Why SpotnRides Transport and Logistics Management Software Is the Best Solution for All On-Demand Transportation Business?

The transportation business is listed as one of the popular on-demand businesses. In 2020,  All the young entrepreneurs are investing their money in the transportation business for gaining high revenue and to win their own place in the market. 

There are many types of transportation businesses like E-commerce goods transportation, Moving and packing, Medical transportation, office transportation, and school/college transportation, etc. Where these all generate equal revenue.

By investing your money on the transportation business with an application, it will help to expand your business gradually within a certain period of time. Because nowadays every business must have an application of their own to survive in the industries.

In transportation, logistics plays a major role. But some may wonder what is Logistics management in transportation? Here this blog will provide you the full details of the transportation logistic management system.

Why Small Businesses Need a Transportation and Logistics Management System?

What are Transportation and Logistics?

Before getting into the transportation logistics management system, you should have a clear understanding of what is Transportation and Logistics. 

  • Transportation – It acts as moving the goods from one place to another place.
  • Logistics – It makes sure that the goods are transferred to the right customer at the right time.

When it comes to transportation or selling physical products. Logistic management plays an important part because it makes a good deal or breaks your business. Here let me list out the impact of logistics in all transportation businesses.

  • E-commerce goods transportation – Nowadays there are many e-commerce brands, Where people use to order their required things. Here, logistics plays as inventory management and delivering it to the right person within the date.
  • Moving and packing – You are allowed to move your packed things easily with the moving service. In the moving process, the logistics help move it from one destination to another destination correctly as the user requested in a short period of time.
  • Medical transportation – The medical goods need to be transported with good care. The logistics in this business allows the user to give the right service by choosing the space they require.
  • office transportation – Office people always find it difficult to get the right taxi service for transporting to their office. Here with the right logistics, they are able to get the right taxi nearby for the quick pick-up and drop. In addition to these, the goods needed for the office are also transported with the full details from the manufacturing location to the doorstep of the office under good logistics.
  • school/college transportation – One of the simple transport systems, by linking with the schools/colleges to transfer the students to their school/college destination. In this model, logistics plays to be the priority and the route optimization for quick transport. In addition to the student’s transportation, the goods for the schools/colleges are also transported with full required details from the departure location to the doorstep of the schools/colleges under logistics.

Transportation system before the mobile application 

Nowadays people can just book their taxi or transportation with just a simple tap and the service will be available at their doorsteps. But just go back 10 to 20 years to check the transportation industries and its service. It’s a bit difficult to find the right service because the logistics services now are different compared to earlier

For example – 20 years before if you want to move your things with moving service to get things delivered, there will be the time difference for delivering it, minimum it takes 5 to 6 hours than the committed time. But now it will be delivered quickly and you are able to track your service easily.

The fast-growing transportation business is E-hailing one of the fast-forwarding services among people all over the world. In olden days we have to raise our thumb to book or call the taxi for a ride. Let me tell you the issues in the transportation system before the mobile application.

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  • Daily Refusal – In the olden days, we used to call the taxi and discuss the price estimations for the ride. Sometimes we get irritated due to their rejections. They will cost the rides as they wish, there is no solution for this we just have to accept it during emergency situations.
  • Delay in arriving – If we use to book the taxi service through calls for the long ride or for special occasions, before a few days itself. They will be promising us that they will be before the right pickup time but it has never happened as they said. 
  • Unsatisfied services – If you had a taxi business those days it is a hard task to satisfy your customers with your taxi service. People always get dissatisfied with the transportation business in olden days.
  • Driver’s behavior – The drivers will totally disconnect their contact with the passengers in those days. We aren’t able to file complaints about them for their poor service. 

This shows the poor logistics management system was there in the olden days. But now with mobile applications, everything has been changed gradually. Let me tell you how a mobile application overcomes these issues in 2020.

How a mobile application made transportation simple with logistics software for small business

The above-mentioned scenarios have been tragically changed with a mobile application. And the tables have been turned and the non-communicative drivers are no longer available. People are allowed to rate their ride once they reach the destination, this process allows the ride-sharing company to know the driver’s behavior.

What you’re seeing today in the transportation industry is totally different while comparing it with the olden days. Where the mobile application makes it more simple to book the taxi or transportation service nearby just by a tap.

Nowadays the customers are satisfied with the before ride estimations, this allows them to make decisions before booking it. And the e-hailing companies are giving a lot of offers for their users with regular discounts.

But still, the modern transportation service is lagging in revenue growth and facing many challenges in the logistics management system. Keep reading to know more about it and how the challenges have been overcome by our software solution SpotnRides.

The challenges in the transportation business due to poor logistics management

The key issues that are affecting the transportation system due to the poor logistics management system. There are many issues related to the logistics management system. Here I have listed the most common logistics issues.

  • Inefficiency in coordination – The biggest problem in the transportation logistics industries is the lack of efficient coordination. Since there are many parties involved like manufacturers, movers, users, storekeepers, and etc. So it has become impossible to centralize every step of the process. Though transportation management is complex. But you’re dealing with it, if you made one mistake it could affect the whole system.
  • Transportation fuel cost – One of the major challenges that every transportation industry is facing daily is fuel cost. Due to the raising in the fuel cost, the drivers are more confused. 

For example – If you’re booking the cab through an application where the driver is long distance. It will cost him extra fuel for reaching you. This happens when the application is developed with poor logistics.

  • Communication defects – When there is not enough user guide it will be difficult for the employees and the users to use your application. This is another area where logistics lacks in the transportation industries.
  • Lacking in Tracking connection – At the end of the ordering/booking process customers always want the flexibility to check their orders/booking status. This shows that users always want high transparency when it comes to tracking their orders.  

These are some of the logistics challenges that have been faced by the transportation industries using software applications. Keep reading to know how our modern software applications overcome these challenges.

How SpotnRides product solve those issues

SpotnRides is a modern software solution for all the challenges that have been faced by all on-demand transportation applications. We are grouped as a team of experienced people, and we also have years of experience in developing on-demand applications all over the world. Since our software is more flexible, it can be easily adapted to any of the on-demand transportation business. Though it is pre-developed, it won’t cost as much as other developing services and the time efficiency. All the processes can be done quickly in a short period of time.

Here let me tell you how our software application deals with the various problems in the logistics management system. 

Centralized dashboard – Our software solution will give you a centralized dashboard where you’re allowed to track all the orders and booking with just a tap. This will also make your transportation business more simple and easier. Here let me list out the benefits you will be gained by using our software application.

  1. Better communication – A centralized dashboard will allow you to communicate with your vendors and users seamlessly. 
  2. Optimize errors – Our centralized transportation management system allows your business to benefit with less paperwork and mandatory work, this allows you to maintain your data digitals.
  3. Increase efficiency – you are able to access quickly the shipment data across multiple locations at all times from your convenient place.

Real-time tracking – All the transportation industry has a real-time tracking system but is it tracking correctly? Nope, they are just developing a poor tracking system for your transportation business. Here in SpotnRides, you will be benefited from the accurate real-time tracking system. Where the users are able to track their orders/bookings easily in both online as well as offline systems. 

By using our software your users alone will not be benefited. The drivers are also, the drivers are allowed to optimize their route for quick reach to the destination. With the customized map and navigation system.

Categorized inventory management – Our software solution is not only for your users and the drivers. Our software gives equal solutions for all the players, With our transportation management system, you will be remembered to maintain your vehicle with the regular time period. It will also notify you of the maintenance service date along with the previous service date. This will easily allow you to remember and maintain your vehicle.

The categorized inventory management system will make your work process less and easier to identify everything quickly because of the well-organized inventory.

Employee management – Since there are many players involved in your transportation business, it’s impossible to maintain all of them with your transportation services without a proper tool for assigning their tasks and tracking their activities. Employee management systems allow you to reduce human error and boost general performance. 

With a well-developed transportation management in logistics system, your company can easily monitor the availability of personnel and equipment, track the employee and the vehicle locations quicker and easier with just a tap.

These are some of the features available in our logistics management software, we have developed our software in such a way that it overcomes the present transportation logistics error. 

Final say

The unique features from SpotnRides will be the right solution for you to manage the right balance in your workflow with efficiency. If you improve the logistics process with a mobile application will gradually increase your revenue along with customer satisfaction.

With the relevant tools, you are able to manage your transportation business in a good manner for better logistic results one such tool is available with us. You can contact us by filling the below form and we will reach you soon. 

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