Why SpotnRides is the Trustworthy Uber Clone Script to Launch an On Demand Taxi Business in 2020?

Getting into entrepreneurship is the new fad among young people and they are more cautious than ever; sudden failure of many startups within a year of their launch is the reason for this. Tools and resources available in the market to leverage data are increasingly used now and the rate of success of startups has increased a bit. So, it is safer now to enter the startup segment.

Having said that, the year 2020 is going to be great for the on-demand segment, especially the taxi booking market; experiences and insights available from brands like Uber, Luft, Grab, and Ola have made the online taxi booking market attractive for entrepreneurs.

Choosing the online taxi booking idea for your entrepreneurial journey assure you half success; rest is also assured if you use the Uber clone solution. Advanced Uber-like taxi booking apps targeting the global market is available with SpotnRides. It is also the top trusted Uber clone script so far when you go by our market share.

SpotnRides Uber clone solution is known for its standard architectural framework with which it is built; code quality is another area SpotnRides has proved its mettle; UI/UX design of this solution gives a sense of hold over navigation and browsing. 

Let me now explain the features in the SpotnRides app solution. I have deliberately avoided some basic features in order to show how SpotnRides different from the rest.

How SpotnRides Uber Clone Solution Differs from Others?

Trademark features in SpotnRides

Location sharing

The safety of the riders is now taken to the next level using location sharing. Once the rider gets in the cab, he/she gets a notification whether to share the real-time location. The user shall share the location with more than one contact. The contact tracks the route and can find any deviation from the specified route. This tested feature has got a good response from our existing clients.

Cab no. plate intimation

This feature also is aimed to ensure the safety of riders. After the cab has arrived at the pickup point, the rider gets a notification to check the cab’s no. is the same as that of the displayed no. in the app. The mechanism behind it is very simple and top firms like Uber have just adopted it.

SOS button

Both the above features ensure safety but it is not absolute. To ensure complete security to riders, we have the SOS button. SOS button is displayed in a seemingly better position in the rider app; in case of emergency, one-touch on the SOS button sends a distress message to pre-selected contacts. This feature is also present in the driver to ensure the driver’s safety.

Estimated time of arrival(ETA)

The enhanced version of the estimated time of arrival in SpotnRides gives the rider a more precise value. Traffic data, cab speed, and optimized distance for a pick-up are processed using an updated machine-learning algorithm to give the best results. The same technology is used to estimate the time for reaching the destination.

Heat map  

Heap map uses a large amount of existing user data to find the place of maximum taxi booking demand. This helps the admin to streamline the cabs by sending notifications to the drivers. Just like the ETA feature, the heat map option is upgraded by our technical team to be more accurate.

Call based booking  

Cab booking from the rider app is ineffective if the GPS in the smartphone is not working. So we decided to bring the traditional method of booking a cab through call. This option shows if the GPS is not working. Users who feel booking from the mobile app is not okay can resort to manual call booking.

All in one admin web panel

The all in one admin web panel is a centralized system to connect with all other users and oversee the entire operations. Booking status, cancellations, payment receipts, commissions debited, active rides, are displayed in real-time in the front panel. Daily/monthly/semi-annual sales and other financial parameters can also be viewed. 

Direct call and chat

The chat and quick call option in the driver and rider enables them to use it in times of need. We have made special changes to this feature where the driver cannot view the entire no. of the rider; this we did to ensure some safety.

What kind of support do you get from SpotnRides after the app is live? 

SpotnRides after-sales support is a class apart in terms of timing and quality. We are among the most sorted on-demand taxi app development firms also because of our commitment to provide better assistance.     

  1. App updates, technology recommendations, bug fixing,  etc are provided free of cost for some time.
  2. We constantly renew our products with relevant technologies and intimate the same to our clients
  3. Assistance in social media marketing with a special focus on user acquisition is also done.
  4. Scaling the app solution relative to the startup expansion is effortlessly carried out by our experienced team.
  5. Free addon features based on its ease of incorporation.

Cost of SpotnRides

We always believe in reliability and authenticity; the solution is made with utmost care keeping the cost-conscious clients in mind. Hence, our SpotnRides solution is not priced above the average script cost in the market. That said, we get a single time payment and then charge only for add-ons.

Final words!

It is now or never!. The on-demand taxi booking business is apt for those who need not spend money on assets, still, build a large startup. To discuss more about our solution, catch us on [email protected]. We are looking forward to you!

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