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Are you in the thought of starting a new Taxi business app but you need it to be eco-friendly? Do you want to be a tough competition for other top cab apps like Uber, Ola?

Keep reading this blog to know even a bit more than the answers to the above questions.

When there are many taxi apps like Uber, Ola, and others, how your app will withstand in the market as their competitors?

Now it’s an easy task that anyone can start a taxi business app but the thing is, it has to stand out from other similar apps and has to become competitive as a top taxi business app. Do you know there are 500+ taxi booking apps in the Play Store, but we all use to know only a few apps namely Uber, Ola, Rapido, and etc. To be a tough competition with other similar apps you should give a unique solution or feature to attract your customers. Here I’m going to suggest you the young entrepreneur the best taxi booking app idea and how to withstand in the market.

Pedicab, yes it is the solution for all the above questions. Did you want to know why? Then continue reading to know how much it is worth from the customer’s point of view.

Why Now is the Right Time to Launch an App for On-Demand Pedicab Service?

Good time for entrepreneurs

Yea, it’s a good time for young entrepreneurs to start a pedicab business using an app. There are only a countable number of pedicab apps were people use to book their ride and these cabs are available in few countries only. There are many ride-sharing companies didn’t have thought of including pedicab in their service. So it’s the best for the startups to start a pedicab business app.

Why it is best to adopt pedicabs services?

Everyone knows about a pedicab which is also known as cycle rickshaw and has three wheels. Riding in the pedicab is like an adventure to the tourists and native peoples. They can able to discover lots of new things. Mainly many downtown people use pedicab maximum in their day to day work routine. There are two top companies startups of the pedicab business app are Austin pedicab company and SXSW. They run this pedicab business through an app and earning lots of money daily by getting commission from each ride. 

There are many types of pedicabs that differ from their size and style. To attract the people the pedicabs are designed as the sword seat like “Game of Thrones” and many more. And it easily attracts your customers and you gain the profits in your business.

But why to build an app for Pedicab business?

Everything made simple in this 2020 just by a tap and the world is at our doorstep, so it’s a must to build an app to take your pedicab business to the next level. Then calling the pedicab on the roadside or waiting for it for a long time, you can make your customers comfortable by introducing your pedicab business app.

You no need to worry about creating an app like uber to start your pedicab service. You can join your hands with us SpotnRides, were we have an exact clone of the Uber app. So if you want we will add the features or edit as per your needs. Want to know more about your pedicab app then keep reading the blog.

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Interfaces and working process

Alike Uber taxi apps there are three interfaces

  • Customer’s app (iOS and Android)
  • Rider’s app (iOS and Android)
  • Admin web panel

The working process of your pedicab app is also exactly like other booking apps. Similar to other ride-booking apps, your pedicab app also has the location to track the routes to reach customers and their destinations (shortcuts), and it also helps you to negotiate the price in advance. Once the ride is done they are allowed to rate and review the rider.

How it prevents global warming?

Since pedicab didn’t use gas or petrol to run it. It runs only the human’s stamina. There are also cabs which run on electricity like the Go green cabs but than investing that much of the amount for transportation. Simply people use to choose pedicab because it is a fast and easy mode of transportation and eco-friendly. You are going to stop 5% of climate change and pollution by your users. Do you know there are 90,000 vehicles goes up and down in a road each day, where 43% is taxi which causes twice a percentage of pollution. Now can start your pedicab business app guilt-free because you and your users are not the cause for climate change and pollution. 

How SpotnRides Assist you to Launch Pedicab Business in your Locality?

We SpotnRides aid you to launch and run your own pedicab business app in your locality. We will guide you in taking a survey in your locality to know more about your audience because your growth is in their hands. So we will be thinking in their shoes to add the changes in your app. Languages play an important role because your app should understandable to the target audience (user-friendly). The next major importance is payment many feel hard to carry cash. To make it simple we have introduced the e-banking feature in your app.

Final say

So, if your in an idea to start the tax business then the option is to move it with pedicabs. Ola and Uber will come up with this idea soon therefore before they enter into the pedicab booking business, you entrepreneur can kick start it today by contacting us [email protected] and share your thoughts about your pedicab business app. 

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