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Understand How the US Taxi Market Share Can Be Occupied with a Taxi App like Flywheel

All over the world, the demand for taxi business is increasing especially the Asia-Pacific has opened the gate for the entrepreneurs like you to establish the taxi business. The taxi industry market size is forecasted to reach USD 354.2 billion by 2027 in that region. 

So, if you run or plan to start a taxi business in that region, particularly in the US, then you have a high possibility of success in case you execute effective strategies properly. In this blog, you will understand the process to hold a maximum US taxi market share with a taxi app like Flywheel. Let’s start.

How to Streamline Your Taxi Business with an App like Flywheel?

Streamlining a business means the process of improving the business operations, planning, and strategy along with automating the business activities. As an entrepreneur of a taxi business, you have to streamline your business with an app like Flywheel. 

Here, the Flywheel is the best example of streamlining a taxi business. It has been famous in the location of the US for its professionalism. It delivers perfection in its service to the customers with the taxi booking app. So, you can choose the Flywheel app clone for your taxi business to get a taxi app in no time with a professional interface. 

Through this, you can automate the business operations like online booking, dispatching, payment, and others. You can also implement your marketing strategies through the application. To make such operative strategies, you must have a vision of the US taxi market. 

Understand the Trend of the US Taxi Market

Analyzing and understanding the relevant industry market is one of the important steps to do before starting a business and making a marketing strategy. Analyzing the taxi market means studying the dynamics and trends of the service in the market, potential customer segments, buying manner of the customer, competitor strategy, and future opportunities. 

By analyzing the market, you will explore new tech solutions and practices that have been introduced to the taxi market. So, you can invest in such advancements to extend your service quality and quantity. You can also able to understand your customers through this analyzing process. This will help you to be focused on targeting strategies. Here are some statistics on the US Taxi Market from Statista:

  • Revenue generated from the Ride-hailing & Taxi segment is expected to reach 63.17 billion USD in 2022. By 2026, 71% of total revenue may be generated online.
  • The US taxi market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.20%. 
  • The US taxi market volume is forecasted to reach above 74 billion USD by 2026.
  • It is expected that there will be nearly 97 million users in the US Ride-hailing & Taxi service by 2026.
  • In 2022, the user penetration rate is 28.4% and it may continue up to 2026.

On other hand, the global taxi market is forecasted to reach USD 120.89 billion by 2027, by the Allied Market Research. So, you can start a taxi business in the US, then expand the service globally.

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Upgrade Your Taxi Business in the US with the Flywheel Clone App

In this digital world, starting a taxi business without an application is meaningless. So, you have to choose a better app solution that can attract, engage and satisfy the customers. A Flywheel app clone can do all these things effectively. 

Most people make their apps like Uber UI. So, it is a common interface for a taxi business. In this situation, you can reach more people, with a unique customized Flywheel clone script. A good impression and seamless service will engage your customers more. A customer-centric app like Flywheel can engage your customers, with the freemium model or others. 

  • The taxi booking app like Flywheel will be easy to sign up as a rider or driver. Due to its user-friendly interface, your customer can book their cab within a few taps.
  • Such a readymade Flywheel like app can show the estimated cost and time for the relevant destination of the customers in real-time. This will ensure transparency in the taxi-hailing service.
  • An app like Flywheel comes up with AI-powered chatbots. It will be very helpful to establish a personal connection with your customer through the in-app messaging and chatting facility. 
  • The Flywheel clone app has the potential to make a customer-admin community to improve customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing strategy. This will ensure the customer service after availing of your service.
  • You can also list many services along with taxis, like a chauffeur, limousine, airport pickup, and others. The Flywheel like taxi app can list all of your services on its main landing page or separate pages. 
  • This taxi booking app like Flywheel will also aid you to get the customer’s feedback, review, and ratings on your taxi services and the drivers. Through which you can improve the CX.

Overall, your taxi business will get the global standard features when you develop app like Flywheel. So, to compete in the US ride-hailing market, build a taxi app like Flywheel. 

How Does a Taxi Booking App like Flywheel Extend the Customer Base?

As far now, you have crossed the Flywheel like taxi app’s benefits and its need. Now you can look into how it works to extend your customer base. 

  1. Best CX and Service – To increase the customer base, you should focus on CX and customer service. An app like Flywheel can achieve maximum CX and top-class customer service when it was built by the best app clone service provider.
  2. Take care of customers-  By availing of the Flywheel clone script, you can take care of your existing customers and new customers by providing offers and welcome gift cards. 
  3. Diversified Solution – The customers need more choices. So, you have to provide a variety of riding services ranging from economic packages to luxurious services. With the Flywheel clone app, you can provide all kinds of services in one window.
  4. Integrated With Social Media – You can choose to build taxi app like Flywheel that can integrate with social media. Through this, you can allow your customer to share about their ride on their social media directly. It will attract the customers and also make them speak for your product.

When it happens, many new customers will reach your business. So, you can improve the customer base. Simply, satisfy your customers and make them feel your taxi service is worth for their cost to improve the customer base. An effective readymade flywheel like app will support you to achieve that.

What Will You Get When You Avail Flywheel Clone

When you develop app like flywheel, you will get three dedicated platforms. They are; the customer taxi booking app, the driver app, and the admin panel. These are the elements of a taxi booking app like flywheel.  

Taxi Booking App – This is a dedicated mobile application for customer use only. With this application, your customers can book your taxi service online. This app includes GPS tracking, an in-app communication system, an SOS button, etc. 

Driver App – The driver application is the online platform for the drivers to locate the customers in real-time, communicate with them online, accept and reject the customer’s request for a ride, and others. Simply they will get more opportunities to get more customers online with this app. Through which they will get online payments and settlements also.

Admin Panel – It is the working place of the admin of the taxi business (you). Through which you can manage all the things in the taxi business like fare, commission rates, canceling fee, waiting fee, available services, driver portfolio, customer data, and others. So, you will be empowered to manage all the things you want with the Flywheel clone script.

These three things are common for a Flywheel clone app. But you can get additional features when you choose the best Flywheel clone app developer like SpotnRides. Take a look at the added benefits and features of your taxi app from us.

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Experience Revolutionary Features from Spotnrides

SpotnRides has expertise in developing app clones for the taxi business. Since our inception, we have completed many projects related to this. So, you can rely on our skill and experience to get the best flywheel clone app.

We can provide extra features as per your demand to provide extended service to your customers and drivers. Here are some highlighted points to choose us.

  • We are committed to the deadlines,
  • You can expect complete transparency from us,
  • Intellectual team to deliver your project in no time,
  • Customized Flywheel clone app,
  • We can deliver the app that is worth your cost, etc.

By availing of the Flywheel clone app from us, you can provide revolutionary features to your customers. They can book a cab within a tap, they can check detailed ETA, they will be notified when the best deals are available, and the automatic pair and pay system. 

In addition to this, you can include any sophisticated features with your Flywheel clone app on your demand. So, get the best operative taxi booking app like flywheel now to compete in the US taxi market. 


The Asia-Pacific region like the US has a huge opportunity in the ride-hailing business market. So, you can choose that location to kick-start your taxi business. An app like Flywheel can support you to gain new customers and maintain a high retention rate.

SpotnRides has been developing top-class taxi booking app like Flywheel. We can build a taxi app like Flywheel to make your taxi business the largest in the US taxi market. Act now to reserve a place in the future taxi market.

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