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Why an App for Financial Consultants Should Deliver Mutual Advantages and How to Develop Such One?

The world is updating itself with innovative technologies regularly. People in this plant also switch to digital solutions instead of reaching human services centers. Despite the technological advantages being good, it affects the revenue sources of many people like financial advisors. 

Yes. The rising AI-powered tech solutions are penetrating all industries including the financial sector. The only way to protect your financial consulting service from this invasion of AI technology is by providing customer-centric service through an online platform.

The platform should be able to meet certain criteria to provide mutual benefits to your customers and you. Here, through this blog, you can check details of such tech solutions and the procedure to avail such one to compete with AI technologies. 

Robo-Advisors: Rising Threat for Human Financial Consultants

The term “Robo-advisors” meant the online platforms that provide financial advice, suggestions for investments, revenue management, and other financial activities with the help of recent technologies like big data, automated algorithms, etc. Simply, it is a virtual financial advisor powered by AI technology. 

As they can easily be available over the internet in no time, many customers who need financial advice choose such tech solutions. That means, the Robo-advisor taking over the traditional human financial consultants’ businesses and customers. So, such certified advisors are facing difficulties in getting more clients and maintaining high retention rates. 

Meanwhile, a Robo-advisor platform can help the customers by providing suggestions based on the modern portfolio theory and other theories. In addition, it provides a forecasting report that is based on the previous years’ data. In simple words, it helps investors and businesses to clarify their financial doubts and reach their goals. 

Another positive aspect that attracts more customers to the Robo-advisor is reliability. However, human advisors are also providing reliable solutions, suggestions, and forecasting reports based on multiple theories, data, and practices. The major difficulty they face to compete with the Robo-advisor is the lack of online presence. Let’s check how an application helps them to overcome their difficulties and empowers them to compete with the Robo-advisors.

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How to Extend the Limitations of Financial Advisors with an App?

Despite the Robo-advisor platforms being powered by AI solutions, they can only provide solutions and suggestions based on the algorithms only. It couldn’t understand the real pain or real need of humans to provide the best financial solution. But human financial advisors can help their clients more than just providing suggestions. 

A financial advisor can be a communicator, educator, instructor, and any other beyond their identification of a financial consultant. So, they can connect with their clients personally. Simply, they are more efficient than a Robo-advisor in providing personalized service. All they want is an online platform to expose their ability, planning skills, and financial acumen. 

With an application, they can ensure their online presence and connect with the clients online. It allows them to show their certifications, previous works, good options from their previous customers, number of the projects they completed, and others. It helps them to improve the reliability of their services among customers. 

When customers/ investors/ business people are facilitated to get appointments online, they’ll choose your consulting service without any hesitations. You can reach more potential clients online and convert them into loyal clients. Online support is the most wanted facility among clients through which they can get help from financial advisors at any time and anywhere. 

A financial consultant booking application can provide such advanced facilities to overcome conventional drawbacks for the consultants. There is another main thing that you should know is the ways to maximize your success rate as a financial consultant. Let’s check it in the next part.

Mutual Advantages: The Primary Goal of Financial Advisors Booking App

To increase the success rate of your financial consulting service, it should provide mutual advantages. That means, through your financial consulting services, both you and your customers should be beneficial. Let’s check in detail.

How is it Helpful for Customers?

  • Through the financial advisor booking app, they can search, find, sort, and choose the best consultants online.
  • They need not visit the physical office of the consultancy to book an appointment with an advisor. Instead, they can book appointments with advisors online through the app.
  • A detailed history of booking and tracking the status of appointments can help the customers to know and track their activities and appointments. So, they can schedule their activities accordingly. 
  • The customers can also book doorstep financial advice services with the application. 
  • After the appointments, they can rate and review the financial consultant service with the application. So, the consultants are committed to providing their best services. 
  • The financial consultant booking application allows the customers to pay online for the service.
  • The feedback from the previous customers can also help the clients to find out the best financial advisor and their niche.

How is it Helpful for Financial Advisors?

  • Financial advisors can take their services online and visible to the global audience with the financial advisor booking app.
  • They can create, manage and optimize their profile with the application. It allows them to show their best parts in their services and unique features to potential clients.
  • Financial consultants can get many appointments from customers online and can maximize their profitability.
  • The application also allows earning additional money by showing ad banners, video ads, and other kinds of promotions within the app. So, it allows them to unlock passive income. 
  • Consultants can check the appointments they have and their status with the application. They are free to accept or reject the appointment requests they received through the application. 
  • The good opinions from the customers in the feedback part of the application, help the financial advisors to brand their services to the customers.
  • From customers, they can get payments online with this mobile application. 

Simply, the customers who need financial advice, are looking for an eminent consultant online and an advisor who is ready to provide their services can be connected and benefit through this application. 

When your financial consulting service can benefit you and also the investors/ clients, it has the potential to stand alone in the market and build loyal customer bases itself. Through that, you can compete with the Robo-advisors. But the hard part is availing such an effective mobile app for financial consultants. 

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How to Develop an Online Scheduling App for Financial Consultants?

Having a top-rated mobile application for financial advisors is important to streamline your service business and attain the criteria to deliver mutual benefits. For example, it should contain a customer app, financial advisor app, and admin panel. 

Customer App:

  • Online booking and scheduling facility,
  • Powerful searching tool,
  • Track the status of appointments, 
  • Cancel or reschedule the appointments,
  • Rate and review the service,
  • Multiple online payment options, etc.

Financial Advisor App

  • Create and manage profiles,
  • Online listing support,
  • Accept or reject online appointment requests from clients,
  • Track complete history,
  • In-app communication,
  • Accept online payments, etc. 

Admin Panel

  • User data control and management, 
  • In-app marketing/ cross-selling process management,
  • Add or remove any service providers, 
  • Processing data to optimize the business plan. 

To avail of a financial advisor booking application for your service, with these kinds of features, you need to approach a top-rated mobile app development company. But it may cost you a lot to develop an application from scratch. Instead, you can choose the app clone script. 

With the Uber for X script, you can obtain the application for financial advisor booking. From SpotnRides you can get such customized Uber for X scripts for the financial consultant booking app. 

Summing Up

To compete with emerging AI-powered Robo-advisor platforms, you need to have an online handle for your financial consulting service. The Uber for X script from SpotnRides will be the perfect solution to avail such an application. 

From our white-labeled financial advisor booking app, you can manage your consulting service business or establish and manage an online marketplace for financial consultants. 

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