Questions About SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Software? Check the FAQs and Learn More About Our Product

If you look for answers on questions regarding taxi dispatch software, fleet management, cost and many more, then this article will help you. Hope this blog post will be very helpful to get a rough idea about starting a taxi business. Enjoy the Read!!!.

FAQs About SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Software?

1. Why SpotnRides taxi dispatch software?

Our software helps taxi companies in effective fleet management, dispatch handling and provide real-time information on bookings and rides. We help cut cost and streamline your business.

2. Does our taxi dispatch software suit small firms?

Obviously, our software adapts itself to small, medium and big taxi companies. The in-built features in its admin panel to rightly fit into the requirements of all taxi companies.

3, How fast can I have the software and start my business?

Once we got your business plan, we will start to work on the software and customize for your business and deliver in max. 3 days. We do provide after-sale support for some time.

4. Why should a company using taxi dispatch software have a passenger app?

Apart from manual taxi booking, the riders were provided with the option of booking taxi through a mobile app. This additional feature is provided depending on the client’s requirement since in some tier 1 cities smartphone usage will be more.

5. Can a taxi company block a particular passenger?

Yes, Taxi companies can block unruly passenger anytime under circumstances like spam booking, malpractices, credit card fraud etc.

6. What should the passengers do if no taxis are available?

Passengers can re-book the taxi or change the model preference of taxi in case of non-availability of taxi. Passengers can use mobile booking or app booking.

7. Can a passenger view the details of the driver who accepts the driver request?

Yes, the rider can view the driver details like name, image, taxi number, driver ratings, estimated time of arrival of the drivers and also have the option to call the driver over the phone, provided the rider use the passenger app.

8. Can the passenger track the route of the ongoing ride?

Yes, Passengers can track the route of the ongoing trip using GPS locator in the passenger app.

9. What happens if the driver is offline?

The driver can go offline in case of emergency or any other work. A driver who is offline will not be reflected in the passenger app while booking. Taxi companies can track drivers who are offline using the taxi admin panel.

10. What is the work of dispatchers?

Dispatchers are an important part of the company as they hold the responsibility to accept reservations over the phone, manage bookings, manage drivers, taxis, payments, and reports of a particular region.

11. What is a taxi dispatcher panel?

Dispatcher panel is an online portal that serves to accept telephone booking, manage drivers and assign trips. The booking operations are handled from dispatch call centers located.

12. Why should a cab booking company have a dispatch panel?

Dispatcher panel serves to manage orders under a single umbrella for an efficient and effective service. Recurrent bookings can be automated through dispatcher panel, also providing the alternative to choose between manual or auto dispatch of taxis.

13. Can the dispatcher panel be modified based on client’s requirements?

Yes, dispatcher panel is customizable and it is based on the type of business model.

14. Are the details in the dispatcher panel updated on a real-time basis?

Yes, our software provides real-time updates like bookings, ongoing rides, and transactions in real time.

15. What is the admin panel?

Admin panel has total control over all the company dispatcher panels, drivers, passengers, taxis and all kind of transactions. The whole taxi management process is controlled by the admin panel. There can only be a single admin panel for a taxi company.

16. What role does the admin play in a taxi dispatch company?

Using the master admin panel, taxi companies can set their website, social networking sites, SMTP mail settings, SMS settings, payment gateways, contacts, countries, states, cities, CMS, add and manage company admin panels, dispatchers, drivers, taxis, packages and much more for specific regions.

17. I have more questions, what shall I do?

To clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture we have a quick response team, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or write a quick email to [email protected].

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