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Need for Taxi App with Direct Carrier Billing System like Bolt to Fascinate UK- Based Customers

Are you ever dreamed to make a new business in the ride-hailing business? Then make it real with sustainable tech solutions and working strategies. When you focus on the European countries especially the UK to start the taxi business, you should know about Bolt.

It is one of the coequals of Uber the top-most taxi brand in the world. Since it has a major customer base in the UK and has achieved many milestones in its history in the ride-hailing business, you have to study Bolt. 

By reading his blog, you can obtain the data about Bolt and explore the ways to build an app like Bolt to get the maximum driver, and customer base. Let’s start.

An Intro to Bolt (Taxify) App

The taxi firm Bolt has previously named ‘Taxify’ later it has been rebranded as ‘Bolt’ as the firm planned to launch so many services beyond taxi services. The vision of the firm is to make urban transportation easier, so it has been providing e-scooters, rental cars, taxi services, and other services. 

Bolt has been focusing on and implementing the new technologies in its business.  For instance, it is the first taxi company that enables the Direct Carrier Billing System for payment. When you do a thing for the first time, it will be a reputational value for your business. Bolt has done it with the DCB payment system (Direct Carrier Billing System). Through this, a customer can pay for their purchase, along with their phone bill. We’ll explore more about this in the coming part. 

This taxi app is famous among UK people to book cabs, rental cars, scooters, electric vehicles, and food also. But here, we are going to pay more attention to the taxi service alone. The Bolt has launched a separate app for riders (passengers), drivers, and also fleet owners. Every app has dedicative features for the users. DCB payment system is one of the features. 

What Is a Direct Carrier Billing System in Bolt App and Its Necessity?

The Direct Carrier Billing System is one of the payment solutions that enable users to pay their payments along with their phone bills.  So that the customers can make the payment even without a smartphone but their feature phones. This is the best part of this payment system. Other online payment solutions like digital wallets, bank transfers, and the UPI system requires smartphones.

So, your customers who don’t have smartphones can also make their payments through this method if you have it. This payment system is usually used in the telecom sector, media companies, and other digital-related businesses. In the taxi industry, many competitors like Grap, iTaxi, etc have been updated with this facility already. This kind of payment system may be boosted by the advanced world in the future. 

For these reasons, you have to provide DCB payments to your customers. At this point, you should note that you couldn’t achieve a tech-friendly taxi booking service by having not only a DCB payment service. It is necessary to have multiple contemporary techs and payment solutions.

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How Should You Plan Your Business and Revenue Model with an App like Bolt?

By having a working business and revenue model you can succeed in the UK taxi market. Before you start to work on the business model, decide what type of firm you want to start? For example, in common there are two types of rides available in the UK. They are; Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) and Taxis.

Both are separate from each other. PHVs couldn’t be ply for hire. It only can be booked in advance and there are three types of licenses required to operate a PHV; they are,

  • Vehicle License,
  • Driving License, and
  • Operator License. 

But taxis can be hired when the customers need them. There is no need for an operator’s license to handle a taxi. If you want to run a taxi business in the UK, then develop an app like Bolt to compete in that market. 

Bolt is one of the trailblazers in the taxi industry of the UK who obtain success. The firm has its taxi booking app, that allows the consumers to book their taxis, e-scooter, car, electric car, and others. By developing a readymade bolt-like app you will be empowered to provide such facilities to your customers. This app is a primary part of your business and revenue model. 

  • Your taxi business model should comprise customer segment, partners, value proposition methods, resources, touchpoints/ channels, and financial part. A taxi booking app, driver app, and the admin app will be the main factor in all these parts.
  • Customer App will be the primary touchpoint and the channel for your business. It will help you to improve customer relationships and customer segments.
  • Along with employees and developers, the divers and fleets are the key partners and resources of your taxi business. They are the reason behind the key activity that is online ride-hailing service.
  • Besides this, you can also deliver your business values through your taxi app like Blot. By doing this, the app will be an unavoidable part of the ‘Value Proposition’ part of your business model.
  • Revenue from your taxi aggregator business will be raised from the commissions from your taxi drivers for every successful transaction through your marketplace. 

Pro-Tip: Bolt has been charging a low commission rate when compared to Uber. This is also one of the reasons behind its success. You can also follow this strategy to attract more key-partners. 

So, make an effective plan to be a tough competitor in the United Kingdom taxi business industry. At the same time, cost management is also an important thing to which you need to pay attention. Developing a Bolt clone app will be a better solution to cut extra costs and time to make a new one. 

Is Developing Bolt App Clone More Effective than Uber Clone?

Definitely yes. Bolt app clone can be more effective than the Uber clone. 

Sustaining in the taxi-hailing industry is not an easy task. But the Bolt has done it even compete with Uber in the UK. That means it has the potential to make the UK customer satisfied. The main strategies followed by the firm to do this are provided below.

Obtaining Values- Business values are more important than making revenue in the taxi business. You can gain business value through the timely service with the help of this app clone.

Better UI – The UI of the Bolt app clone will completely differ from the Uber clone app. At the same time, the user-friendly marketplace will ensure a high conversion rate.

Database Management – As an admin, you can access all user data including riders and drivers to improve the CRM of your application.

High-Rated Mobile User Acquisition – With the pleasing features and tactical strategies of the application, you can ensure a high user acquisition.

Secured Payments – This is the basic feature of a taxi booking application, to accept the payment from your riders. A perfect Bolt app clone can provide such a secured payment process.

By availing of these with your taxi booking app you can engage your customer and drivers active for long period. A ready-made bolt-like app will be the perfect solution for this. It works as well as the uber clone as Bolt is also the best taxi booking application in the market already. So, the rate of success of this app clone in the UK region is high.

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How Spotnrides Can Help You to Attract More Riders in the UK?

Developing an app like Bolt which is the first European Super-App is complicated and needs an intellectual team. SpotnRides have the best experts team that can do it for your taxi business professionally. It will help you to make your business successful in the European landscape.

By availing of the best bolt clone app solution, you can establish an affordable urban mobility network. Your customers will enjoy the following elements of the application and seamless service.

  1. Live GPS Tracking – Provide transparency in your taxi booking service to ensure high customer satisfaction. Allow your riders to know the exact position of the cabs,
  2. Review and Rating – Empower your consumers by providing freedom to write reviews and rate your app and business,
  3. Multiple Payment Methods- Ease the payment process and secure the transactions with advanced technical solutions,
  4. Maintain The Cash Flow – As an admin, you can manage the commission rate, fare calculation process, and more to maintain the cash flow of your business.
  5. Easy On-Boarding Process- Allow talented people to join your team as drivers within a simple step of signing up. 
  6. Integrating Facility – You can integrate your application with other devices like a taximeter and others to ensure the futuristic service.

By having these features in your taxi app you can influence the UK’s taxi market.  SpotnRides can develop a readymade app solution like Bolt to help you to achieve success. We also recommend doing more value-creating processes to sustain the business for a long time. 


There are so many taxi aggregators competing in the UK taxi market. Bolt is the front runner in that market. It has diversified services to provide to its consumer. But as a new competitor, you can start with the taxi business with an effective taxi booking app.

SpotnRides can help you by developing a sophisticated app clone of Bolt. Through this, your taxi startup in the UK land can provide a top-rated online service.

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