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The rapid growth of technology development has also influenced the healthcare sector in the new norm market. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic attack, we have witnessed the need for an online presence in the healthcare and medical sectors. Governments of various countries have taken the possibilities of technology improvement into consideration to remove the barrier of the patient’s and doctors’ communication in a healthy manner. 

This brought the need for the Uber for Doctor booking app into the on-demand space, to protect life and health safely. With the on-demand doctor app, doctors are able to reach their patients and treat them effectively. This also becomes a perfect friendly partner for the doctors to give a timely cure to all the patients around them. 

In this blog, we are going to look into more details of the uber for doctor and SpotnRides add-ons for a better experience. 

Why Should Healthcare and Hospitals Think about Uber for Doctor Booking App?

The current state and perspective of the global healthcare market are expected to reach a growth of $280 billion by the end of 2021. The healthcare apps are not new to the market, half of the people from 3.4 billion used healthcare apps that strongly expected to show a growth rate of 16% in the upcoming years. 

With modern technology support, doctors are able to provide their service to a large number of patients. This also confirmed by the following market statistics,

  • 25% of the doctors use apps to provide the best care for their patients and help them time with their issues. 
  • App analysis also shows nearly 65% of the people use to run healthcare apps thrice a day. 

By considering the uber for doctor booking app, the players are able to get benefited from the following metrics,

Saves Time – Through the automation system, the patients can easily check out the doctor’s schedule and free time. This guides them to place the appointment correctly and reach the doctor quickly. 

Cut Cancelation of Appointments – When the remainder of the appointment is automated, the patients aren’t able to forget and cancel it. This gradually reduces the cancelation cost and gets the proper cure at the right time. 

Simplified Specialist Search – As the doctor profiles are combined with the app for doctors, the patients are able to search the required specialist and filter the doctor’s profile according to their convenience. 

More Accessible and Friendly –  The patients are able to access the app easily and navigate to the appointment scheduling interface in just a few taps. They are also allowed to schedule their appointment according to their convenience by checking the doctor’s availability. 

There are certain things to be considered in the development process of the Uber for doctor booking app solution. We are going to look at those considerable features in the below section, and keep reading to know the add-on features of SpotnRides to make the service top-notch in the healthcare industry.

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Features to Be Considered in Doctor Booking App

  • Doctor Smart Profile – The foremost vital point to be noted while developing the app for doctors is customizable user profile features. This should allow the doctors to customize their profile at any time according to their treatment and availability time. 
  • Quick Specialists Search & Filter – One of the main things after the profile customization feature, is a profile filter or sorting the profile according to the search keyword. This gives the patients quick results according to their needs timely.
  • Doctor Appointment Scheduling – After the basic details filling option and profile creations, the patients should be able to navigate to schedule features. This helps them to book an appointment with their specialist and can customize it later. 
  • Emergency Booking – We can’t assure the patient’s health condition.  Thereby, providing an emergency appointment scheduling feature helps them to get a quick response from the doctor and get the cure at the right time. 
  • Tracing Booking History – Letting the patients and their caretakers trace the previous appointments will help them to know their health details and make the upcoming appointments seamlessly. 

These are some of the basic features to be considered while developing the on-demand doctor booking app solution. If you want to be at the top of the healthcare sector, then seek the best app development company like SpotnRides. We develop the online doctor booking app solution with new high tech in the market and unique the service with new features. 

Add-on Key-features in SpotnRides Uber for Doctor App

Besides the basic and other considerable features, we at SpotnRides improve the doctor booking app with new add-on features. This will help you as a service person to build the best service in the current market and ensure the service long run. 

  1. On-time ePrescription – With this feature, the patients are able to get their prescription digitally. This ePrescription helps the patients/caretakers to order the medicines easily from their nearby local pharmacy.
  2. GPS Navigation & Service Tracking – We implement GPS navigation access with the app, thereby the users have no need to seek google maps or any other third-party navigation. This feature also improves the user’s engagement time. 
  3. Multiple-payment Gateways – This neglects the bounce rate of the users in your app solution, we provide the best top-rated multiple payment gateways that allow the users to pay through any of the payment gateways according to their preference. 

Our developers provide their full involvement while developing the app solution to bring out the best application according to the client’s request. This makes our app development service individual from others and service people are stratified with our app solution.


These were our tips that to be considered while developing the online doctor booking app solution. Feel free to contact our experts [email protected] for a better on-demand doctor booking app solution. We are ready to build your business plan into an app-based solution in a short period of time. 

If you’re decided and ready with your business plan, then please let us know about it in the form. This allows our experts to reach you with an appropriate solution.

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