Top Metrics in the Taxi Booking App Script to Improve Your New Startup in the Ride-Hailing Business Platform

The daily technology improvement around the world provides many digitized services to people. Likewise, the on-demand taxi booking services ease the process of booking taxis online by simply tapping for few minutes on the mobile phone.

Providing the best service facilities to the people, many on-demand taxi booking companies are developing their business to the peak level of success. In this blog, we are going to see how our SpotnRides Uber clone app script will develop your own new on-demand taxi booking service business startup online.

The Reasons Behind the Success of On-Demand Taxi Booking Service:

The smart convenient process is a fantastic alternative to the old traditional way of booking taxis. On-demand taxi booking service provides a win-win process among the involved players. Every user in the service got benefited from the business while using it. It provides many features to the passengers with real-time visibility.

  • User-friendly interfaces offer a smooth experience to the users to booking taxis and the drivers to complete their registration.
  • The real-time tracking features helps the passengers to easily track their booked taxis while on the way to pick up.
  • Previous passengers’ reviews and ratings on their riding experience ensures the reliability of service.
  • The Multiple payment options allow people to pay their fare both online or offline.

How You Can Run A Profitable Taxi-Hailing Business? 

The Increasing number of users in the taxi-hailing business motivates many new entrepreneurs to start their own taxi service business up in the same online sector. Making your new on-demand taxi booking business startup profitable, you can carry out the below-mentioned features with your new taxi-hailing app.

  • Covering the existing trendy features on your new on-demand service business, will increase the users in real-time.
  • Implementing new add-on features based on your other competitors’ taxi-hailing apps’ users demands.

Promising Service Provision:

  • Building an app with GPS navigation facility will calculate the estimated arrival time and show it to your customers after they successfully complete their taxi booking service.
  • And, the automated fare estimation calculation promises the services to the customers.

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Top Metrics of SpotnRides App Script to Develop Your New Ride-Hailing Business Startup:  

In this competitive marketplace, many taxi-hailing business owners are facing difficulty to fulfill the existing customers’ demands and add additional features to their service business. To avoid such inconvenience and accomplish the goal of success to your new ride-hailing business startup our SpotnRides Uber clone script has top metrics to apply to your business app.

Updated Features and Technologies:

By cloning the famous brand Uber, every updated technical feature would be covered in your new taxi business app. In which, some of the most trendy existing taxi app features are

Customer App

  • The smart social media signup registration
  • Instant taxi booking order placement
  • Automated e-receipts after the trip completion
  • Flexible payment gateways

Driver App

  • Swifty notification alerts
  • Accept or cancel riding requests
  • Immediate contact execution with customers
  • GPS enabled routeway tracking

Admin App

  • Smart customers and passengers management
  • Easy revenue management
  • Geolocation tracking in real-time
  • Easy daily reports and data maintenance

Fully Customizable App Service:

Our ready-made SpotnRides Uber clone app script is completely customizable so that you can add-on additional features or remove any kind of existing options for your new app interface. As an app development process is a continuous process, you can modify anything in your business app in the future based on your business plan and users’ feedback.

Real-Time Workflow Tracking:

The inbuilt GPS navigation system allows your customers to lively track their booked taxi while on the way to the pickup location. It eases their packing preparation to be completed before the taxi arrivals.

Your drivers can also view live route mapping from the customers’ pickup area to their destination point. The optimized route planner mapping system helps the drivers to simplify the entire travel by swiftly completing the trip.

Live Active Driver Monitorisation:

  • As an admin, monitoring your drivers’ behaviour on the road will help you to positively execute fleet management in your taxi business.
  • For that, you can monitor all the drivers’ active tripping performance and track their riding status. Through this, you can collect the details like riding speed levels, route selections, etc.
  • Based on the passengers’ reviews and ratings you can get to know about the drivers’ dedication and sincerity.

Smart Users Management Interface:

Due to having all the advanced feature updates with our app script, our SpotnRides Uber clone offers a smart management system to your admin interface. Through this, you can manage multiple operations at the same time.

The detailed data visualisation process provides clear views of

  • Live tripping status
  • Live Transactions
  • Commission earnings, etc.


As we discussed in this blog, our SpotnRides’ top metrics develop your new taxi business to the next level of success. Our expert app development team’s regular analysis will provide you proper information regarding support and guidance, which will help you to successfully sustain your new ride-hailing business in the competitive marketplace.

To contact us, send your details to [email protected]. After we receive your texts, we will immediately contact you for further discussions.

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