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Uber for Handyman: New Approaches to Revolutionizing Janitorial Cleaning Services

Running a janitorial cleaning business profitably is not an easy task. Managing the workforce, compromising customer needs, and balancing financial stability are major considerations of this kind of business. 

Meanwhile, emerging technologies have been dominating the sector and are the toughest competitor for conventional custodial cleaning services. In case you’re one of the entrepreneurs who run this kind of business or have the plan to start the business, then you should know some tricks and new methods of approaches to be profitable in the market.

Here you can find how our Uber for Handyman app solution can help you to follow new approaches in your business, to flow with the recent trends. 

What is Janitorial Cleaning Service?

Usually, Janitorial cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance services that are provided for organizations rather than residential places. It includes room cleaning service, dusting, wiping things, vacuuming carpets, mopping floor surfaces, and others. 

However, many companies prefer to outsource janitorial services rather than in-house service providers. So that they can focus on other work and need not worry about the cleanliness of their workspace. This kind of Janitorial cleaning service can be usually seen in hospitals, commercial buildings, offices, and public buildings. 

Why Should You Focus on Custodial Janitorial Services?

In the cleaning service industry, the competition between human resources and robots is reaching a new level as new advancements like AI, ML, autonomous systems, and others are emerging rapidly. However, it also increases the expectations of advanced domestic robots. The term domestic robots also include the Robovac (robotic vacuum cleaner), educational and entertaining bots. 

So, by providing only traditional cleaning services, you can’t stand in the market for the long term. You should do two primary things. One is “Providing Multiple Services”. And the second one is “Adopting Recent Technologies”. 

That’s why it’s advisable to provide custodial cleaning services, on-demand handyman services, on-demand home cleaning services, and others related to Janitorial services. So, people who already have Robovacs also approach your service to get handyman services or others. 

|| Approach #1: Providing Multiple Types of Cleaning and Maintenance Services Under One Roof ||

Finally, in the first competition between bots and you, you can win!

How Can You Revolutionize Janitorial Cleaning Services?

Now, it’s time to know the second phase which is adopting recent technologies. It can be obtained in two ways. By adopting new technologies and by adopting recent techniques and trends. As an entrepreneur who has a great vision, you have to do both.

In the first way, you have to avail new kinds of equipment and bots to ease your business. For example, equip your janitor with wet extractors, water extraction machines, wet vacuums, rotary floor machines, and others. So that your workforce can easily complete a task on time and properly. 

|| Approach #2: Be well-equipped with recent technologies ||

As the next step, you should adopt recent trends. For example, the way of booking and availing janitorial cleaning services has changed a lot. In this mobile-first world, legacy methods of booking won’t work well instead the world has online booking technology. 

So, your janitorial cleaning service must have an online handle to allow your potential customers to book, schedule, and review your service. Considering the recent inclination toward mobile apps, it’s advisable to have a mobile app alongside a website to book your service. 

|| Approach #3: Flow with recent trends ||

Having a mobile application for your service will be beneficial in many ways. Let’s check it out in the next part.

Benefits of Having an App for Janitorial Cleaning Services

By having a mobile application for your Janitorial cleaning service, you can reach more customers in your operating region. In addition to this, you can get the following benefits by developing a mobile application for Janitorial Cleaning Services. 

Customer Engagement –  With the mobile application, you can ensure maximum convenience for your customers. They can simply avail of your cleaning and custodial service with a few taps.

Improved Transparency – A mobile app solution for your business can maximize transparency in the workflow. 

Data Insights – You can track service providers, available tasks, user data, and others. These data help you to measure your organization’s growth and threads.

Increasing Profitability – A mobile application can help you to include multiple services like janitorial, custodial, handyman, and other services. So, it can increase the revenue streams of your business.

Streamlining Workflow – An app can streamline the scheduling and payment process, reducing the need for manual paperwork and increasing the efficiency of the cleaning company.

But, crafting a mobile application from scratch may be a costly and timely process. So, you can consider ready-made app solutions with customization facilities. Here is the need for Uber for Handyman app solution rises. 

|| Approach #4: Consider readymade app solutions ||

Let’s know what Uber for Handyman is. It’s a readymade app script that can be customizable for any kind of service-based business. Usually, the script has three elements; Customer App, Service Provider App, and Admin Panel. Through these three elements, the readymade app solution has the potential to empower your business.

SpotnRides Uber for Handyman App Solution

When you choose a readymade app solution, you should consider one more thing which is “Customization”. You should choose a mobile app development company which is providing customizable ready-to-use app scripts.

|| Approach #5: Prefer customizable app solutions for your business ||

SpotnRides has been providing customizable Uber for Handyman app solutions for years to many businesses around the globe. By having our Uber for Home services app solution, you can unlock the following opportunities.

  1. You can run seamless on-demand handyman services for customers who need repairs, maintenance, and installations in their homes or businesses.
  2. Partnering with local handymen and small businesses to expand the service offerings and increase availability.
  3. Offering additional services such as cleaning, landscaping, and pest control to diversify the business.
  4. By integrating with our app solution, you can reach a large customer base to increase visibility and reach for the handyman service.
  5. Creating a network of skilled and vetted handymen and janitors for customers to choose from, and more.

As it’s a white-label solution, you’ll be provided with a unique app solution for your Janitorial service. To get more details contact our experts now!

Cost-effective: Having an app can help to reduce the cost of running a cleaning business by automating certain processes and reducing the need for manual lab


We reveal five approaches for your Janitorial cleaning service through this blog. By replacing your traditional approaches with these five, you can upgrade your cleaning service. 

We at Uplogic Technologies are here to help you to revolutionize your Janitorial cleaning service with our product SpotnRides Uber for Handyman app solution. Contact us now!

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