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Looking for a startup idea using the on-demand model? Want to launch an app based startup with very less investment and make good money? Then I have an exciting idea for you. Read this blog till the end to know briefly about it. The business idea I am going to talk about is Uber for House Cleaning.

Why Uber for House Cleaning?

Housemaids for cleaning have always been there for decades and that was limited only to rural areas. Now we see many city people looking for someone to clean their house on the weekends. Cleaning the whole house is tiresome and consumes at least a day. Many people hate this work because of not being able to spend the weekend happily. So getting a maid for it is the right choice.

House cleaning maids are available everywhere and the problem in urban areas is to connect with them at the right time. Here comes the need for Uber like app to book maids for House Cleaning purposes.

By using the app any user can book a maid for a specific date and time. And maids who want to make extra money can list their service in the Uber like app for house cleaning.

House cleaning maid booking startup

Uber for house cleaning app is good, right? Why don’t you launch this app as a startup? For every booking, you get some percentage as a commission. 

This kind of on-demand startup will create a win-win situation for users, maids, and entrepreneurs. You don’t need any doubts about the scope of this startup. Any work that can be outsourced to third parties using the on-demand app model has a bright scope.

This business startup works on the marketplace model. So there is no need to maintain any inventory or have any kind of infrastructure. Literally, you need only a very small investment.

What entrepreneurs have to do?

If you have decided to launch this house cleaning maid booking startup, first build a quality app solution which comprises the customer app, service provider app, and admin web panel.

Main investment is only in building the app solution. Once it is done, you need to advertise the app and get on-board maids using exciting plans. Then get this app to the users.

Private home cleaning companies also can launch this startup and get more profit margin.

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App development

First, we will see how each app works and later move to app development.

Customer app: Customers first need to register in the customer app by providing all the details. Then the type of service, location, date & time is filled and a suitable maid is searched.

The customers now can choose from a list of suitable maids and select one. Payments can be done based on convenience and multiple options are there for it.

Admin app: The admin monitors all the proceedings between the user and service provider form the admin dashboard. Commission management, new service provider verification, customer care, etc are done by the admin.

Service provider app: Maids who want to make use of this service just have to download the service provider app and enter all the details like name, rate for the service, available area, date, and specialized service you offer, description, and many more.

Listing the service on the app will get more visibility to maids and more money can be earned than normal days.

SpotnRides booking app

I said about building a quality app solution for this amazing startup. We already have a pre-built app solution for it with all the necessary features. So you don’t need to hire a developer and build the solution from scratch, which takes a long time and huge resources. 

Our maid booking app – SpotnRides is scalable, 100% customizable, and have a rich user interface. After the purchase of SpotnRides, you can quickly launch the app with minor modifications based on your requirement. After the sales, we give free support for some time, free timely software updates, and free issue fixing.

Now let me give some examples of existing on-demand house cleaning apps.

Maidsapp: This California based startup allows users to book maids for both house and office cleaning. All maids have to undergo a stringent screening process before listing their service in this app. The user can rate and review the maid in the app after the service is over.

Maidsapp is available in both iOS and Android.

Neatso: Neatso home cleaning app operates all over the US. This app connects the user with a maid quickly. They offer a 100% money back challenge if the user is not satisfied with the service.

The users can expect four types of cleaning services from the maids booked from this app.

Wrapping up!

I hope you have got an amazing on-demand business idea and also about getting a quality app solution from SpotnRides. I think you need to know more about the features and functions of our SpotnRides app, so just tap a message to [email protected] to know more. 

We are looking forward to giving a perfect solution and aid you in your Uber like startup. This is the right time to launch the maids booking app and so don’t miss this chance.

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