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Tips for Optimizing Your Supply Chain Business with SpotnRides Route Planning Software

Planning a route for delivery is a multi-step process. In a typical route plan, you will identify the point of delivery and then select the sequence of places that represent the final destination. 

So, what you need is an accurate map based on the requirement. SpotnRides provides on-demand delivery route planning software for planning efficient and accurate routes in order to meet customer expectations. 

This article will explain how SpotnRides Delivery Planner software can help you navigate efficiently through various platforms so that you can plan ahead effectively and efficiently. 

What Is Delivery Route Planning Software? 

Delivery Route Planning is understood as the practice of choosing the optimum potential path for delivering products/services. It involves as many delivery points as possible while ignoring any high-traffic zones. 

In other phrases, it is determining the most efficient and cost-effective route between A and B. To attain reliable delivery route planning, you need technically proficient delivery route planning software. 

But how does delivery route planning software assist in providing optimized deliveries on time? Let’s look into it.

A delivery route planning software schedules and coordinates stop for a fleet that delivers products or services. It allows on-demand businesses to generate more optimal routes for an In-time delivery. 

Moreover, it also uses machine learning, driver, and customer feedback to enhance cumulative delivery productivity and methodology.

A recent statistic indicates that the new advances in last-mile delivery in 2022 will be focused on the notion that digitally-enabled features will serve as a competitive advantage for most supply chains. 

For instance, delivery route planning software will help businesses improve their last-mile supply chains, improve driver potency, and deliver a more elegant delivery experience to customers.

Let us explain to you why an on-time delivery service is a must-have for an on-demand delivery business. 

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Why Timeliness and Reliability Is a Top Priority for a Supply Chain?

Maybe you’ve heard this said before: “the company is nobody without its supply chain”. What is the single most important factor that determines the profitability of a delivery company is productive delivery management. 

The majority of brands fail in on-demand delivery because they do not understand the potential costs of delivering high volumes at high speeds.

In order to provide effective on-demand delivery, you have to organize all of your resources and methods along the last mile of your supply chain. This is the only way to maintain a consistent presence in the market and accomplish online orders on time.

The problem with on-demand delivery is there is an extremely short time between accepting orders and dispatching them. On-demand services leave little space for human inaccuracy, hence you must streamline it in order to run smoothly and on time. 

Moreover, nearly 25% of people give up carts when delivery services aren’t quick enough. Let us now go over the factors to consider for effective route optimization in order to provide on-time delivery.

Factors to Consider in a Route Optimization Software for On-demand Delivery Services 

An excellent route optimization solution can lower your delivery costs while improving serviceability. It has the potential to increase your company’s profitability, operating excellence, and customer serviceability. 

Your market share and sales will rise as a result of customer engagement

This will be beneficial to you regardless of the products or services you provide. They could be groceries, food service, technical maintenance, taxi service, and so on. 

Hence in order to provide excellent delivery services, you need to focus on the following factors to enhance route optimization. 

  • Robust Delivery Route Planning Software: A route planning software that is easily accessible, customizable, discoverable, and adapt on a regular basis.

It must have a reliable user interface that provides excellent customer serviceability and helps to determine the greatest route plan.

  • Enhance Vehicle Utilization: The software must be bound to enhance vehicle utilization to lower the delivery costs. 

So that, the delivery personnel will be able to fulfill complete customer orders with fewer vehicles than previously. 

Therefore, the number of orders served per vehicle will elevate. 

  • Best Customer Serviceability: The software must improve customer serviceability. This means that customers will receive their orders on time. 

It should also provide relevant data to users on a progressing premise.

So that the delivery and invoice of products/services become perfectly smooth.

Let us explain how SpotnRides Delivery route planner software optimizes your supply chain and makes your delivery progress efficient. 

How Does SpotnRides Delivery Route Planning Software Help in Delivering Your Orders Efficiently?

SpotnRides provides a delivery planner management app that helps optimize your supply chain. It helps to create efficient routes for multi-stop deliveries or using multiple vehicles. 

Optimal routes are found with the use of short-range algorithms alternating with long-range search algorithms. 

Let’s explore the sturdy features that SpotnRides route planner software offers in order to provide the best dispatching experience possible.

  • List-Based View: The feature provides information regarding the routes in a concise form. Hence, the delivery people pick the location after analyzing the full list.
  • Add Location: This enables delivery personnel to retrieve location-based data via text and camera. As a result, they can determine the best route for the shortest possible transit time.
  • Map-based Route Optimization: A digital spotlight of route data in map form enables delivery personnel to visually select the best route for their needs.
  • Create New Route: After studying all of the location data, the delivery personnel can simply examine all of the data and use this ability to construct a new routing.
  • Routes History: The route details for each delivery journey are kept, and the full history is evaluated to readily forecast the route.
  • Optimal Route Information: The best route is forecast and displayed in the navigation window after analyzing a stream of routes related to geographical data.
  • Real-time Interactive Options: Allow the delivery persons to simply contact the admin in order to tell the recipients of the delivery trip till it arrives at its destination.


There is no doubt that the technology we have today made it easier for companies to track inventories and manage routes. However, in order to optimize your supply chain, you need to use software that can take data from all sources and make it easy for managers to make key decisions. 

SpotnRides offers an efficient tool for businesses looking to cut delivery costs while boosting performance from their employees. We offer a tutorial guide brought out by our team of experts on how to plan your best routes and get ready before deploying SpotnRides Delivery Route Planning Software.

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