SpotnRides Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart to Re-Enter the Grocery Delivery Market: Making Instacart Drivers Fulfill the Customer’s Needs

Recently, the ride-hailing companies redefined its structure on the basis of connecting the people by location in terms of service. Integrating X-technology with the ride-hailing services exploring the new business opportunities and it continuously attracts the new startups. The features that make great attention are scalability, push notifications, frictionless payments and location-based services. 

 Introducing the innovations in the workflow and satisfying the customers with the needed things instantly make the disruptions in the traditional industries. Hence, the retailers in the shopping industry turn towards their attention to such innovations within their enterprises. Parallelly, customer expectations are also a never-ending stage. The modern world opens up diverse opportunities for the customers to avail of the service that they need. 

With the growth of mobile apps and the utilization of smartphones, the taxi booking to the food or home service booking is easier than ever before. One such service is called grocery delivery services and it can be the extended version from the ride-hailing services. 

Gen Z nowadays does not have the habit of going into the grocery shop and purchasing due to the queue, long time taken for the payments after QR code verification. The mobile apps allow them to place the order from the home itself, then the grocery store owners packaged the needed things and delivered them to the customers through the instacart grocery delivery.

SpotnRides, a customizable mobile app solution designed to provide a better experience for the customers in ride-hailing services. Now, it has an idea to explore the instacart features in grocery delivery apps with specific changes. What are all the changes and how it reimagines the grocery delivery industry?. Prior to digging to it, why this shift happened and what are the lessons to be learned by the entrepreneurs from this shift is to be known. 

Why You Should have Instacart feature in your Grocery Delivery App Solution?

Demographic Shifts & Scaling Lessons of Entrepreneurs

Though the ride-hailing services offer a breakthrough in the transportation industry, their next focus is to deliver services in order to expand their revenue streams and their goals. The study of the following statistics makes you understand the shifts clearly. 

  • In the year 2017, the sales worth of the US online grocery market is about $14.2 billion dollars.
  • Approximately, it reaches to the heights of $29.7 billion US in 2021.
  • Most of the industrial analysts predict the growth rate in year by year is 20% to 30%
  • The analyst report not only shows the growth value by ordering, but it also interprets retailing together.

Based on these statistics, you can come to the conclusion like starting the grocery delivery app and making the participation. Wait. When you consider consumer behavior, it has been totally different. Generally, consumers approach the grocery shop either by direct or by mobile app and purchase the needed things. But, this behavior is to be changed for the next 12 to 20 years. 

This changing behavior has a great impact on grocery retailers and restaurants. Gen Z has the option to order the food that was already prepared in the restaurants and they don’t want to make their own food by purchasing the ingredients. This is the major review of the global consumption of food and groceries. 

Hence, grocery retailers face a significant loss and the fresh food supply chain is disturbed. The demographic shift comes to the conclusion i.e. Grocery retailers should focus on online grocery fulfillment by changing the delivery platform. Instacart understands this demographic shift that brings recognition to the delivery partners and increases the revenue of grocery stores effectively. The lessons derived for the entrepreneurs are listed as follows:

  • Considers Shoppers Lifetime

Most of the business people look into the customer’s lifetime and there is no focus on the intermediate players. But, the shoppers (delivery partners) also play a major role in the expansion of the business. Making both sides happy is the most interesting feature of instacart. 

  • Never Stop in satisfied

The success of the business lies in the continuous upgrade with the new innovations and the unique features so as to meet the customer’s needs and satisfy their demands. The streamlining of the shopping process by the improvement within the app interface and the tie-up of the grocery shop owners are needed. 

From the detailed analysis of demographic shifts and lessons, you might have the knowledge regarding the next moves of the mobile app that is necessary to assure sustainability in the market. Similarly, going with customer satisfaction not only value the business. Making happy of the key players involved in the business workflow with the dedicated features is also the deciding factor. With these two factors in mind, SpotnRides redefines the driver interface as the shoppers and increases their revenue by the commissions from the closed tie-up of local grocery shops. 

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Instacart Drivers Or Shoppers: Becoming an Independent Contractor 

Why are many drivers gravitating towards the instacart drivers?. This is the ultimate question on every mind. Making the money with their own vehicle in order to meet their daily expenses and pay the bills is the basic thing behind it. 

In instacart delivery app solutions, the drivers are considered as shoppers. Since they own vehicles, they acted as the independent contractor between the customers and the retail owners. The workflow of the shoppers is depicted as follows:

  • Initially, they registered themselves as shoppers with personal information and credentials
  • Once the customers place the orders through the app, then go to the grocery shop as per the things ordered and gathered their items
  • Then, the groceries are delivered to the customers on time and it is a great opportunity for the part-time job for the drivers. 
  • With this feasibility, shoppers help to grow the local community shop owners and this will be one of the solutions to handle the demographic shift. 

Earning can be grown high when more number of order requests are handled without delay. Delivery to the desired location within the scheduled time period is one of the major problems encountered by the shoppers in real-time. SpotnRides offers numerous solutions in order to increase the potential on both the customer as well as the shopper’s side. 

SpotnRides getting in Grocery Delivery Game

SpotnRides, an online platform to connect the peoples who offer the services with the peoples who need the services. The value of groceries to the SpotnRides is not a duplicating effect of instacart and it is far away from it in the working style. SpotnRides doesn’t own the cars and the consumers get into it to book for a new ride-sharing service. Similar way, SpotnRides leverage its platform to the grocery delivery business in the following ways.

  • Customer App

Each individual can download the app and make the registration with personal information. Once the registration is over, then they place their orderings. This interface not only allows the orders, but it also helps the customers to refill the same order over a period of time, tracking, and chatting with the shoppers regarding any change in groceries. 

Shoppers App

As discussed in the previous section, the shopper’s tie-up with the shop owners registered to this app will perform the order processing and delivery. This app also allows the shoppers to navigate their location in order to reach the destination and see the earnings for each trip in the dashboard itself. 

  • Admin or Grocery Shop Owner

The grocery shop owner monitors all the activities from the new ordering to the delivery. They have the ability to add any shoppers or customers due to its scalability. Besides, the tracking of the independent drivers or shoppers in order to assure the convenience on the customer’s side.   

Just delivery of the groceries to the customers is not only the work of SpotnRides. It also provides an integrated experience for the key players involved in it. With the exploration of Instacart, SpotnRides redefines its structure optimally and becomes the best provider for groceries. Making the use of SpotnRides, optimization in all the activities are performed and assured the transparency and flexibility in operation. 

How SpotnRides Inherits Instacart Features To Reimagine Grocery Delivery

With the previous discussion, you know the working of SpotnRides in the grocery delivery. Making independent contractors as shoppers, the delivery process is enhanced that leads to increased profit value for the grocery shop owners. Besides, the following features also increase your brand value in the market.  

  • Enhance Retainability of shoppers

Since the shoppers are the part-time workers, the retention of them in the long term is questionable. The pay tip to the shoppers in the after the delivery in the SpotnRides enhance the earnings of the shoppers and makes them retain. 

  • Minimum Delivery Time

The tie-up of local grocery shops by the shoppers can manage the orders easily and by the way of in-app navigation or the tracking, option shoppers identify the optimal route for the customer’s location. Hence, the delivery time is considerably reduced and this decreases the fuel cost and the driver’s expenses. 

  • Busy Pricing Concept

Working as independent contractors, the difficulty in managing them during the busy hours is resolved by introducing the busy pricing or surge pricing concept. Adding delivery charges to the customer bill directly to denote the busy schedule of shoppers. Then, the shoppers are able to get this additional price and they work as quickly as possible. 

  • Profitable Partnership

As per the discussion of the demographic shift in the customer’s behavior, the grocery shop owners need to adopt a suitable optimization concept on the delivery side. By making the contract with the local independent drivers, the familiarity of the grocery shops among the customers is assured. 

Final Say

The thorough discussion in this blog makes you understand the globalized shift in the customer’s behavior. To meet these behavioral changes, inheriting with the technological innovations in the mobile application is a necessary thing. The redefining strategies in the SpotnRides platform offer numerous benefits to the freelancers with the vehicles. Besides, their partnership with you (grocery shop owners) makes you grow irrespective of the demographic shift. To avail of these benefits, make a partnership with us at [email protected]

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