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The potential for on-demand businesses is so high that it propelled many entrepreneurs to take this path. To make the business cost-effective and easy for entrepreneurs, many firms provide readymade apps like Uber. The entrepreneurs too feel that in the competitive on-demand market, it is better to use Uber-like app scripts instead of developing from scratch.

Next question is from where do we get the best Uber app source codes? As I said earlier, many firms provide Uber app source codes, but whether all are same in terms of quality, affordability, customization, and scalability. Not everyone who wants a Uber app script has programming knowledge. The source code should be understandable even to a layman, he should be able to ask for any changes in the future.

There is something called coding standards, which is a set of procedures to be followed to maintain the code quality.

SpotnRides is one of the few app clones developing firms that maintain very high code standards.  We have a dedicated team of experienced programmers to develop Uber like apps. Below are some of the coding standards maintained by SpotnRides.

Coding Standards Followed by SpotnRides Uber Clone App

Readable, efficient codes

“Less is good”. Our developers use the latest programming language to write precise codes which consume fewer lines. For example, SpotnRides developers use PHP based Laravel framework for design and app development. Codes which are precise and small are more readable and articulate.

Writing comments

Very few developers have the habit of commenting for every code and it has been made mandatory at SpotnRides to comment for each code lines. It may seem like a waste of time or silly,  but ‘If they are a developer too – they can understand it’ mindset can take a toll on coding standards.

Every entrepreneur who is going to use the Uber app script may not be a developer and it is not really necessary to be. Also, commenting your code and providing proper documentation will guide the other developers through the algorithm and logic that you implemented. Don’t try to comment unnecessarily.

Code review

Even though the source codes are written by experienced programmers, it is better to send for a review to the fellow programmer. It is said that peer review can detect 60 percent of the errors in the codes.

We used to write test cases and edge cases like 0s, empty strings/lists, nulls, etc.

By doing this way we know what our method does, what it takes and what it should return. We know whether the source code works or when it fails. A function should always be based on test cases; not tests on functions and we at SpotnRides always use functions based on test cases.

Error-free architecture for source codes

Writing code without thinking of its architecture is useless in the same way as dreaming about your wish without planning for it.

At SpotnRides, even before starting to write the code, we try to understand what it will be doing, how it will work, what it will use, services will work with each other, what structure will it have, how it will be tested and debugged, and how it will be updated.

We don’t use standard architecture for every source code instead we customize for each codes based on requirements.

What makes Spotnrides different from its competitors is that we strictly follow coding standards and leave no stones unturned to maintain that. As mentioned earlier, our use of laravel framework for application design has helped us in creating precise source codes. Our Uber app source codes are easily customizable and understandable even to a layman.

If you are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or write a quick email to [email protected].

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