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Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lifestyle. Whether it is the workplace or home, we people are engaged with our mobile phones. This brought the entrepreneur to launch the online business to capture the people’s attention with their service. As a result, it helps them to stay ahead among the competitors in the market. 

In these online platforms like Uber Clone, the business travel apps have huge popularity, and most business people prefer to book via a corporate travel management app. These apps will influence the business people to reach their expectations with seamless research on the rides and then book it for quick navigation.

Most of the corporate people are seeking a complete solution to manage their travel during the corporate trips. This article illustrates the speed growth of the corporate travel management app in the market and how SpotnRides enhance the market expectations with their techie features. 

Comprehensive corporate travel management trends in 2021 

Having a well-developed corporate travel management system is the top priority of every leading company in the industries today. It helps the business people to establish a strong travel management service to their employees. This also helps them to generate additional profit on a regular interval. 

  • According to the global corporate travel industry, it is expected to reach a CAGR of 5% with an approximate revenue of $1.79 trillion by the end of 2023.

The demand of the market shows the need for a corporate travel management app for every industry. Getting a travel management app will help corporate companies to gain benefits as follows,

  • Complete Automation – The company can generate the entire travel history of their employees automatically without any manual errors. This allows the service owner or admin to trace the service details in real-time. 
  • Takeover Full-Control – With the right app for corporate travel, the entrepreneur can take over the entire charge of the service through one single interface. This also improves service transparency.
  • One-Stop Solution – This helps the entrepreneur to manage their entire transportation easily and trace the service on time. As a result, it helps them to give better quality service to their employees. 

A good crafted corporate transportation management app can deliver the best outcome. Provide various different types of transportation service for your employees with the SpotnRides corporate travel management app. 

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Travel-Management Software: An integral solution from SpotnRides 

SpotnRides is a pre-developed on-demand transportation app development company, we develop the top on-demand transportation apps like Uber, Lyft, Cabify, and other top brands in the market. This helps the entrepreneur to get the best on-demand transportation support for their new or existing startup service in the on-demand space. 

Our corporate transportation management app comes with three interfaces as follows,

  1. Driver App (iOS and Android),
  2. Corporate Employee’s App (iOS and Android),
  3. Centralized Web panel for Service Provider

These three interfaces allow the entrepreneur to seamline the corporate transportation service. Our app for corporate transportation systems allows the corporate owner to provide different modes of transportation services to their employees. By implementing our transportation system you can easily gain the trust of your employees and give them a better service timely. 

Benefits of choosing our corporate travel management system as follows,

  • Easy to pre-book the trip days before itself, and the booked service can be managed at any time.
  • Allows you as an entrepreneur to give better travel offers and discounts. It helps the employees to get opt into the current offers seamlessly.
  • End-users can easily trace the mileages efficiently with our in-app features in real-time for better transparency build. 

Our experts have integrated the corporate travel management app solutions with the latest features to enable the success of your service in the new norm market. 

Techie Features of SpotnRides travel management app 

  • Complete User Profile – Every employee has to fill in their personal details manually or through their social media accounts. This reduces the time of the profile creation and improves the service simplicity. 
  • Collaborative Bookings Trace – Permit both the managers and other employees of your corporate company can book the travel service. The booked service can be traced in real-time without any hassle in between the travel. 
  • Automatic Review Generation – After each corporate ride, the pop-up review bar will be displayed for the riders. This helps them to review the service they have experienced and suggest improvements or enroll the queries for better reach of the service.
  • Booked Ride Calendar – The rider can get automatic notifications on their booked rides, this helps them to be on track. The rides can be booked days before and can be optimized in the upcoming days. 


The growth of the corporate travel management app has high requirements in the upcoming days. By implementing an app for your business will enhance your employee’s experience and generate additional revenue on each ride. 

Reach out to our experts by dropping a mail at [email protected] to build your corporate travel management app solution with advanced metrics.

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