Kickstart your Own Uber for Electricians Marketplace Startup with SpotnRides On Demand Electrician App Solution

Have you ever had the idea to work in the electrician field but got wired in some other path of your journey? No worries you can invest your cash on on-demand electricians business app in your country. To kick start your own electrician business work, with the best app like Uber for X.

Nowadays customers are advantageous for getting things to be done by their finger tap. So people are searching for instant solutions for their day to day problems. Uber for X is a collection of on-demand services to save your time. Time is running quickly, so it’s hard to find electricians nearby according to your needs. Most of the time they are unavailable to get over it, launching on-demand electricians app development service, from SpotnRides would be the best idea for your business app. To take care of your customer’s booking and find the electricians nearby them in any situation. Whether it’s a fire alarm, or microwave repair, or boiler repair, or any short circuit, your On-demand electrician’s app will take care of it.

You don’t need to be an electrician to open an on-demand app. You can join N no of electricians to your app, and you are able to earn commission according to it. We bring your dream to reality by making your own on-demand electricians app in a user-friendly way. Therefore you can earn billions of dollars in a short period of time.

What is Uber for X?

Uber for X doesn’t solve a particular problem. It gives solutions to the N no. of problems for the on-demand industries. You can manage your customers and electricians just by your fingers which comes in both iOS and Android. We SpotnRides gives you a 100% solution for your on-demand electrician business app and its customizable. 

Why SpotnRides is best in Developing Uber for Electricians App for On-Demand Electricians Marketplace Startup?

We at SpotnRides are joined as a group of experienced developers and designers. We also developed 263+ Uber for X models all over the world. Your success is like ours, we will be building your dream on-demand electricians app according to your requirements, and we provide three months of technical support for your electrician business app. 

Building an app costs as much as you saved it for your business launch. We had a pre-made on-demand electrician app by using the Uber clone. Which exactly works app like Uber, if any changes are required it can be done, and features can be added according to your request.

All about your on-demand electrician service app

Now let me say a few things about your on-demand electrician business app.


As like other apps, your app contains 3 interfaces they are 

  1. Customer’s app (iOS and Android)
  2. Electrician’s app(iOS and Android)
  3. Admin web panel

Like other Uber for X apps, yours will also contain the same features. If you bring some unique features it can also be added.

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Working process of your on-demand electrician app

A person who is in need of an electrician can download your app from their respective store and fill their details to continue your service. Once the required details are filled, it will show your customers the nearby electricians. They can choose them according to their needs.

When a customer selects an electrician, it will notify him immediately. And then it will automatically show the location of the customer’s destiny. When the electrician completes his work, your customers are able to add a comment/review about him.

The admin is able to view everything through his web panel, and he will get notified automatically.

The two following steps will be done before handing it to you

Step-1 – We will be testing your app in a real-time environment. And get queries from the users. If there are any changes needed it will be done.

Step-2 – Your app will run default in the English language, and it can be changed according to the users. We will be including your local languages too for better user-friendly.

After the above process is over, we will be launching your app in the respective stores and wait for their approval. Once it is launched successfully, you can start earning with your on-demand electrician app.

Be aware of fake organization

Some of the competitors will be convinced that they will provide you the source code in 2 days itself. Don’t be a fool to accept it. Nearly it will take at least two weeks because of branding, testing, etc. 

How this on-demand electrician app will solve the troubles of your customers.

  • This app helps your customers to find nearby electricians. Many don’t know how many of them exist nearby and what type of service they provide.
  • We also don’t know the right fees for the electrician’s work, but your app will resolve it.
  • When the customers call the electricians, we can’t confirm that he will take your repair work or not. But your on-demand app will have a reject and accept the option. Even if an electrician rejects it, your customers have a list of other options to choose from.
  • We aren’t always able to predict the electricians’ timing, maximum it will interrupt in our busy schedule. But your app has a real-time tracking feature that helps your customer to track him, and the time will be shown approximately.
  • If you need an electrician after three days but in their busy schedule they would forget it. But your app has a reminder feature to your electricians.

Wrapping up

Using clone is the right solution to bring your app to market in a short period and cost very much less than developing an app. By now you would have been convinced about the idea of Uber for electricians and our SpotnRides solution. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch our product.

To get more details and queries about SpotnRides, tap a message to [email protected]. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

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