Top 5 Features of On-Demand Taxi Booking App Like Uber to Make It Successful

The transportation industry is getting boomed with an on-demand app like Uber. The on-demand service booking concept is one of the revamped industrial functions in the current market. This helps the entrepreneurs to give secured and trustable services through a digital presence. 

To be a trustworthy tech partner, the entrepreneurs are in need of enabling their service with enriched features. The top branded transportation apps like Uber, Lyft, and Cabify share a new booking experience to their users where the price is affordable when compared to the traditional transportation service. 

If you plan to create one such platform like Uber, then make sure you have all the necessary features to succeed in the 2021 market. By integrating the essential features, you can create a strong customer base. 

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Develop a Taxi Booking App Like Uber With the Following 5 Features 

  • Ride-sharing/Carpooling – At present in the taxi-hailing industry, ride-sharing service has gained a tremendous frame among the customers. The ride-sharing feature in the taxi booking app like Uber permits the customers to share their ride with other customers during peak time.Today, ride-sharing is considered a common feature in every taxi-hailing app in the mobility market. By implementing this feature, you can cover the corporate customers at the peak time and build a strong customer base easily.
  • Customer’s Ride Membership – Riding prime membership is the second premier feature, that to be considered in the taxi booking app development process. Not all taxi booking apps provide prime membership to their customers. It is one of the easiest ways to bring the customers back to the ride-hailing service eventually.With this prime membership feature, you’re able to attract working people, students, and senior citizens. It also allows you to take the service to the next level with a free ride for the prime membership customers.
  • Timely Ride Package – It is an exclusive feature that attains the customer’s heart to consider your service for a full-day hangout. The riders can book the cab according to their need with a personal driver for the entire day. The fare of the ride can be calculated according to the miles the rider has traveled.To gain extra dollars, you as an entrepreneur of the taxi booking service can assign the day packages in numerous ways. The timely ride package feature will brand the service among the other players in the market.
  • Out of Station Ride – The outstation ride model is one of the necessary features to be considered in the feature list to get service to the top of the marketplace. The people in the USA, Middle-east, and Europe mostly get used to the outstation feature. This feature enables your service to be active in two distinct urban areas.The customers/rides can book your taxi service from one location and enter their drop location in another outstation area. This feature service can be fared according to the miles or hourly.
  • Fare Estimation – The ride fare calculation features tie-up all the above-mentioned features into the right path. Many taxi booking apps failed at this point, and this may lead to the loss of the customer base. Showing the exact ride fare estimation allows the customers to make the right decision and confirm their ride quickly.An additional feature to be taken into the consideration is a multiple-payment feature for a secured transaction. With the multiple-payment feature, the customers are able to choose their comfortable payment options before starting the ride itself.

For all the entrepreneurs who are looking to build a successful taxi booking app like Uber. Must blend all the above-mentioned features with your ride-hailing app solution for a better reach in the market. An app like Uber can make things more convenient with the above-listed features to the end-players. 


Customer expectations in the taxi-hailing industry keep changing, for better satisfaction of the result, the top 5 features listed above will be helpful for the startup entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur, you’re looking to build a taxi-hailing app like Uber, then SpotnRides will be the best choice to build uniqueness in your service, by contacting us at [email protected].

Get Free Demo of Taxi Booking App – WhatsApp | Skype

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