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The world is getting ready for the trend of “everything available at a single click”. Right from the cab to the food, booking everything and making them arrive at the doorstep directly are the major expectations from the customer side. The same thing is reflected in the service booking business. 

The post-pandemic phase makes the people look for the service professionals available in the market in order to fulfill their essential needs. The app-based platforms act as the perfect link between the customers and the business owners to exchange the needs and the immediate offerings respectively. 

Creating such an efficient platform and aggregating all of the service handlers in one window is the big essential thing for the service providers. After the emergence of the Uber platforms, offering the taxi services is now extended to any service booking that leads to the new supporting platform namely ‘uber for X’. 

Focusing on this aspect, SpotnServices released the revamped Uber for X clone app solution especially for the new on-demand multi-service launchers in 2021. Prior to knowing the details of the SpotnServices Uber for X model, it is necessary to know the impact of the on-demand services in 2021 and how the business model would be. 

On-Demand Multi Services-Revenue-Driven Platform in 2021

Being available on customer demands is the ultimate theme for the on-demand industry. With major expectations like reliability, high-quality, and security, customers highly prefer the on-demand multi-service application with advanced features. 

Besides, the integration of on-demand services with the application brings fruitful benefits to the service providers in terms of quick recognition, high-revenue, and familiarity respectively. As per the detailed research on the on-demand multi-services, the top observations are made as follows. 

  • The forecast analysis from Statista during the period 2014-2023 stated that the projected value of the global revenue will be 935 bn USD in 2023 and is a double-up of the revenue of 461 bn in the year 2019. 
  • The overall spending value of the consumers in an online service 57.6 bn USD and the overall count value will be 22.4 million. 
  • As per the food delivery market research, the online-app-based food delivery business models hit the revenue of 161.74 bn USD in 2023. 
  • The Global Data Analysis and Forecast predicted that the revenue value of the grocery sector is expected to reach 11204.5 bn USD and the corresponding growth rate CAGR will be 6.8% at the end of 2022. Among the overall sales, 10% will be observed through online platforms. 
  • As per the Technavio research report, the overall revenue value of the on-demand home services will grow 1574.86 bn USD  during the forecast analysis period 2020-2024. The growth rate for grocery sales will be 49 % in 2021. 
  • Annually, the customers spend an amount of 57.6 b USD to get the services directly at the doorstep. 

On the whole. On-demand services are receiving huge attention and will be the unique revenue-driven platform for industrialists in the year 2021. Either creating an effective business model or partnering with apps is essential to get more familiarity and the expected revenue. 

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How to Create a Successful Business Model for Reliable Services?

Not every model is the perfect fit for on-demand services. Identification of the real-time needs and build the app model as per them are the necessary things for the service providers. Several strategies are essential to follow while building the business model and they are listed as follows. 

Know New Niches 

On the basis of the revolutions in the technologies and the changes in customer, behavior brings several new niches in the market. Incorporating options to show the niches is the preliminary aspect of the business model. 

Focus on Type of Services Offered 

The on-demand industry contains a wide range of services. Prior to designing the business model, the type of service offered must be analyzed in a clear way. This preliminary aspect allows the service providers to create an efficient business model for that. 

Build the Partnership 

Looking into the market, a wide range of freelance service professionals is available. Organizing them into a single window and providing unique services to all range customers are the important ones to get a solid potential customer base. 

Be With Trends 

The business model should be leveraged on the latest technologies and hence this provides consistent support against any fluctuations in the operations. As well as, be unique on the customer service and the feature inclusion always makes the service providers step ahead in the market. 

Attractive Designs 

The business model should be in an attractive manner where the participants present in the model experiencing convenience in all aspects. Right from entering to the left, instant responsiveness is the main thing and this will be an attractive option for the customers. 

In addition to the strategies listed above, some of the unique features are also required to stand different in the market. 

Among the many app development players, SpotnRides plays an effective role by including the customer demanding features and an efficient business model. Recently, SpotnRides comes up with an update namely SpotnServices Uber for X to make the on-demand multi-services the top-accessible one in the market. 

What are all the Best Features of SpotnServices Uber for X for Perfect On-demand Services?

The business model of SpotnRides comprises the top three interfaces like customers, service provider, or service handler and admin. The features corresponding to each player decides the workflow and the efficiency of the on-demand services. The basic workflow of these three interfaces is listed as follows. 

  • The customers start to search for the nearby service provider by specifying their personal credentials.
  • Based on the service need, availability, the customers can place the service requests. 
  • As soon as the new service request is initiated, the corresponding service provider gets an alert and takes further actions immediately. 
  • Make the trip to the customer’s location, perform the service requested, and collect the payment are the sequential activities for the service providers. 
  • Customers can host the booking experience via ratings/reviews to prove service quality. 

Though the basic business model uber for X is used for providing the services to a wide range of customers, the essential features to be included in order to fulfill the demands of the millennial in 2021 are listed as follows. 

Multi-Service Selection

The one-stop solution for all is the beneficiary activity as per the customer’s expectations. The built-in business model comprises the necessary service selection options in a wide range to make the customers feel comfortable in service selection and get the respective solutions from the service handlers. 

Quality Validation 

The quality validation as per the reviews or ratings from the previous customers is the necessary one. The selected service provider must be one of the top-rank holders. Hence, the SpotnServices included the reviews/rating options to validate the quality of the service professionals easily. 

Appointment Scheduling

The time slots-based selection or getting an appointment is a feasible option for both the service providers as well as the customers. Especially, booking an appointment with the healthcare officials highly needs the availability of time-slots. Hence, SpotnServices consider the schedule option as the major one and thus the customers can directly specify the date and time within the app itself. 

Smart Payment Interfaces 

Payments are the ultimate endpoint where the customers expect convenience in paying the service charge instantly and securely. By integrating the third-party payment applications and the wallet-based payment models, SpotnServices allow the customers to pay the amount easily by simply tapping this option. Authenticated cloud storage for the user credentials brings a secure environment for the transactions and this captures the new audiences easily. 

Digital Report Management 

A number of service requests, service handlers availability, payment collection, completed services, and pending services are the top required things. The reports or the history of the complete details in the single window for taking an immediate decision. SpotnServices holds the special options to store all the records digitally and thus the accuracy is the guaranteed one. 

Advanced Revenue-Driven Strategies of SpotnServices for Profitable Business

Besides, the business model, the SpotnServices also hold the options to increase the revenue as follows. 

Membership Plans 

With the inclusion of the long-term membership plans, the potential customers to be retained in the business model. The membership plans are segregated into two for existing and new customers and this will give you the revenue to the service providers. 

Earn via Referral 

Either the customers or the service handlers, inviting their relatives and friends to the on-demand multi-services through invitation code bring the commissions to them. 

Fee for Priority 

As per the emergency need, some of the service requests are to be handled instantly. While the service requests count is more, prioritizing the service requests and collecting the respective fee for such priority brings the additional revenue. 

Provider Retention Fee 

Some of the service professionals are in need of the top place to meet a wide range of audiences. The special fee collection for retaining them in such a position also increases the revenue value for the owners. 

Bottom line

On-demand multi-services are the unique revenue-generating platforms in the year 2021. The perfect link for the service professionals and the customers is the on-demand service booking applications. 

Creating such links requires some advanced strategies. As the experienced player in the on-demand services, SpotnRides launched SpotnServices Uber for X to make the services as familiar and increase the revenue. If you have an idea to launch the on-demand multi-services, then send your business ideas to the SpotnServices team at [email protected]

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