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Revolutionize Agri Industry by Launching a Uber for Tractor Equipment Booking App and Help Farmers Get Easy Access to It

On-demand business model uses a mobile application to get any service. This model was introduced by the taxi booking company Uber some 10 years back. So this on-demand model is also called as Uber business model. At present this model is used by many startup services. Less time and effort to get a service is the reason for the popularity of this business model. Now we will see how this Uber model is applied to the agriculture industry.

Uber for Farm Equipment 

Farm equipment is never cheaper and it is not very easy for the farmers to purchase it. Even some basic equipment like tractor costs more than $10,000. For example, a laser-guided land leveler technology flattens a field in a fraction of time compared to the traditional technique. But this simple device costs $5000. Owning such equipment is next to impossible for 75% of the farmers across the world.

That is when I thought about farm equipment renting using the ‘Uber model’. Farmers who have different agriculture equipment can easily rent it to nearby farmers who don’t have it. Farmers who need any equipment can get anything with less time and effort. All these activities can be done on a mobile app.

In the on-demand app for farm equipment renting, people having farm equipment can list them on the app by specifying the rent and other technical details. Farmers who are looking for particular equipment nearby can search it in the app and request for it.

Benefits of having Uber for tractors/farm equipment

  • High farm productivity by using expensive equipment at low cost.
  • Easy access to cutting-edge farm machines.
  • Very high turnaround cost for people owning farm equipment.
  • Reduced equipment ownership cost.
  • Less waiting time for farmers.

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Who can launch the Uber for tractors app startup?

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Uber for tractor or farm equipment startup can be launched as an online rental marketplace. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to do something big to the agriculture industry can start this app startup and help farmers.

If you are keen to start such service, first you need to get the app solution which consists of the customer app and admin web panel. 

The customer app is used by the farmers to search and locate farm equipment nearby. The same app is also used to list the farm machinery. 

From the admin web panel, you can track all the activities of renting, usage, commission, and maintenance of equipment.

Large agri machinery fleet owners

Large fleet owners having various agri machinery who wants to rent the devices effectively can use Uber for farm equipment app. Some benefits of using this app for large machinery fleet owners are:-

  • Easy end-to-end traceability of equipment
  • Algorithm-based fleet management
  • Scheduled maintenance at a specific frequency 
  • Rent management using financial tools

From the customer app, farmers can get any equipment for rental. This model is based on full ownership and the owner can get more profit margin.

App solution from SpotnRides

The Uber for farm equipment app solution is available readily as a pre built solution with basic features. This solution can be customized for the online marketplace model and full ownership model. 

For full ownership model, our developers can easily integrate machinery fleet management with the original booking app. What you have to do is to contact us and explain the type of app you need. After customization, we will deliver the app in days. So you can launch the service quickly.

Admin dashboard of SpotnRides farm equipment booking app

Ours is a single admin web panel with features to monitor real-time data like booking, rent, running hours, next scheduled maintenance, and many other data analytics tools.

Real-time feedback to the farmer on vital operations of the equipment, helping optimize the usage of machinery across geographies and crops can be done from the admin panel.

Existing Uber for tractors startups


This Asia based startup company is an online marketplace for agri equipment rental. So far this firm has got $3 million in funding. This is the first Uber for tractors platform in Asia. All kinds of agri machinery are available here. They also provide rental and fleet management service for large agri fleet owners through their SaaS+IoT platform.


Trringo is an online farm equipment rental company from India. It operates in 5 Indian states and serves more than 15 million farmers. It also accepts the call based booking apart from the mobile app. This startup also works on the franchise model. 

Final say

Do you want to launch a startup like Goldfarm and Trringo? Then, come straight to us and get SpotnRides equipment booking app for it. As I said earlier, we can optimize SpotnRides to suit any business model. Within days you can launch the app and earn money.

To know more about SpotnRides app, tap a mail to [email protected]. We are also curious to be a part of the on-demand economy through your startup.

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