Start your Own On-Demand Uber Like Security Guard Booking App Startup and Help Clients to Connect Anytime with Professional Security Persons

Nowadays people are getting more and more expensive items and personal belongings to live. Luxury items are a fundamental amenity now. At the same time, security has become a necessity to safeguard belongings in the house. In the past, security guards can be rarely seen and only in industries and estates. This is not the case now.

Not only for homes, even for apartments, offices, shops, parks, etc there is  demand for security persons. People in the house who go out of town for a long time are also looking for temporary guards.

Not to mention that there are numerous security agencies operating to deploy security persons and individual persons are also available for security purposes. 

What is an On-Demand Security App?

Uber like app for security guards

Just like how there is an app to book or order anything, why can’t we have an on demand app to book security guards from a smartphone. The on-demand security guards booking app will be handy for residents and offices to get temporary and qualified security agents swiftly.

Working of the on-demand security app

There will be two apps for users. One is for the customer and the other for security person/agency.

  • Customers have to register all the details like name, address, and location on the map in the app.
  • The customer now has to select the type of security guard he needs and the time period for guarding the house.
  • List of available security guards based on the specified requirement will appear on the screen
  • The user now can check the background details and send the request to the suitable person.
  • The security person/agency can accept/reject the request from his app. If accepted the security guard will be in the customer’s location in minutes.
  • The customer can get real-time updates from the security person and see it in the customer app.
  • All the requests from the clients are can be viewed from the admin web panel.

This is how simple it is to book a security guard from the app. If this app solution is used by a security agency, they will have a dedicated admin dashboard to manage all the bookings and requests. 

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Who shall launch this on-demand security startup?

Budding entrepreneurs who are waiting for an opportunity to enter the on-demand economy can have on-demand security booking as an option. They can launch this startup as an online marketplace for securities which means the only investment is on app development. Apart from the two apps, the admin will have an integrated web dashboard where all the bookings, request, and listings can be managed. For every booking, a commission is charged.

They just have to advertise the app to attract individual security person by explaining the benefits of getting listed in the app. Not to mention that a proper background check must be done before admitting a person. It is found that service gets more visibility when it is listed online. So, security persons will get more requests than before.

Private security companies

Private security agencies can use the on-demand security app and make their work smart and appear digitally empowered. Requests from clients for a security guard can be viewed by the company in the integrated dashboard and can assign the suitable guard from their team. 

Bulk request for security guards can also be managed. This model gives more profit margin than the online marketplace model. There is also an option in this app solution to manage training and salary of the security staff in a streamlined and organized manner. 

Customer app

The customer app will be showing details involving factors like destination, time of arrival, payments, etc.

Admin web panel

Admin web panel has a powerful data analytics tool to monitor hundreds of data in real-time so that the admin can streamline if anything goes wrong.

Top startups running Uber like security guard booking


This startup is the first online security marketplace operating from the US. They connect their clients with top security professional after strict checking process. They work with official license from the US government.

Guard Grabber

Guard grabber provides security services at very low cost. They create economic opportunities for many people at the same time prevent unlawful activities by providing security.

Booking App development from SpotnRides

Whether you are a security agency or an entrepreneur who wish to start this security startup, first build a perfect app solution. To make your work quick and cost-effective, you can partner with us to use our SpotnRides security guard booking app like Uber. 

SpotnRides app is built from scratch and is industry-ready with all necessary features. You just need to purchase and launch your security booking service. Customizations, design changes, feature additions can be done by our team. Little time is spent on app and more time on core business activity when you join with us.

To know more about the app features and its detailed working, send a message to [email protected]. Our team will catch you soon.

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