Why choose SpotnRides as your preferred Uber-clone taxi service mobile app?

Why Uber Clone App for Your Taxi Business?

According to the promoters of SpotnRides, the best reason to use SpotnRides is its ability to mold itself exactly the way you want. Although it is an Uber-clone, you can turn it into a highly unique mobile app.

Once purchased, no technical knowledge is needed to get you started. The implementation and deployment support is provided by the makers of SpotnRides. They will also customize the app to make it totally unique to your business. All contemporary payment solutions can be incorporated within the app. A centralized dashboard can be created from where you can control every aspect of your business. The app is built with native technology capabilities so that it fully utilizes the local capabilities of people’s mobile phones. Once installed, the script can run on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

Typically, a taxi booking mobile app has 3 categories of users, namely riders, drivers and administrators. SpotnRides provides a seamless interface to all the 3 categories of users.

● Riders

o Easy registration and onboarding – Riders don’t have to spend much time trying to figure out how to register themselves and book their first cab. Even if they are using the app for the first time, they can get
going within a few minutes.
o Fair estimates – SpotnRides uses the Google Places API to automatically calculate how much it is going to cost.
o Driver review and rating – Users can help other riders know how good or bad certain drivers are.
o Ride scheduling – Cabs can be booked in advance.
o Real-time movement tracking – Through Google Maps the movement of the ride can be tracked on a mobile phone in real-time with the precision of 100-500 m.
o SOS button – Make your riders feel safe by providing an SOS button they can use when they feel threatened or when they are in some trouble.
o Vehicle choice – Riders will be able to decide what sort of vehicle they need provided the vehicle is available.

● Drivers

o Easy registration – The interface of the SpotnRides Uber-like solution has been designed in such a manner that even the least tech-savvy drivers can register and get going with minimum fuss.
o Instant alerts – The driver can get instant alerts of bookings and cancellations.
o Preservation of the track record – Real-time track record of the driver will be preserved by the app and will be accessible to all your users.
o Digital documentation – Your drivers will be able to quickly upload the authentication documents and get verified very fast.


o Fare management – The parameters required to calculate mileage and fare can be controlled from a single dashboard.
o Driver and user management – All the functions needed to manage drivers and users are present in the dashboard.
o Live reporting – Real-time reports on various drivers and riders can be obtained immediately.
o Commission dashboard – Whenever you feel like you will be able to see how much commission you have earned, organized in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly orders.

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