value. It will improve the reputation of a business when your innovative business strategy, delivers environmental, and social importance like reducing corban footprint or others. 

It will grow your income by increasing new revenue sources and unlocking new features of your business with new renovative tech solutions. Statistics from, McKinsey shows that “84% of executives believe that the success in future to be very or extremely dependent on innovation”.

Let’s back to the point. Business innovation can be classified as follows.

  • Product Innovation – As the name suggests, product innovation is the process of improving products or services with innovative ideas.

  • Process Innovation – The process of improving the method of creating, delivering, and supporting a product or service can be called process innovation.

  • Business Model Innovation – Business model innovation means the process of updating the method of delivering the business values to the customers and generating revenue through new practicing methods. 

These are the general classification of business innovation. When you implement all these three types of innovation, you will encounter a greater output and value from your business.

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How To Avail Three Types of Innovations In Your Roadside Assistance Business?

Far now, we have discussed business innovation in general. From this part, you will explore the process of implementation of the three business innovations in your tow truck business. It can be easily done with a roadside assistance app and software. 

Product Innovation  – It is the process of updating the existing products or services with innovative ideas. When it comes to your tow truck business, you can improve your service by using the roadside app for the users.  

When you provide it to your customers, they can easily avail of your service online within a single tap. It will be the best replacement for the traditional model of availing the tow truck service. Along with this feature, your consumers can check the expected reaching time, service time, and others on the app. It includes multiple payment options, ratings, and reviews, others. 

Process Innovation –  You can update your method of delivering your services, supporting with an effective roadside assistance service provider app. The service providers can reach your customer’s place quickly by using a GPS facility.

Besides the application, you can use tow truck software to manage all your tow trucks. As an admin, you can track the exact location of your fleets and assign the task for your service providers online. This automated fleet management system will reduce the risk factor in the workflow. 

Business Model Innovation – The traditional tow truck business has a different and outdated business and revenue process. But now the method of delivering the business values and generating revenue methods are updated with rising tech solutions.

The traditional method has a single source of revenue only generated through roadside assistance. But now, you can generate by advertising on your application, cancelation fee, and commission on the booking if you run an aggregator model, extra membership charges, and others.

Hence, developing a tow truck app and software is the best way to update your business model and revenue process with innovative ideas. 

As per the data from McKinsey, 8 out of 10 executives think their current business models are at risk to be disrupted in the future. Along with this, 84% of executives feel that innovation is the most important strategy to get success.

So, business innovation is important to take your business into the future market. For your tow truck business, you can implement the business innovation by developing tow truck software along with an application. 

SpotnRides has the best one-stop solution called app clone to make this process simple. By availing of the app clone solution and software from SpotnRides you can get high-end features to ensure business innovation in your roadside assistance business.


In simple words, by availing yourself of the innovative ideas in your tow truck business you can secure a place in the future market. You can achieve complete business innovation by developing a tow truck app with software.

SpotnRides have been helping many entrepreneurs like you by providing the best ready-to-use tow truck application. It enclosed the app for your customers, service providers, and admin. We, SpotnRides are also providing tow truck software to automate your roadside assistance business. Choose the best to get better results in your business.

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