Sure Shot Statistics to Expand Ride-hailing Services in This Pandemic with Uber-like App

People choose to take Ride-hailing services rather than public transportation in this Pandemic situation. This critical necessity has prompted businesses all over the world to build a Uber-like taxi booking app with flawless safety features. With the advancement of technology, business owners can now easily create their brands among their target audience.

Taxi booking apps are proliferating all over the place. This has grown exponentially as a result of mobile technologies. This company can be run entirely using an Uber clone app. There are already numerous companies in the sector, including Uber and Ola. With so many participants, how can a new player enter the internet taxi booking business? There are already a lot of good ideas on the market. What is lacking in the business is the originality of the idea.

In this blog, let’s discuss how to expand Ride-hailing Services in this Pandemic with an Uber-like App and how to introduce an on-demand taxi app like Uber that addresses the safety measures in this pandemic.

Ride-hailing Services Initiatives in the Face of the Pandemic:

Firstly, let’s discuss the safety initiatives to be taken upon your ride-hailing services in the face of a pandemic ride-hailing businesses are taking the required precautions to protect their passengers and drivers from the contagious and highly communicable COVID-19 sickness. Maintaining the greatest standards of hygiene, both individually and within the cabs should be the first priority to do so in this pandemic situation.

Make sure your drivers use masks and hand sanitizers, encourage cashless payment instead of cash on hand to provide safety for both drivers and customers and direct them to cleanse the cabs at regular intervals of time. Inside the cabs, O3 air is released to kill viruses and bacteria. In addition, sent do’s and don’ts brochures to their drivers and instruct them to maintain social distance from their customers.

In another case, let the driver-partners notify the helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they notice any flu-like symptoms among their passengers, and the driver should self-quarantine themselves.

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Simple Ways to Expand Your Taxi Business in This Pandemic:

Businesses have begun to restructure their strategies in order to cope with the losses sustained during the pandemic. If you own a cab company, you need to rethink your strategy. You must conduct extensive study on the present taxi business markets. Keep an eye out for the latest market trends and incorporate them into your business.

However, it will be difficult for ride-hailing companies to resume operations. Following the pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in the requirement for safety. Customers’ expectations have likewise risen in recent years.

That is why you must make certain adjustments to your ride-hailing business in order to keep up with current trends. Here are some ideas for how to keep and expand your business in this pandemic:

  • Pay Attention to How Customers’ Requirements Are Changing: Even before the pandemic, you were fully aware of your customers’ demands. But now is the time to get to know your customers better. The greatest place to begin is to determine which of your clients’ needs have altered as a result of the pandemic. 
  • What fresh items do they desire from you? What can you offer them that no one else can? To answer these issues, you must conduct research or directly interview your clients about their needs. To begin, ask your drivers what customer complaints or challenges they are encountering. This allows you to acquire a clear image of your customer’s needs. 
  • Improve your strategies for resolving your customer’s complaints: The next stage is to grab buyers’ attention to your brand. Begin publicizing your brands on well-known networks. Make customer loyalty offers to your clients. It aids in the acquisition of new clients as well as the retention of existing ones. Personalize your interactions with your consumers by wishing them happy birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
  • Make Your Brand More Social: People will always remember a brand that did something nice during difficult circumstances. It is beneficial for corporations to assist society when it is in need. This will improve people’s perceptions of the company.

Ride-hailing services can put their fleets to use for philanthropic purposes. You can help the needy by delivering food and groceries. Collaborate with non-profit organizations and NGOs. You can ask your consumers to contribute to these organizations.

Optimism should be reflected in your advertising and media activities. Make certain that they are upbeat and upbeat. Use radio, television, newspapers, and social media to aggressively promote your services.

Instead of discussing the pandemic, concentrate on moral ideals. Join forces with well-known businesses to please your clients by providing promo codes or referrals on their bookings.

  • Transform Your Organisation Digitally: Increase your investment in cutting-edge technology to help your company go digital. You can begin digitizing your firm by developing a Uber-like App. This will allow you to grow your business and reach a broader customer base.
  • Implementing modern technologies can assist you in providing a better experience to your clients. It can sometimes be a tremendous help to you. You can also improve your services by addressing technological difficulties. 
  • Learn more about your customers by using data analytics. Sending a Google form to your clients can encourage them to offer more information. You can also learn more about the new places as you explore them. Product development initiatives can assist you in this regard.

Your first priority is to provide a positive customer experience. If ride-hailing companies want to grow their user base, they must improve their user experience. Use the most recent UI/UX technologies to improve the user experience of your app. Give your app’s consumers an easy-to-use interface.

Implementation of Appropriate Tools for the Development of a Uber-like App:

Choose a ready-made solution, SpotnRides provides an Uber-like app with COVID-19 additions, to ensure the safety of your clients and drivers. As part of the development process, a taxi app must include prospective features that will entice users to utilize it. Some of the essential elements are as follows:

  • In-app Navigation: What app currently does not have a navigation feature? The on-demand platform must give precise location information to drivers and users. This feature is required for a trouble-free ride.
  • Fare Calculator Gone are the days when passengers had to be concerned about meter rates. Users may see the whole fare of their trip before they book a cab.
  • Push Notifications: This functionality can be useful for both drivers and users. With the use of push notifications, drivers in transit are kept up to date on user requests. Users are also notified of special offers and discounts at any time.
  • In-app Chat/Call: The platform must ensure a smooth flow of communication between customers and passengers. This prevents passengers from being stranded and drivers from canceling rides due to client unavailability.
  • Gods’ Eye View: A monitoring system is critical for maintaining order within the app. With the use of this functionality, the admin may monitor all of the app’s activity from a single location. Include ‘exemplary’ features in the app.


Hope you have got a clear picture of how to enhance and extend your ride-hailing app to a vast number of people in this pandemic. Create a simple taxi business module, such as a Uber-like taxi booking mobile app. And sharpen your skills with these simple techniques to expand your ride-hailing business. As a taxi owner or entrepreneur, you can create your own taxi app solution to connect your drivers and riders in real-time.

So, if you have a solution for how to run a profitable taxi business and would want to discuss the taxi booking app idea, please contact us. We SpotnRides are a pioneer in the development of a taxi booking app similar to Uber. So far, we have created over 54 cab applications.

Get Free Demo of Uber Clone App  – WhatsApp | Skype

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