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Be it office, workplace, house, or any other place you spend considerable time, you always want them to be aesthetically pleasing. What I mean by this is not only about the type of building, but also the look, wall color, interiors, etc. It is even said that the mood of a person is greatly influenced by the wall paint color. Not to mention that different colors have different aesthetic tastes.

There are so many things other than the walls that require good painting. While the problem now is to find the right person with the right knowledge about painting and design. It is obvious that this job cannot be done on its own since it is tedious and may go awry.

Many skilled painters, consultants, and designers are out there in the market, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with them. Hence, it is practical to seek the help of digital technology.

How Uber for Home Painting App Connects Painters with Customer?

I hope that by using the on-demand app solution for home painting, it is easy for users to find trustworthy painters and consultants effortlessly. Each of them will have an app and use it to connect with others.

Contractors, homeowners, construction firms, etc can have productive use of this app. Since it is an on-demand model, the potential for earning is very high.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about the startup ecosystem can launch this startup as an online marketplace for finding painters, advisers, and consultants.

Give a chance to painters with artistic thinking to express their work to a wide people. 

Services that can be offered in the Uber for home painting app

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Chalkboard painting
  • Fence painting

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Apps in the Uber for home painting by SpotnRides

To get the complete solution built for your Uber for home painting startup, try SpotnRides. This is a ready-made solution with a pack of features.  

  • Customer mobile app
  • Service provider app
  • Admin web panel

Highlighting features in the Uber for home painting app

Quoting price and conditions: Consultants and painters can quote the price and working specifications to the customers in the app itself. The in-app chat and call feature helps to articulate more clearly.

Photo upload and painting details: It is a matter of minutes for the customers to upload photos of the work area and other specs regarding work like dimensions, area, etc in the app. Those service providers who feel they are apt to complete the work can send a request of interest in a single tap.

Online pricing calculator: Service providers can access the computation tool in the service provider app to calculate pricing and share it with customers.

Comprehensive admin panel: All the commissions are visible in the admin dashboard. Service provider registration is controlled from the dashboard and can be repealed anytime.

Tipping the painter: Apart from the service fee, there is an option to tip the painter.

Detailed working of our solution

  1. Any user who has the painting requirement just needs to open the customer app and specify the type of paintings and give details like dimensions and area.
  2. Once a painter has accepted the request, overall cost including paint, labor, service charge are quoted to the user.
  3. Both the user and service provider negotiate the deal in the app and finalize it by sending the invoice.
  4. Real-time updates regarding the work are sent to the customer app. In-app chat to send any messages.
  5. After the work is over, the final invoice is received by the user. And the service is rated and reviewed.
  6. The user can also search for the service of consultants, designers and combine the work along with painters.

Why SpotnRides is the best solution for you?

Consistently SpotnRides is placed among the top providers of on-demand app solutions. Our minimum viable product is curated to meet the standards of the top apps in the market.

The same applies to our Uber for the home painting app. Online computation tools and admin analytics tools are just a glimpse of the unique personalized features in this solution.

This product is made by keeping in mind the market leader in the Uber for home painting segment, Paintzen.

Paintzen is currently operating in several countries and lakhs of professionals are listed in it. A lot of features in SpotnRides are replicated from Paintzen.

Final word!

By now you would have convinced about the idea of Uber for home painting and our SpotnRides solution. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch our product.

To get more details and queries about SpotnRides, tap a message to [email protected]. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

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