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Influence Pakistan’s Healthcare Market by Including Lab and Diagnostics Services with Oladoc Clone

Facilitating better access and enhancing patient satisfaction are the main themes of online doctor booking services. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in this business, then this blog is important to you.

It deals with the Oladoc clone app and its unique features that can play a major role in the Pakistani healthcare market. Let’s get into the blog.

Prepare for Unlimited Consultations with an App like Oladoc Clone 

A doctor booking platform is an interface that connects patients and doctors online to schedule an appointment. By having this platform, you will earn money in the form of commission for each appointment scheduled through your app.

But, you need to build reliability on your platform among patients and doctors to enable such passive income. To do that you should avail of the best app like Oladoc. Oladoc is one of the largest digital healthcare platforms in Pakistan. It connects more than 25,000 verified doctors and 15 million patients online.

So, having an app like Oladoc will make your customers believe in your brand and motivate them to use your mobile application to get an appointment with doctors.

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How Does an Oladoc Clone App Will Profit Your Business in Pakistan?

You can get an Oladoc clone script to launch your online doctor booking app in no time as it is a ready-made solution. Through which, you can provide diagnostic lab appointments, in-person/online doctor appointments, and other services.

When you provide diversified healthcare services, the number of patients will increase. It means, they will book more appointments. So, you will gain more income through commission. Besides this, you can charge your patients for the cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment.

You can implement any other revenue models like subscription, freemium, or any others through your online doctor booking app. To do this, you must avail the best doctor booking app from the best Oladoc clone app script provider.

Why Should You Add Lab and Diagnostics Services to Your Healthcare Business?

The real challenge in this business is convincing your patients and doctors. So, your app like Oladoc should have top-end features which should be unique from any other competitors. Such features can increase the conversion rate and retention rate of your business efficiently.

For instance, you can include features like lab and diagnostics services with your online doctor booking app. The best app for doctor booking like the Oladoc clone has the potential to include additional features like this. With this feature, the patients can book lab and diagnostics services online through this app solution.

The Pakistan healthcare market has had bright opportunities in recent days and also in upcoming days. The market volume of the digital health industry in the country is expected to reach USD 1,249 million by 2026 as per the Statista report.

To compete in this market, many competitors are executing operative strategies to hold the maximum part of the market. So, you should include new features like adding lab and diagnostics services to your healthcare business to reserve a place in that future market.

Having Unique Features Will Gain Core Competency 

Any user who uses an app is looking for a well-designed UI and seamless functionalities and features. So, your doctor booking app like Oladoc clone can function seamlessly with a simple user-friendly interface.

  • In-Person Doctor Appointment –  Your patients can book in-patients appointments through the patient application.
  • Online Video Consultation – All your doctors attend consulting from anywhere.
  • Lab Tests Booking – Pre-booking for a medical test or others will be easy with this feature.
  • Multiple Payments – Through this, your patients can pay you through multiple methods.
  • Medical History – Both your patients and doctors can check their full history and activities.
  • Reminder –  Reminder your users about the appointment.
  • Rating and Review – Your patients can rate and review the doctor’s service.
  • Online Scheduling – With this tool, doctors can easily schedule all their appointments in a single window.
  • Admin Panel – This is a dedicated panel for the admin through which you can manage all the things in your app.

Besides this, you can include in-app medicine delivery or digital prescriptions to third-party medicine delivery providers if the patients need to integrate the data. Simply, include unique features with your Oladoc clone app to make the core competency.

But you need to get the best app for doctor booking to enable these kinds of unique features.

How Does SpotnRides Help You to Avail the Best Oladoc Clone Script?

SpotnRides is one of the front-runners in developing Oladoc clone apps for healthcare startups like you. With our Oladoc clone, you can get the attention of potential customers (patients) in the market in a quick time.

With the help of our intellectual developers, you can get the customized Oladoc clone script. So that you can easily include any features that you want in your Oladoc like app that makes your app unique.

  • In-home lab test booking – By integrating lab technicians, you can provide in-home lab test sample collection, and report delivery.
  • Pharmacy integration – by integrating pharmacy you can easily deliver the medicines to the patients directly by including pharmacies as a key partners in your business.
  • Digital prescription – Empower your customer to collect the digital prescription to order the medicines online easily.
  • Cloud-based medical data – The data uploaded by the users can be stored in a cloud-based solution that can prevent any loss or missing of important medical documents.
  • Loyalty program – Through our Oladoc solution, you can implement all types of loyalty programs and others

These are the additional add-on features from SpotnRides that can be included with your ready-made Oladoc like app. Through these, you can compete with other counterparts in the Pakistan healthcare market effectively.

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With the best doctor booking app like Oladoc clone, you can add multiple unique features to your app to enhance your core competency. Through this, you can influence the healthcare market of Pakistan.

SpotnRides has been delivering such feasible Oladoc clone solutions for many businesses like yours. With our best Oladoc clone app script, you can ensure seamless patient service. By doing this your business is also profitable in that market.

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