Why Launching a Multi-Services On-Demand App like Gojek Will Be the Best Bet for You and How SpotnRides Can Help for It?

Are you searching for an idea to begin an on-demand startup? There are many on-demand services like cab booking, food delivery, handyman booking, car wash, farm equipment finding, roadside assistance, etc. So there is no scarcity of ideas. Normally, if anyone wants to launch an app-based startup they would select any one of the above. But what to do if you are interested in more than one service?

Is it possible to launch an on-demand startup that offers more than one service? What will be the scope of it? Will it be profitable? How to develop a solution for it? To know the answer to all these questions, read this blog till the end.

What is Gojek Clone?

Multi-services app are liked very much and will be well received by people. In fact, one of the largest on-demand startups in the world offer multiple services from an app. That startup is Go-Jek. Whether a user needs to book a taxi or order food online or deliver a courier, the user can do it from GoJek Clone app.

You can also start something similar to Go-Jek by replicating its structure. Also there is no limitations to the no. of services that can be offered in a multi-services app. This app consists of three default sections.

For ride booking

The ride booking can be anything like a taxi cab or a bike taxi. The rider can book from and anywhere and anytime. The location and destination can be navigated using the GPS map in the driver app.

For delivery

The online delivery can be anything like food, courier, bottled water, flower, medicine, and many more. The customer first places an order in the app. The request is sent to the nearby delivery agent. The delivery agent can accept it and do the required work.

For delivery services like food ordering and courier, I recommend you a highly personalized standalone SpotnEats on demand delivery app solution.

Other services

In this section, a user can get roadside assistance, hire a handyman, babysitter, healthcare service, car wash technician, laundry, and many more. 

Under these three sections, you can add any no. of similar services like pet and kids taxi in ride booking, and alcohol delivery in delivery service.

These are the different apps for different users in the online multi-services startup:-

  1. App for the Service provider( freelancers, delivery agents, driver)
  2. Customer app for the user
  3. Admin web dashboard – which will be responsive and manage different functions like rates, commission, payment options, etc.
  4. Service provider/store web panel (restaurant, shop, etc)
  5. User web panel
  6. Taxi fleet dispatcher panel and admin panel( Dispatcher is used only if all the taxis are owned)

We will see about the basic features in it later. Now we will why you must go with this startup idea.

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Why Launch a multi-services app startup and what is its scope?

Require minimal cost

App development cost constitutes a major part of the on-demand business. Building a separate app for every service is not economical. Bringing many services under one roof saves both time and money. And there are many app development companies that have a pre built app solution like Gojek. These pre built versions cost even less. So the cost of launching this app will be well within your budget.

Way easy to use for customers

A typical smartphone user in a metro city uses his mobile to get at least 3-4 services on an average per week. Now think from this user’s point of view. What would you prefer? Using a different app for different service or a single app for all service? I find the latter to be effective and hasslefree. After all the USP of the multi-services app is to make things easier for users.

Jobs for freelancers

Both skilled and semi skilled people who are struggling to get freelance jobs will get it easier after listing their service in this app. This app will be an amazing platform for them. If you are launching this startup, be proud of creating a large no. of jobs. Another important point is that there are no fixed working hours. Part-time and full-time jobs can also be included.  

With a few easy steps, anyone can be a part of this startup as a service provider. More money is earned than a typical office job.

These are some strong reasons to use the multi-services app. Apart from it, the present and future forecast for the on-demand market is promising. Launching this business now will help you to quickly know the do’s and don’ts to make it big in the on-demand economy.

Features in this app

One-touch login: All the users first have to register in the app by entering all the details. Then they create a login id and password which can be saved. Each time when the user is opening the app, there is no need to provide all the details. In one-touch he can log in.

Interactive menus: All the services under each section are provided clearly with a seamless interface. So the user can opt for any service within seconds of entering the app.

Notification: Users get a notification at a particular interval regarding the service. Push notifications are sent to the targeted users from the admin panel.

Reviews and ratings: The user can choose from a list of different option based on past reviews and ratings. And at the end of the service, the user can give ratings and write a review.

Apart from it there are features like GPS tracking, integrated payment system, scheduled ordering, and estimated time of arrival. This features list is not exhaustive.

SpotnRides for your multi-services app startup

I hope by now you are convinced with the potential of Go-Jek like startup idea and now we will go to the app development process.

The cost of building a multi-services app is already not so high but still, as I said before, many firms have pre built version of this app. One such is SpotnRides. 

The multi-purposes SpotnRides app solution is meticulously crafted by keeping several factors in mind. The cost of it is also affordable. Any type of services can be integrated with our app with all the necessary features.

If you come to us for this solution, you will get it in a matter of a few days. Since there are so many services under one app, our developer team took so much effort to make it smooth and interactive. It works fine in all platforms and in all devices

You will get unencrypted solution with full source code so that you can modify if independently. Most importantly SpotnRides is white labelled solution providers, so it can be modified with any brands with their logos.

Still got doubts regarding SpotnRides? Then drop a message to [email protected]. We can answer all your queries.

A startup with many services in it is beneficial to all the stakeholders associated with it. So get our solution and immediately launch it to for the benefit of all.

Get Free Demo of Gojek Clone App  – WhatsApp | Skype


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